Maxwell city

At the end of May I will be part of the Maxwell city workshop at Atelier Nord, “A workshop proposing an artistic investigation into electromagnetic substance within the city of Oslo and its surroundings.”

Amanda Steggell has created a blog related to the workshop.

Liquid Space workshop at Club Transmediale07 in Berlin

I was participating in the LiquidSpace workshop organised by the artist-architecture group lab[au] from Brussels. They are developing a software for creating 3d environments to experience image and sound in immersive installation or performance setups. In Berlin this meant a cubic setup of 4 screens and 4 speakers with the audience either on the inside or the outside. I was interested in it in relation to my own research in creating and transforming spaces with image and sound, and the workshop clarified a few differences between lab[au]´s approach and mine. Their focus is creating a virtual 3d audiovisual space for the audience to immerse into. I am more interested in using physical sound positions instead of surround sound, and projecting on the structures of the physical space itself instead of having them images floating in simulated 3d space.

The software for creating the environment is still under development, but I was especially impressed by the sound possibilities of the system.

Here is a short excerpt from some of the results from the workshop.

arduino workshop

I had the opportunity to follow an Arduino workshop at the interaction design department at AHO (The Architecture School in Oslo). The workshop was led by Tom Igoe (co-author of Physical Computing), and covered the Arduino microcontroller, the Xbee wireless modules, bluesmirf bluetooth modules, small RFID readers, communication between pc and arduino using processing or max, and much more.