in transit

My new light installation created for the 3rd floor of Woodstreet Galleries. It´s a 15m (50 ft) animated light installation running through the whole space.

portrait by Joey Kennedy. Copyright All rights reserved by joeykennedyphotography

8 Responses to “in transit”

  1. hcgilje Says:

    I am aware of his work. If you actually look at the video documentation of the two different works you will see that they are quite different.

  2. bLackburst Says:

    I shot the videos for Enigmatica and have watched yours. One’s a projector and one is a light. Quite unfortunate really!

  3. hcgilje Says:

    The conclusion you seem to be drawing is quite unfortunate.

  4. Antonio Pellegrino Says:

    Fantastico..! The phenomenological discovery of space through light (or together with sound) is really re·veal·ing. I am going to write an essay on this work and tie it with study of space/time structures.
    Tusen Takk!

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  6. CM50 Says:

    […] Gilje : In TransitLight installation created for the 3rd floor of Woodstreet Galleries. It´s a 15m (50 ft) animated […]

  7. Kathy Hinde Says:

    hello – it is quite evident the two pieces being discussed are very different – the Webster piece is projection mapping and plays with design and pattern in 3D space – the Gilje piece has a simple beauty and is fascinating because it is purely a moving light that gracefully illuminates the squares and makes shadows. It alludes to the passing of time, to travelling along, walking on the pavement under street lamps – seeing your shadow shrink and grow… – there is something very elegant about the simplicity of this. It is working with the natural phenomena of how light interacts with space and objects and has a poetic beauty that relies on it’s refined and elegant realisation.

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