Last week my exhibition blink opened at HKS in Bergen, Norway. It consists of two new installations and documentation of the main projects I have done during my research fellowship.

In the basement I have a light-sound installation, with 24 bright LEDs placed in a circle in the ceiling, animating the shadow of the visitor.

In the main space I have a video projection-sound installation, where I project into/onto the gallery space.

Since my project the last three years has focused on improvising with spaces, transforming them using image, light and sound, I decided for this exhibition to go all the way and work with two empty spaces.

You can see an excerpt of the projection installation here:

more images of the installation.

I will come back with documentation of the light-shadow installation.

HKS asked the australian artist and writer Mitchell Whitelaw to write a text about my work.


5 Responses to “blink”

  1. defaultfx Says:

    Inspiring work! thanks for sharing

  2. Anke Burger Says:

    HC, I like it a lot! I’m so glad to be hearing from you again and happy to see that your work is more perfect and beautiful than ever.
    I was at Bethanien this summer (the quebec studio), thinking of your time in Berlin!
    Stay in touch, good luck, Anke and Chris in Montreal

  3. blink « NAIT5 Says:

    […] resource: & […]

  4. Two new works « Conversations with spaces Says:

    […] in my recent installations blink and split I am interested in relating directly to the architecture of the exhibition space. The […]

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