VPT 6 video tutorials

45 minutes of VPT 6 tutorials now available on the VPT 6 playlist on youtube

The available tutorials

Getting Started with VPT 6 (shown above)
Learn to use the navigator and preview window

Understanding presets in VPT 6
Explore the example presets that come with VPT 6
Learn how to use the new cuelist in VPT 6
A quick introduction to using midi in VPT 6


6 Responses to “VPT 6 video tutorials”

  1. PHOTON Says:

    Thank you for your software.
    I need to drive the cuelist by LTC or go steps by steps with DMX codes.
    Is it possible ?

  2. hcgilje Says:

    Please use the vpt forum for questions:

  3. Charles Belcher Says:

    I am flying to Paris from the US in January or February 2012. Will you be doing an installation in Pairs anytime within those two months? I would like to come by and check it out.

  4. hcgilje Says:

    Sorry, no. My next big show will actually be in the US, at the Wood Street galleries in Pittsburgh.

  5. NachodSevilla Says:

    Gracias por las aportaciones, un saludo desde Seville-Spain

  6. VJ Software and Mapping 3D Tutorial | Pearltrees Says:

    […] VPT 6 video tutorials « Conversations with spaces […]

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