Circle explores through projection, light and reflection the inside, outside and perimeter of a circle mounted at a 90 degree angle to the floor. This is a first in a series of work creating dynamic volumes out of precisely cut flat shapes (in this case using a cnc mill).

The installation blurs the border between projected light and physical space through a series of circular projections that constantly changes the perception of the physical circle.

Circle #1 was created for my solo show at IMAL in Brussels, April 2011.

Circle #2 was presented at the Wellington Lux exhibition in July 2011.

Circle #3 will be presented as part of the exhibition Senxperiment in Cordoba, October 2011.

More images in higher resolution can be found in the circle flickr set

A short video of circle #1 is at the end of this documentation made by IMAL (from 4:00)

and in this interview from IMAL I talk about the Light space modulator exhibition which included the circle installation:


2 Responses to “circle”

  1. María Says:

    Hi, I like your works alout, I am curently in art class in Iceland,and I am supose to take modern artist that interests me and make a project about him, I choos to make my project about you, I hope you won’t mind, your projects are awsome, and they are mesmerising to look at.
    Greetings María.

  2. hcgilje Says:

    thanks! Of course you are welcome to make a project about me. It would be nice to see the result!

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