New manual for Videoprojectiontool

I have made a new manual for the Videoprojectiontool, documenting the latest improvements including cornerpin keystoning and OSC support. There is also a slightly modified version of the application, v3.1c, with some bug fixes and increased OSC support.

All available here.

4 Responses to “New manual for Videoprojectiontool”

  1. jacek Says:

    graet work

  2. José Manuel González Says:

    Hi HC Gilje. Thanks for your Videoprojectiontool. It’s a very good system to create installations of light. I’m reading the new manual and I’m trying to get fullscreen clicking ESC key, but I always have the toolbar with File, edit, window, etc. above. I can’t make it disappear. Can you help me? I’m sure that it’s something very easy but I can’t find the solution.



  3. hcgilje Says:

    Hi, I am glad you find it useful!
    Are you working without monitor, so you get the interface on the projector? With this you would get the menuline as it is now. This is a simple fix, I just haven´t used it without connecting the projector out a second output until recently.
    Or are you mirroring your outputs (seeing the same on both monitor and projector)? This would give the same result as above.
    If you are working with interface on one screen and output on another, which would be the most normal way of using VPT, then this shouldn´t happen. Which OS are you using?

    Feel free to send some images of your work!

    btw, there will soon be a major update, just need time to do the documentation.


  4. José Manuel González Says:

    Likely that’s the problem. I’m not working with my videoprojector connected. It’s broken and I’m waiting for the official service, I hope they are gonna repair it. When I have it again I will try with it and I will send you a message. Thank you for your support.


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