Just in time for the end of the year: I made a pdf portfolio with examples of my work from 2000 until 2011.

It can be downloaded either as a screenversion (5.9 mb) or printversion (18.2mb).

Happy new year!

Almost done

2011 is almost over, and I should probably have mentioned the activities this fall which I have been planning to write about (which have been briefly mentioned in my tweets), from the frame installation at ANX in Oslo, Almost Cinema in Ghent, the acousmonium projection for the Kontraste festival in Krems, the sensxperiment festival in Lucena, the projection on Håkonshallen, the openframeworks workshop at BEK, and finally my current light experiments in my studio this December.

I should mention the frustrating experience of having to shut down the VPT forum with over 500 users due to some malware links which caused my website to be down for two weeks. I made a VPT Googlegroups as a replacement. The motivation to continue development of VPT is rather low at the moment. And I don´t do it for the money: Although over 7500 have downloaded VPT 6 the last four months, I received donations for a total of $360 from 10 individuals (so that´s 5 cent per download). There are a lot more choices when it comes to projection software now compared to when I first released VPT in 2008.

I will mention the first activities for next year, including a performance of  “The queen is the supreme power in the realm” at Radial System Berlin in january (collaboration with Yannis Kyriakides and Musikfabrik for the Ultraschall festival), my first US solo exhibition at Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh opening end of January, my first production in India (a collaboration with Choreographer Rukmini Chatterjee and Vreid), and my participation at a big exhibition at ZKM where I will work with the composition “7 cirkler” by Danish composer Else Marie Pade, and somehow I will need to find time to renovate (and eventually move into) my new apartment in Oslo.

Maag Magazine published an interview with me (p58-76) in their latest issue (which came out in late November) which you can read online, or you could listen to the conversation I had with Juan Cantizzani from sensxperiment in October.

Happy holidays!

same but different

Three years as a research fellow is over, which means a few changes for me: no more salary every month, which means less time for “non-productive work”. However, a great new studio and no institutional ties almost makes up for that.

This blog was started as part of my research fellowship, but I don´t have any immediate plans to stop posting. As I develop new projects I will write about them and share any interesting information I come over. Upcoming posts will include the circuit for my dimsun dimmers, information on environmental housing for a projector for outdoor use, as well as my impressions from using my makerbot which I will work on while in residency at PointB in New York.

I have written a text which accompanies the artistic production from my research fellowship, which might be of interest to some of you.

A screen version is available for download as well as some related video documentation. (Password for some of the videos: labrat)

In the first half of 2010 I will present three of the works produced as a research fellow at different venues in Europe:

Club Transmediale in Berlin in the end of January, Sonic Acts in Amsterdam in the end of February and Festspillene in Bergen in May.

in the spirit of piksel: a minimal arduino

bird brain

bird brain

Piksel starts today, and that gave me an excuse to finally post some of the technical info related to the wind-up birds project. Tomorrow I am giving a presentation of the mechanical woodpeckers at the festival.

The first tech-post is about how to program and hook up a atmega168 chip as a minimal arduino standalone, consuming less power and being much cheaper. It uses the internal oscillator running at 8mhz and is powered by 3.3 volts.

I will follow up this in the following days with a post about the xbee-arduino connection.

colour psychology

tannerie, old medina in Fes, originally uploaded by hc gilje.

Last week I went to an inspiring lecture with professor Byron Mikellides from Oxford Brookes University about colour psychology.
Mikellides is together with Tom Porter editor of a new edition of Colour of Architecture Today which comes out in December this year. This book is a completely revised edition of the first one which came out in the seventies.

He spoke about colour related to our environment, about NCS (Natural Colour system), about the relation between the perception of time, volume, weight, size to colour.
He looked at different examples of combinations of colours in architecture, mentioning Josef Albers “Interaction of Color” as a great source for practical colour theory. Mikellides made a point of not only looking for relations in a space, but over time (diachronic), so looking at how colours change in the course of a day, over the seasons etc.

Since my primary interest in the topic comes from working with light and projection it was interesting to hear other people talking about painting with light, and he showed several interesting examples of use of light in architecture, particularly the architects Speirs & Major who have made a study of light with the website and book. (It doesn´t quite compare with the monster book from ZKM: “Light Art. Artificial Light (Emanating)).

Server down, enjoy the weather

Due to server migration problems at my service provider BEK, hcgilje.com and http://www.nervousvision.com sites might be down, as well as any links to files on that server, for instance the videoprojectiontool (alternative link here) . Hopefully this will be sorted out soon.

In the meantime, you could read about the seminar I am organising in september, with Brandon Labelle, Kirsten Dehlholm,Mark Hansen ++.