VPT (Video projection tool) v4.0 released!

I am happy to announce the new version of VPT for osX and Windows xp/vista with lots of new features:

16 layers (previously 8 )
2 live sources (previously 1)
8 A-B mixers (previously 0)
greatly improved MIDI and OSC capabilities
enhanced interface
monitor preview for 2ndmonitor (single screen, matrox 2x or 3x),live camera.
lot´s of bug fixes and more efficient code.

And as always, it is free.

The sourcecode is also included, (GPL 3 license)

There is a new manual and new video tutorials covering the new features, everything available from the VPT page.

48 Responses to “VPT (Video projection tool) v4.0 released!”

  1. Kenji Yogi Says:


  2. Rob Duro Says:

    Is there a link for download?, I will love to try this software.

  3. hcgilje Says:

    If you click on the VPT page link in this post (at the very bottom) you will find links to download the software and documentation.

  4. Rob Duro Says:


  5. jon Says:

    Thanks! When I attempt to set-up VPT after the download, I get an error message that MAXCRT.dll was not found, although I can see it in the file list. When I click close, I then get a message that MAX has stopped working. I have re-downloaded several times with no luck, and I downloaded the MAX/Jitter demo to see if that made a difference, with no luck. I am running a pc on vista. Can you help? I would appreciate it.

  6. José Manuel González Says:

    Hi HC! The new version looks really good. I downloaded the software to try new things. I have a question for you, may be it sounds a little bit stupid but I have to recognise that I am slow learning with computers. My problem is that I can be 4 hours organizing all the videos with VPT, size, perspective, cornerships, etc. Finally I save the presets following your video instructions but, when I open the presets everything is desorganized and I have to put the cornerships again. It’s frustrating a little bit. Can you explain how to save all the presets correctly?

    Thank you very much and congratulations.


  7. karla’s: Schnickschnack Says:

    […] Video Projection Tool […]

  8. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Jon,
    I have only checked VPT 4.0 with xp as I don´t have vista, but nobody else has reported problems with vista, so not sure what I can do about it. Any other vista users out there with problems?


  9. hcgilje Says:

    Hi José,
    before spending 4 hours again, check by making some simple presets: select a number for preset number, click store. Doubleclick on storagewindow to see that the new preset is there. Then save the preset file by clicking on write. When you open VPT next time, doubleclick on the storagewindow to see if your presets are there. If not, you might have to load the presetfile, so click on the read button to load the file you previously saved. Then load the preset number you want.
    Let me know if this doesn´t work.


  10. José Manuel González Says:

    Gracias HC. Resolví el problema con sus explicaciones. Es realmente fácil pero soy muy estúpido. Ahora su VPT trabaja increíblemente bien y rápido. Cuanto antes voy a descargar películas para mostrarle lo que hago con su software. Disfruto de mucho. Gracias.


  11. José Manuel González Says:

    Sorry, I sent you my message in spanish.


    Thanks HC. I resolved the problem with your explanations. It’s really easy but I am very stupid. Now your VPT is working incredibly well and fast. As soon as possible I’m going to download movies to show you what I am doing with your software. I’m enjoying a lot. Thanks.


  12. hcgilje Says:

    Hi josé,
    my spanish is almost good enough to understand it 🙂

    Glad to hear it worked out for you, and would love to see what you (and other people) are doing with VPT.


  13. jon Says:

    So sorry! Didn’t realize I posted a question on one thread and then looked for the answer on another- I will try it again and see what happens- thanks for your help.

  14. hcgilje Says:

    Hi jon,
    it is easy to get confused 🙂

    To add to the confusion let´s try to keep the discussion in the VPT main thread, as that´s where most people look for problem solving.

    You can check this thread to see if there are any updates on the vista issue:

  15. ririen Says:

    nice info, where is the download link..

  16. hcgilje Says:

    click on the link in the post?

  17. Teun Verkerk Says:

    Hey HCgilje,

    Your software is brilliant, I really like it. To be able to map video a little faster and more accurate I mapped my midicontroller to pos_x pos_y x1-x4 and y1-y4. This should work brilliantly, and my midicontroller shows up in the p midi patcher and shows changing values and midi channels. However, nothing happens when I mapped my midicc’s to these settings of Layer 1, moviesource 1 or active.

    It should do something in the mofo window right? Also, why do I not get my output window to work?

    Thanks in advance!
    Great work =)

  18. Teun Verkerk Says:

    just to be complete: I am working on winxp and can not open the standalone (it crashes and says: Max/MSP has crashed) so I work from MAX5 itself and load your VPT_4.0.maxpat in it. That works fine.

  19. riddlemd Says:

    i go the same thing in vista. it works in the max5. your not alone.

  20. riddlemd Says:

    Yeah. Really cool program. before i installed quicktime vpt 4.0 opened. but it did not have video. installed quicktime and the program crashes. installed maxjsp 5 and opened vpt 4.0 in side of that..

  21. hcgilje Says:

    thanks for the feedback with problems in xp and vista.
    I hope the kind people at cycling74 forums will enlighten us on this annoying issue. Do you have the same problem if you try with VPT 3.1? Curious to know if this related to VPT 4, quicktime or recent max 5 updates.

    I will recheck in xp on my computer when I get the chance, just been very busy with an exhibition.


  22. hcgilje Says:

    There seems to be issues with the latest version of jitter (the video framework of maxmsp) and the latest quicktime for xp and vista. The best working version of quicktime on windows when using VPT is then currently QT 7.6.2


  23. Teun Verkerk Says:

    Does this also solve the – not working MIDI – functionality? Can it be because MIDI is first translated to OSC and then used (and OSC might not work?). I use MIDI to change x1,x2,y1,y2 and have midi working inside MAX5, but cannot get it to control anything.

