Last week my exhibition blink opened at HKS in Bergen, Norway. It consists of two new installations and documentation of the main projects I have done during my research fellowship.

In the basement I have a light-sound installation, with 24 bright LEDs placed in a circle in the ceiling, animating the shadow of the visitor.

In the main space I have a video projection-sound installation, where I project into/onto the gallery space.

Since my project the last three years has focused on improvising with spaces, transforming them using image, light and sound, I decided for this exhibition to go all the way and work with two empty spaces.

You can see an excerpt of the projection installation here:

more images of the installation.

I will come back with documentation of the light-shadow installation.

HKS asked the australian artist and writer Mitchell Whitelaw to write a text about my work.


6 Responses to “blink”

  1. defaultfx Says:

    Inspiring work! thanks for sharing

  2. Anke Burger Says:

    HC, I like it a lot! I’m so glad to be hearing from you again and happy to see that your work is more perfect and beautiful than ever.
    I was at Bethanien this summer (the quebec studio), thinking of your time in Berlin!
    Stay in touch, good luck, Anke and Chris in Montreal

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    […] resource: & […]

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    […] in my recent installations blink and split I am interested in relating directly to the architecture of the exhibition space. The […]

  5. blink (hc gilje 2009) – Hue Sculpture in Vietnam Says:

    […] Documentation of the audiovisual set up blink, october 2009 at HKS in Bergen, Norway. Video is projected into the gap, remodeled by way of reflections and the form of the gap right into a summary mild portray. A gentle pulse of sound is coming from more than a few audio system positioned within the ceiling of the gallery house. blink […]

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