relief projection 2008

This easter I got the opportunity to work in a large theaterspace (BIT Teatergarasjen) to continue my work on relief projection (or masked projection).
I made 9 plywood boxes to use as my projection objects, and worked with two projectors, having a total of 16 projection surfaces.
One of the aims for this session was to also work with sound (each object would double as a speaker), and to create a depth in the placement of the objects.
I implemented my nodio system into the projection patch, which made it possible for me to create sequences of movement.
There are plenty of images from the session here.

9 Responses to “relief projection 2008”

  1. animazon Says:

    hi man!!!
    hola amigo!
    i´ve started using your software and its wonderful the possibylities of it.
    i´ve started editting videos to proyect on diferent surfaces,in the kitchen in my bedroom.
    i ´d send you a video when i´ve finnish the project
    agur!!!!(means bye in vasc languaje)

  2. paul Says:

    this is great! wonderful project. I would like to try to use it myself. What do I need to aquire exactly? I am running PC, have several projectors also. What software or softwares are required?


  3. hcgilje Says:

    I made my software with max/msp+jitter, and created a working standalone application which you can download at
    this is a bit simpler version than the one I use for my own projects though.

  4. shift v2: relief projection installation « Conversations with spaces Says:

    […] focus of something. It also has a loose relation to the idea of shapeshifting. As mentioned in my previous posts about my relief projection projects, shift combines multichannel sequencing, audio generated from […]

  5. Sébastien Says:

    I love what you are doing… what kind of projectors are you using?

  6. hcgilje Says:

    I used two sanyo xu55 projectors for this particular setup.

  7. chris v Says:

    Very nice video work. Enjoyed watching the vimeo stuff of the projections with dance.

  8. karla’s: Schnickschnack Says:

    […] more info/inspiration on projection into spaces or onto physical objects check out the relief projection 2008, relief projection and masking projections posts. New posts for inspiration: snow lab and shift […]

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