    Also I have problem adjusting corners in the mofo window with my mouse. Changing the values in the cornerpin windows goes smoothly though.

    Thanks in advance,


  24. hcgilje Says:

    The midi works fine when configured right.
    If midi doesn´t work when running it from within max, maybe you haven´t installed the osc objects?

    What exactly doesn´t work for you with adjusting the corners in the mofo window?
    Remember first to select your layer, then set the top left and bottom right corners using Q and S to tell VPT the position of the layer. Then the cornerpin using your mouse should work.


  25. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Teun,
    I don´t know why midi doesn´t work for you. I assume you chose the correct interpretation of midi values (either cc or midichannels) in the midi window. Also, if you map the midi data incorrectly, nothing will happen, so doublecheck that the destination and parameters match.


  26. Teun Verkerk Says:

    Hey HCgilje,

    I fixed it. I looked through the patches and figured out that MAX didn’t recognise the osc-route patch object. I looked it up on the internet and downloaded it from the CNMAT website. Now it works like a charm!

    Thanks a lot,

    /Teun starts playing around 🙂

  27. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Teun,
    I thought I had replied to this, but apparently not.
    Glad to hear that you got it working.
    I will make it more explicit in the next release that the OSC objects needs to be downloaded, as they are not part of the standard max-msp package.

  28. rafael botter Says:

    hello, I’m from sao paulo Brazil, and I’m not able to open the program on my XP …
    if i uninstall quick time it opens, but does not work, if you install quicktime it appears an unknown error and not open
    thanks a lot

  29. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Rafael, did you see my comment about which version of quicktime was the best for windows? It is quicktime 7.6.2
    Also, another user wrote this: “Replacing the included jitlib.dll with the latest (from the max 5 runtime installer) seemed to fix the “maxmsp has encountered a problem…..” error on start.
    I’m running windows XP 32, on a dell xps m1530 with an 8600m gt.”

    So, until I get time to fix this, please try these two suggestions (you would need to download the max 5runtime installer from cycling74.com).

  30. hcgilje Says:

    check out the 4.1 update to VPT, it might solve your problems

  31. matt Says:

    i’m trying to run vpt 4.1 on mac os x, but it keeps crashing on me every time i start the app. what can be wrong? is any mac user having the same issue?

  32. matt Says:

    guys, i would really like to use vpt, but i’m stuck with it, can’t get it to work… i’ve tryied to install both 4.01 and 4.1 versions on my macbook. the version 4.1 crashes when i start the application, and the version 4.01 starts, but gives me a blank window, no interface is shown. does that have to do with my video card (my macbook is the one with intel graphics card)? any help would be very much appreciated, thanks.

  33. Luis Cadena Says:

    I don’t know if this is the right place for my question… But I need some help. I have some problems installing vpt 4.1 on my computer , I got this error “maxmsp have stopped working”, thanks for your help. My computer is compaq presario running vista home, nvidia go geforce 6100 graphics card, 1 gb ram…

  34. rendy Says:

    hi, i want to ask, how do i save preset ? 😦 i was trying with your tutorial on the top of the page, it says

    “Hi José,
    before spending 4 hours again, check by making some simple presets: select a number for preset number, click store. Doubleclick on storagewindow to see that the new preset is there. Then save the preset file by clicking on write. When you open VPT next time, doubleclick on the storagewindow to see if your presets are there. If not, you might have to load the presetfile, so click on the read button to load the file you previously saved. Then load the preset number you want.
    Let me know if this doesn´t work.”

    but, for me, it’s doesn’t work, when i open up VPT and bring up the storagewindow again, and read the file i’ve saved (JSON/XML file), it comes nothing… 😦

    could you help me please ? i using windows 7 64bit , and i was trying with Compatibility Mode WinXP SP3, and it’s still not working…

  35. hcgilje Says:

    please use the VPT forum for questions related to VPT:

  36. Laura Says:

    Hi!I have a pc with window vista and an nvidia GeForce Go 7300 graphic card 120mb, i am trying to install the program, but when i open the setup it says that MAXCRT.dll was not found and then MaxMSP crashes…I see that some other people had that problem, any suggestion about what to do?Thanks!

  37. andre Says:

    where to make download dosoftware?

  38. Kitkit Says:

    So I’ve just recently come across this program and it looked like it would be the best for me to start out with since everyone says it’s so self explanatory and there are so many walkthroughs. Sadly I can’t get past the installation process to even get into the program. After download VPT 6.0 I extracted the files and attempted to run the program getting a MAXCRT.dll missing error. I’m running a ompaq with windows 7. If anyone could possible email and help walk me through what I need to do to get it up and running I would seriously appreciate it. I’m highly excited to start playing with the program so I can’t wait, thanks. -Kitkit


  39. hcgilje Says:

    make sure to not move anything out of the VPT folder, the VPT application needs to be inside the VPT folder to find the files it uses.
    For other questions please use the VPT forum:

  40. Andrea Says:

    Hola. Me recomendaron este programa para hacer projection mapping, pude descargarlo (la versión de 16 layers) pero me aparece el mismo error: “Error al iniciar la aplicación porque no se encontró MAXCRT.dll. La reinstalación de la aplicación puede solucionar el problema”
    ¿qué puedo hacer en este caso??

  41. VJ Vertigo Says:

    the MAX/MSP keeps crashing, any ideas?

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