quicktime movie playing fullscreen at startup

I have struggled for a while to find a solution to something I thought would be quite simple: When the computer starts up it should play back a quicktime at full screen, in loopmode.

I solved this quite easily in max, but figured out a way to do this with applescript also.

First, one thing which isnt obvious, is that you can save your quicktime movie with the loop flag checked, so next time quicktime player opens that movie it will loop.

There are lots of applescripts for playing back an already opened movie, but I couldnt find a working solution to first open a movie, then play it back.

First download qtstartup.zip, unzip it, and then follow the instructions below:

  1. open your movie in quicktime player and turn on the loop (apple-L), and save the movie.
  2. go to your login items (in accounts in system preferences), and add your quicktime movie to the login items list.
  3. add the qt-startupscript to the login items, making sure it comes after the quicktime movie.
  4. restart the computer, and hopefully your quicktime movie is looping and playing back at fullscreen.

Here is the script:

on run
delay 10
tell application “QuickTime Player”
delay 5
present movie 1 scale screen
end tell
end run

update nov 2008: Maybe the MSA QT Player is an alternative: it plays fullscreen, also over multiple outputs (unlike QT pro)


8 Responses to “quicktime movie playing fullscreen at startup”

  1. hcgilje Says:

    Jusu from Pink Twins sent me a applescript which is able to read a movie, set it to loop mode and then present it at full screen.
    Here is a slight mod:
    tell application “QuickTime Player”
    open file “pb:Users:hc:Desktop:new.mov”
    set looping of movie “new.mov” to true
    rewind movie “new.mov”
    present movie “new.mov”
    end tell

    you might still have to add the delays if you are doing this at startup, though.
    Thanks, jusu!

  2. erichazann Says:

    Here is a merge of the two.. this way you don’t have to specify the full path with volume name and user folder, and/or load the quicktime movie separately in startup items.. just name it movie.mov and put in /Users/Shared

    on run
    set unixpath to “/Users/Shared/movie.mov”
    set macfile to (POSIX file unixpath)

    delay 10
    tell application “QuickTime Player”
    delay 5
    open file macfile
    set looping of movie 1 to true
    rewind movie 1
    present movie 1 scale screen
    end tell

    end run

  3. Florrie C. Snorring Says:

    Thanks, it is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Great solution for an exposition.

  4. klif Says:

    there is much simpler solution for this.

    open a movie in quicktime player 7
    select View:Loop
    select Window:Show Movie Properties – window opens
    select Presentation tab
    click “Automatically play movie when opened”
    click “Enter fullscreen mode when opened”
    Save movie
    Put movie in Login items


  5. JNLWS Says:

    Thanks a million Klif, that is a really great and simple solution and worked perfectly for me. The only note to add is that you need to buy a quicktime 7 pro licence, otherwise “show movie properties” is greyed out and unopenable. The standard version of quicktime that comes with all macs is now Quicktime X which doesn’t offer this functionality, but quicktime 7 is available for download from apple if you look around for it. Pretty confusing that quicktime 10 (X) has less functionality than quicktime 7 if you ask me. Why????

  6. hcgilje Says:

    I think it´s still possible to install quicktime 7 with the recent apple installers as well, you just need to choose custom installation and choose it from there. Quicktime X is a joke.

  7. flacoloco Says:

    Yuo can do almost the same as Klif using VLC. Is free, open source and cross-platform!
    Create a playlist and put it at the login

  8. saleem Says:

    how can i open a url in quicktime as automated process?

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