From the lab: ID-12 RFID reader

ID-12 RFID reader to bluetooth, originally uploaded by hc gilje.

(More images of ID-12 in the lab here)

I have had the chance to work with the ID-12 RFID reader for a couple of days. It is very small, very cheap and easy to use. I have tested it connected to a arduino microcontroller, to a computer with a usb-serial adapter and wirelessly to a computer with a bluetooth modem.
You can find a code example for maxmsp + schematics on how to hook up the reader here.


9 Responses to “From the lab: ID-12 RFID reader”

  1. Bard Tordal Says:

    Hi Hosé
    The RFID reader is a pretty closed circuit though in terms of how near one must be to make it trigger and its main purpose – checking a particular ID and controlling access.

    I wonder what kind of RF reader is in these anti-shoplifting systems, their range is better, probably because of their antenna and they react to something most people carry around at all times – consumer products. How about building a such a reciever and teach it to trigger on a specific type of consumer?

    One could build it into whatever, say a brick wall and have the wall scream insults or praises, commenting on the products they have bought…

    -Bard T

  2. Bard Tordal Says:

    Oh and I love the little red light on the micon, much cooler than my BS2s.. Does it blink at all?

    -Bard T

  3. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Bard,
    Well thats what an RFID reader does, read ids of tags, and if they had a range that was too big it would be hard to distinguish individual tags.
    The anti-shoplifting system works quite differently I believe, as the tags are just antennas which relate to the frequency of the “portals”, they have no unique id.

    the little red light indicates a bluetooth connection on the blueSMiRF, which is just a bluetooth modem, not a microcontroller. For more info check out the resources section

  4. novan_xyz Says:

    I want to ask

    how much its price ?
    how you buy it ?

    I want to have some “play” with it too 😀

  5. hcgilje Says:

    if you click on the ID-12 RFID reader link in the post, you will find where to buy it.

  6. Martin Says:

    Do you know if the ID-12 RFID reader works with the Arduino BT, because the BT runs at 115200 baud only? Many thanks.

  7. hcgilje Says:

    I don´t know, maybe ID-innovations who make the reader can help you?

  8. victor Says:

    i have rfid id-12.but still confused to connect with 89c2051.could i know the software with 89c2051

  9. Walter Says:

    Hey, I found this board made for the ID-12/20 here:
    Has anyone ever used it before? It seems intresting.

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