snow lab

snow lab, originally uploaded by hc gilje.

It is not so often that there is snow in Bergen, it usually rain by the time it hits the ground. But last week has been an exception, which finally gave me the opportunity to testing out my videoprojection tool on forms made in the snow. It was a pretty nice location, on the roof terrace of BEK overlooking the harbour of Bergen.
I hope to develop this snow projection project further as it is quite fascinating to explore black and white contrasts. I am especially happy with projecting black with a white background, check it out in the video below.
There are more images to see.


3 Responses to “snow lab”

  1. RZPRK Says:

    just discovered your highly interesting blog via this “possibly-related-wordpress-function”. we just had a conversation about projecting stuff on big snowballs using quartz/vdmx the other day, so i was quite satisfied seeing your experiments. rzprk.

  2. hcgilje Says:

    glad you enjoy the blog!
    The snow projection was done in about 4 hours, so obviously some very rough sketches, but it definetly has potential. I hope to realize a bigger project in january next year.

  3. karla’s: Schnickschnack Says:

    […] projection 2008, relief projection and masking projections posts. New posts for inspiration: snow lab and shift v2 installation. I also wrote a little bit about vvvv in another […]

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