VPT 5.5 preview

(update: VPT 5.5 turned into VPT 6 before it got released, and can be expected very soon)

I am busy finishing the upcoming release of VPT 5.5, and wanted to share a few of the new features.

One major addition is the possibillity to perform mesh distortion to each layer, giving you even more flexibility over the projected output.

The control interface gives you control over each point in the mesh.

Syphon is becoming an important tool for sharing image data between applications on Mac osX, supporting more and more applications (there is now a more or less working Processing implementation as well).

VPT already impemented syphon-in capabilities with version 5, but with version 5.5 there is more:

You can record the output from VPT using the Syphon Recorder App.

You can use different parts of the incoming Syphon image data in different layers: Using your favourite syphon-enabled application you can tile your output so that VPT split up the single syphon source into multiple sources.

For instance, if your syphon-app sends out something like this:

VPT can either use the whole image or split it up into four individual layers:

There are plenty of other improvements, which will be covered when it is released.

For VPT 5.5 I finally get the possibillity to make proper video tutorials, as Atelier Nord has generously offered me a one week residency to do this.

Expected release date: mid-June.

As always, free (with the possibility to donate).

btw, about 3500 people have downloaded VPT 5.1

15 Responses to “VPT 5.5 preview”

  1. VJ PALM Says:

    super jose! super thanks man! i will start tests tonight!

  2. VJ PALM Says:

    super jose! super thanks man! i will start tests ASAP! let us informed if you need some help!

  3. TommeeT Says:

    Awesome news H.C! Taking VPT to even greater heights. It’s really becoming an increasingly powerful tool – well done & thank you!
    Look forward to 5.5… Cheers! Tom

  4. Igor Molochevski Says:

    Hello, I work for college and promote your program havily to the students. I would like to get 5.5 if it is possible to plan for the nexte semester

  5. hcgilje Says:

    it isnt ready yet, so you need to patient..

  6. godan Says:

    hey your softwar is great! many thanx.
    ill try to use it next weekend for a installation,
    the new features also sound really great meshwarp
    and syphon.

  7. hcgilje Says:

    Please note that syphon is already available in 5.1

  8. godan Says:

    syphon yes but only as input in this version, right?

  9. Igor Molochevski Says:

    I am looking forward to the new version. I am passing Madmapper, because in reality your software can do much more then that application. I will still use my modul8 comps to drive parts of my installations :). Is this possible in the feuture releases to add ability to create compiled application with all of the settings that I have made to a file?

  10. TommeeT Says:

    So VPT5.5 is coming soon, but now a VPT 6 as well…? Wow! Why the two different versions? Will they work with the new Lion OS? Looking forward to both!

  11. hcgilje Says:

    Actually VPT 5.5 is not coming out because I started working on a bigger update which will be the version 6

  12. hcgilje Says:

    Do you mean something different than the preset/prefs that you save with VPT?

  13. DANIEL Says:


  14. hcgilje Says:

    you can save your projects by reading the online manual

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