spletizizers, originally uploaded by hc gilje.

I am in Köln at the moment preparing for the “The queen is the supreme being of the realm” performance. As it happens, I am staying in the same hotel as last time I did a project in Köln:
In 2002 I was invited together with my co-pilot Kurt Ralske from 242.pilots to participate in a project initiated by Tillmann Roth. Roth built a flexible art container/platform (see image), basically a mobile art production and viewing space. He invited different media artists to do a project which would later be shown in the container. The common link in the project was that we should either make use of or be inspired by the sounds of Alan Splet (scroll down). Splet was the sound designer for David Lynch on all his films from the Grandmother to Blue Velvet. His use of ambient sounds very much shaped a space.

Kurt and I did a 45 minute video improvisation with his sounds as the soundtrack. This might become available through Audioframes at some point, or I might put some of it online.

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