VPT 4.1 available

Play Alter Native, originally uploaded by am4ndas.
An updated version of Video Projection Tool is now available.

Version 4.0 had a lot of under the hood changes, which unfortunately introduced some bugs. Hopefully most of them have been taken care of with this update.

There are also a few new features: different blend modes and a global moviesource drop zone.
Read the list of updates on the VPT page.

The image is taken from a project Amanda Steggell is doing for the theatre company Verk, where she is using the new blend mode feature for her beautiful emoticons video design.

10 Responses to “VPT 4.1 available”

  1. santo Says:


  2. Antonio Says:

    Grazieeee!! Favoloso!!!

  3. AdamV Says:

    Hi Again,
    How do I sync two or more layers to play at the exact same time? I couldn’t find anything in the documentation.

  4. David Says:

    Looks like agreat application, Can this this app be used for a X-Plane with Matrox triple head ? on a curved screen ?


  5. Julia Says:


    I’ve been trying to download the latest VPT but when i click the link, it doesn’t show any download options.
    On the website, I can see the name of zip file but it doesn’t start downloading.
    Could you tell me the right way to download your VPT software?

    Thanks 🙂

  6. hcgilje Says:

    when you click on the download link you are redirected to mediafire where you need to click the link (in the middle of the screen) where it says “Click here to start download”.

  7. Julia Says:

    Thank you for your reply.
    It seems like I cannot download VPT through Safari.
    So, I tried from Google Chrome then it worked 😀
    Sorry for the dumb question.

    Thanks for your help!!
    Thank you very much for your work 😀
    It made my life more fantastic!!

  8. 3D Projection Mapping « Binary Heap Says:

    […] Amazing Free Software: VPT Video Projection Tools […]

  9. harley Says:


    I’m also having trouble syncing multiple videos.. having them start at the same time. seems like its a simple thing im missing.. apparently others have been having this problem but I dont see any replies!

  10. hcgilje Says:

    Maybe because people are using the VPT forums for questions?
    And maybe they are using VPT 5.1

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