videoprojectiontools v3.1: OSC


I have added rudimentary Open Sound Control (OSC) and MIDI functionality, and provided maxmsp templates for osc/midi for people to develop this further.

This makes it possible to sync several computers, and control the videoprojection tools from other applications that support OSC.

more info and downloads

4 Responses to “videoprojectiontools v3.1: OSC”

  1. Joseph Gray Says:

    Awesome work HC. Amazing actually. Was hoping someone with a more serious programming mind would tackle tools for this sort of process. Thanks. The networking of computers is esp. nice, as one object could have multiple projections on it to “texture map” all sides of the surface. Rad.

  2. jacek Says:

    great job!!

  3. claire Says:

    hey i’m having a problem dropping my files into the drop folder. the max window says “attempting to convert non-UTF files”

    any ideas?


  4. hcgilje Says:

    UTF is short for Unicode transformation format and is related to character encoding. Could there be any non-standard characters in the names of the files, or are there other files than quicktime compatible files in the folder you attempt to drop?

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