VPT 6 available: A projection powerpack

With almost 5000 downloads of VPT 5.1, I am happy to announce that the next version of Video Projection Tools, VPT 6 is now available.

VPT is a powerful and flexible video projection tool that does much more than just mapping.

What´s new in VPT 6.0
A completely new graphical interface making it even simpler to position, scale and distort the layers.
32 layers (previously 16)
mesh distortion with variable-sized control grid.
a completely rewritten cuelist making it even simpler to create transitions and to build complex sequences. You can now also send osc formatted commands directly from the cuelist.
crop-scaling of sources.
increased syphon support with two syphon (crop-scalable) inputs as well as syphon output support (mac only)
a DMX module has been added, with support for Enttecs usbdmx pro interface, enabling both control of VPT from DMX light consoles, or the possibillity to control dmx devices from VPT.

VPT still supports mac and windows, and it is still free. However, I have added the option for contributions through paypal:

VPT 6 is made possible through the support of IMAL in Brussels and Atelier Nord in Oslo.

IMAL offered me a one month residency in april to give a VPT workshop and to do an exhibition.

Atelier Nord has supported me twice this year: First they hosted a workshop as part of Oslo Lux in January which ended up in a VPT 5.1 release, and in june they gave me a week residency to write documentation for VPT 5.5 which instead turned into intense development of VPT 6.

So hosting workshops and inviting me to residencies is another way of supporting my work.

Read more about VPT 6 and try it out


19 Responses to “VPT 6 available: A projection powerpack”

  1. khalil Says:

    hi thank you for all information you give us,but i would like to say that i hav a trouble with my VPT 6 i can’t use it i have probl when i start VPT6 it start normrly but no thing in my interface i mean just the drawing no writer ?

  2. hcgilje Says:

    Hi, I don´t quite understand what you mean.
    Please use the VPT forum for questions:

  3. khalil Says:

    hi thank you i find a solution it was just a problem with my police this is why i had nothing in my screen,
    i like very much VPT,please how to others sharp or forms like cercle,triangle,ect ,,,
    and we can i use VPT with audio

  4. hcgilje Says:

    Read the manual for vpt 5 and 6, watch the video tutorials, and again:
    Please use the VPT forum for questions:

  5. khalil Says:

    Hi, can you please explain to me how syphone works

  6. hcgilje Says:

    Could you please read my replies??
    Please use the VPT forum for questions:

  7. Tony Coleman Says:

    Thanks for the update! Really looking forwards to firing this up 🙂

  8. Alejandro Mtz Says:

    wont open vpt 6.0 using tha exe file located into the rar file…i have radeon hd 4200 and windows 7, open gl 6 and directx 11 , doesnt appears any windows , any suggestion ?

  9. hcgilje Says:

    There is a thread in the vpt forum discussing this:http://nervousvision.com/vptforum/
    Basically, until I get access to a 64 bit windows version you are stuck with VPT 5.1 for now.

  10. Benjamin George Says:

    Am looking to use Touch OSC on my iPad 2 to control VPT for a performance.
    How do I do about setting it up? Is there a layout for TouchOSC?

  11. hcgilje Says:

    I think someone has already written about this in the VPT forums, which is the place for questions:

  12. elnauhual Says:

    Just a question, does it suport multiple graphic cards, or the dual head?.

    Seem very fun, i want to use it…


  13. hcgilje Says:

    it supports the matrox triple or dualhead2go

  14. Brenda Baggett Says:

    I tried to download this and when I try to run it nothing happens. It don’t install a program on my computer. Wouldn’t mind paying for a program that works but would like to try it out first.

  15. hcgilje Says:

    What you download is a zip-file, and when this has been unzipped you should have the VPT folder somewhere on your computer. The VPT app is inside this folder (and should stay there), and all you need to do is to doubleclick the app (make sure you have the right version for your system).
    For further questions please use the VPT forum.

  16. BjoernMannheim Says:

    Hi there, i have a big problem: VPT doesn’t work on my pc (Intel Pentium i7 with Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit version). On my MacBook Pro it works really good.

    Waht can i do that VPT works on my PC?

  17. DANIEL Says:


  18. hcgilje Says:

    a) read the manual
    b) check out the vpt forum http://nervousvision.com/vptforum/

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