The focus of space through image,light and sound

I am interested in different ways of incorporating video,light and sound into physical spaces. Instead of simulating a 3D environment projected onto flat screens I would like to create dynamic spaces using video as light; by projecting 2D into a 3D space (and more advanced projecting a modelled 3dspace into a physical 3d space), masking of the image (like Iball), relief projection (projecting an object back onto itself, like Naimark´s Displacements).
For outdoor and mobile projects I need special housing for the projectors, and need to experiment with alternative forms of energy sources, like generators and batteries.

Instead of using surround sound to place a sound in a space, I would like to work with concrete sound sources, short range FM-senders and directional sound beams.

It will involve a lot of custom hardware and software solutions, and I would like to involve Soundscape Studios in Trondheim on the hardware side.

spinoff: Soundpockets


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