video projection tool v2.1

Last week I was invited to the Medialab Prado in Madrid to give both a short workshop and a presentation as part of the light,space perception sessions. The energy at the medialab was amazing, a lot of projects being worked on in parallell, and it was great to see a medialab focused on producing works, not making festivals or big exhibitions. Check out their interactivos program, a intensive two week period for developing a selected group of works, a collaboration between the artists, the workshop teachers and other collaborators who want to contribute.

I got a chance to continue working on my videoprojection tool, which is a multi-videoplane software for masking video projections and position layers on specific objects and surfaces. You can find all the information,documentation and software (osx and win xp+vista) here.

2 Responses to “video projection tool v2.1”

  1. Ariel Cabrera Says:

    wow!!!!its[s awsome!!!!!!!! i worked in this with a friend!! and we get trouble doing this with module8..and then i worked with quartz composer , mask ,video and a lot of stuff!!!
    but this is gret!!!!!!!!

  2. hcgilje Says:

    thanks! And as you probably have discovered, version 4 is out now, which has a lot more features than 2.1


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