in the spirit of piksel: a minimal arduino

bird brain

bird brain

Piksel starts today, and that gave me an excuse to finally post some of the technical info related to the wind-up birds project. Tomorrow I am giving a presentation of the mechanical woodpeckers at the festival.

The first tech-post is about how to program and hook up a atmega168 chip as a minimal arduino standalone, consuming less power and being much cheaper. It uses the internal oscillator running at 8mhz and is powered by 3.3 volts.

I will follow up this in the following days with a post about the xbee-arduino connection.

colour psychology

tannerie, old medina in Fes, originally uploaded by hc gilje.

Last week I went to an inspiring lecture with professor Byron Mikellides from Oxford Brookes University about colour psychology.
Mikellides is together with Tom Porter editor of a new edition of Colour of Architecture Today which comes out in December this year. This book is a completely revised edition of the first one which came out in the seventies.

He spoke about colour related to our environment, about NCS (Natural Colour system), about the relation between the perception of time, volume, weight, size to colour.
He looked at different examples of combinations of colours in architecture, mentioning Josef Albers “Interaction of Color” as a great source for practical colour theory. Mikellides made a point of not only looking for relations in a space, but over time (diachronic), so looking at how colours change in the course of a day, over the seasons etc.

Since my primary interest in the topic comes from working with light and projection it was interesting to hear other people talking about painting with light, and he showed several interesting examples of use of light in architecture, particularly the architects Speirs & Major who have made a study of light with the website and book. (It doesn´t quite compare with the monster book from ZKM: “Light Art. Artificial Light (Emanating)).

Server down, enjoy the weather

Due to server migration problems at my service provider BEK, and sites might be down, as well as any links to files on that server, for instance the videoprojectiontool (alternative link here) . Hopefully this will be sorted out soon.

In the meantime, you could read about the seminar I am organising in september, with Brandon Labelle, Kirsten Dehlholm,Mark Hansen ++.