mikro performance

mikro performance, originally uploaded by hc gilje.

Mikro is a series of improvised performances using the immediate surroundings as raw material: A microscope captures everyday objects and surfaces like wallpaper, coins, clothing, furniture, newspapers and transforms it into an explosive universe of textures. Contact microphones and electromagnetic sniffers pick up unhearable sounds to create the live soundtrack.
Mikro is a collaboration between HC Gilje (video) and Justin Bennett (sound).
Performances so far:
Paradiso (Amsterdam), IMAL (Brussels), TAG (den Haag), DNK (Amsterdam), Bergen Kunsthall Landmark (Bergen), Laznia (Gdansk)


2 Responses to “mikro performance”

  1. donovan irish Says:

    i was wondering if you could direct me to the resources for these electromagnetic “sniffers”……and how to route the microscopic observations onto a computer for manipulation???
    what youve done is stunning,,,,,

  2. hcgilje Says:

    First I encourage you to read the post from the Maxwell city workshop, which mentions one kit:
    take a listen to
    [audio src="http://bek.no/~hc/downloads/MaxwellCity.mp3" /]
    and check out Martin Howse´s kits here:

    I use a USB microscope as a source for my max/msp/jitter patch.

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