shift v2: relief projection installation

shift v.2, originally uploaded by hc gilje.

I decided to give my current series of relief projections a name, shift: moving from one place to another, changing the emphasis, direction or focus of something. It also has a loose relation to the idea of shapeshifting.
As mentioned in my previous posts about my relief projection projects, shift combines multichannel sequencing, audio generated from video (soundtransducer inside every box, the sound you hear is directly related to the video projected on that particular box), with masking/mapping a projection to fit physical objects. This creates a dynamic audiovisual landscape, a spatial light painting.
The software to create the installation has developed over almost two years and some workshops, and I have shown documentation of the development, but never exhibited it as a final work.
It is only this autumn that I have found the right opportunity to show it in an exhibition. I was invited to participate in the Total Aktion exhibition at Museet for Samtidskunst in Roskilde, Denmark. I had the opportunity to exhibit there in 2005 as part of Get Real, a exhibition with real-time art as the focus (which was also shown at Kiasma in Helsinki, Finland). It also resulted in the book where I wrote the essay “Within the space of a moment”.

Shift became a sort of drone installation, with slow light/colour changes of volume, sometimes cut off by sharp white planes. The video documentation is a cut version showing some of the different scenes. Here is a slide show of still images.

(youtube link to the same video, if someone prefers that)

The software used is an expansion of the videoprojectiontool available here.


7 Responses to “shift v2: relief projection installation”

  1. Michael Says:


    I really enjoyed your installation of 3D Mapping. I attended the Mapping Festival in Geneva this year. I was hoping to see some installations like yours. Is the software you use, software that you have developed personally.

    Have you experimented much with spherical shapes?

  2. hcgilje Says:

    Well, the mapping festival wasn´t interested 🙂

    Check out the videoprojectiontools:

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  4. Verktøykassen: Videomapping – Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst – BEK Says:

    […] HC Giljes prosjekt shift er et godt eksempel på hvordan video er mappet/masket til ulike objekter. Alle foto over er lånt […]

  5. Verktøykassen: Video mapping – Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst – BEK Says:

    […] shift by the artist HC Gilje is a good example of how video is mapped/masked onto various objects. All photos above are borrowed from HC Gilje. […]

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