videoprojection tools v3.0

videoprojectiontool v3.0

Announcing the latest version of the videoprojection tools, now with 8 layers with cornerpin distortion, advanced masking ++. Also there are now 8 individual video sources, 1 live video source and 1 draw source.

As before it also has a quite extensive preset and sequencing system.

It is available for free for osx and windows xp/vista.

Download application and documentation

5 Responses to “videoprojection tools v3.0”

  1. José Manuel González Says:

    Hi HC!

    I wrote you a couple of weeks ago asking about two problems I have with VPT. I use Mac and I don’t know why but I can’t hide the folder bar above when I click “esc” (full screen). The last time you told me that the problem was that I was working just from the program and not using a connected projector. Now I have one but it’s happening the same. If you can help me I would appreciate your support. Many thanks.

    José Manuel González

  2. José Manuel González Says:

    Excuse me HC!

    I have another question. I am very interested about the possibility of synchronizing the movies and the sound using your tool. I am playing with your VPT and looking the potential of it and I have no idea how to do that. Can you guide me please.

    Thank you so much.


  3. hcgilje Says:

    Hi José González,
    I can´t understand that there are other explanations than that your second output is mirroring your desktop, or else there wouldn´t be a menubar on the projector. Or, if for some reason the menubar is only on the projector and not on your monitor go to monitor preferences and drag the menubar over to the the other screen.


  4. hcgilje Says:

    What do you mean specifically synching movies and sound?
    VPT by itself has no other sound functionality than playing back the sound that belongs to a particular video.
    What I did for the shift installations is made different: I use VPT as the shell for placing the layers at the right place, then I use another max patch to send the video to the different layers.
    btw, this is something that anybody with access to max can do: Create your own patch with video processing,mixing ++ and then just send the resulting videostream to the layer of your choice, just follow the syntax of the stream names found in the dropdown menus for sources, 101_source,102_source etc.


  5. José Manuel González Says:

    Thanks HC. Lucky I could resolve the problem easily. The only thing I had to do was to duplicate the desktop in preferences and change the situation of the bar above. Now I am experimenting with your VPT and I think that it has got many possibilities. I will report you soon about my progress.

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