VPT 5 released!

Version 5 of Video Projection Tools is now available as a public beta.

Read all about it and download it from the new VPT page.


On a side note, this is the last day for the Theatre performance “Fuglane” which has been a big hit and has played for about 10000 people at Trøndelag Teater. I used an early version of the new VPT for this project.

This week the blog passed 250000 visitors.

4 Responses to “VPT 5 released!”

  1. max Says:

    I have a show on friday and am using VPT 5. I am having a problem.

    How do i go fullscreen (output the video) without the MOFO bar on top being visible? I want to output without the bar.

    thank you

  2. hcgilje Says:

    the escape key should be your friend.

  3. mamimerah Says:

    I am new user of VPT, how do you put clips on mofo?

  4. hcgilje Says:

    first, read the online manual, or the built in help (look for the ?).
    second, check out the VPT forum and ask your questions there if you don´t find it answered already.

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