lab jan 2007: masking projections

lab jan 2007, originally uploaded by hc gilje.

(Slideshow of more images from the projection sketches here)

The second focus in this lab session was to work with video projections, and masking them to create several projection surfaces from one projector, and to be able to relate to physical shapes in the room, like my projection on a sphere in Iball, or the masking of video to fit the gallery spaces in one of the sleepers installation:

The simplest way to do it is to work with a 2 dimensional mask. I also wanted to try to work with 3D masks: projecting a virtual 3D version of an object back onto itself. In this way I managed to cover 4 sides of a cube with 2 projectors. Another thing I did was to link the individual projection surfaces (from one projector) so focus could move from one area to another, quite like how the nodes in nodio operate.

Finally, I did some simple tests using the projector as a light beam.



8 Responses to “lab jan 2007: masking projections”

  1. suzon Says:

    great work… am interested by the same type of research, latest work MIRAGE, we also made a blog during the R&D and you can see some video documents excerpts… hard to really see the multidimentionality of the projections going through different layers of black screens but also in the water and reflected by the water but it does give a bit of an idea
    would love to know more…is it possible to participe in your lab?
    Suzon Fuks
    Brisbane, Australia

  2. hcgilje Says:

    Hi suzon, thanks for feedback, I will take a look at your Mirage project!

    I guess this blog could work as a remote participation in the lab, and I am open for discussions and ideas, of course. Or did you have anything else in mind?


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  7. kris Says:

    good mapp….i want ask to you…what program you use for running projection mapping. thx b4

  8. hcgilje Says:

    I use the software I develop myself: VideoProjectionTools, or VPT:

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