VPT forum

I have set up a simple forum for Video Projection Tools to eventually make it easier to share and find useful information. There are different sections for bug reports, troubleshooting, wishlist for new features, examples of what you make with vpt etc.

Head on over to the forum, register and start using it:


ps. yesterday the blog passed 200000 visitors, hurrah.

2 Responses to “VPT forum”

  1. Jon Says:

    On VPT V4.1 I cannot save. I see the save button is grayed out. After going through all the tutorials and forums I have got to the point where I believe it has to do with saving presets somehow but can’t seem to do that? Please advise??


  2. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Jonathan, please check out the VPT forums, as this questioned has been covered a few times. Basically, you should also download the manual for v3.1 as well, as the 4.0 manual mainly covers new features.
    The forum:

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