September 8th-9th 2008 I organized a seminar based on my project “Conversations with Spaces”. The first day was open for everyone and took place at Bergen Kunsthall Landmark.

People with backgrounds in visual art, sound, writing, theatre, architecture, interaction design and philosophy talked about different ways of relating to spaces through their work.

The invited speakers: Kirsten Dehlholm, Mark Hansen, Brandon Labelle and + Lawrence Malstaf.

Brandon Labelle: sound artist and writer.

Brandon LaBelle is an artist and writer working with sounds, places, bodies, and cultural narratives. He presented a solo exhibition at Singuhr galerie in Berlin (2004), an experimental composition for pirate drummers as part of Virtual Territories, Nantes (2005), and his Prototypes for the Mobilization and Broadcast of Fugitive Sound was exhibited at the Enrico Fornello gallery, Prato, in 2007. His ongoing project to build a library of radio memories was presented fall 2006 as part of Radio Revolten, Halle, Germany and at Casa Vecina, Mexico City, 2008. He is the author of Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art (Continuum 2006) and co-editor of Radio Territories (Errant Bodies press, 2007). In collaboration with artists Ken Ehrlich and Octavio Camargo, he’s currently developing projects related to urban appropriations.
more info about Brandon Labelle

Kirsten Dehlholm: stage director, leader of Hotel Proforma based in Copenhagen.

With a background in the visual arts, Kirsten Dehlholm has worked with performance art since 1977. She is the founder and artistic director of Hotel Pro Forma (1985)
Hotel Pro Forma is a production company of performances and exhibitions. Every production is a new experiment and contains a double staging: contents and space. The architecture and the traditions of the venue are part of the performance as a co-player. Perception, perspective and themes from the world today intertwine with each other in a conceptual, visual work of art. Each production is the result of a close collaboration of professionals from many disciplines: the visual arts, architecture, music, film, literature, science, and digital media.
Performers are carefully selected with a view to the qualities and qualifications required by the concept and the nature of the performance. The productions by Hotel Pro Forma are characterized by immense diversity, as the space, concept, collaborators, and performers change from one work to the next.

Hotel Pro Forma has created performances for museums, town halls and public buildings as well as for theatres in Europe, Asia, Australia and USA.

Hotel Pro Forma’s artistic directors are visual artist Kirsten Dehlholm and architect Ralf Richardt Strøbech.
more info about Kirsten Dehlholm and Hotel Proforma

Mark Hansen: philosopher and writer.

author of New Philosophy for New Media, professor at the University of Chicago.

“Over the past decade I have sought in my research, writing and teaching to theorize the role played by technology in human agency and social life.  In work that ranges across a host of disciplines, including literary studies, film and media, philosophy (particularly phenomenology), science studies, and cognitive neuroscience, I have explored the meaning of the relentless technological exteriorization that characterizes the human as a form of life and have paid particular attention to the key role played by visual art and literature in brokering cultural adaptation to technology from the industrial revolution to the digital revolution.

My recent work has focused on the experiential significance of the revolution in computation that has transformed the architecture of knowledge in academe and in culture more broadly.  As I understand it, the computational revolution is altering the infrastructure of our lifeworld profoundly and thereby changing what it means to be human and also what is involved in “practicing the humanities” today.  I believe that the humanities must embrace technology and that humanists must enter full-scale into the informatics revolution by, for example, contesting the meaning and value of “information” and rethinking what it means to be human in a “realtime,” digitally-networked, global world in which we often cognize in concert with intelligent machines.”
more info about Hansen

Lawrence Malstaf

The work of Lawrence Malstaf can be situated in the borderland between the visual and the theatrical . After studying industrial design Lawrence Malstaf starts of in theatre. He designs scenographies for choreographers and directors as Benoit Lachambre and Meg stuart and Kirsten Delholm. Soon he develops more into installation and performance art with a strong focus on movement, coincidence, order and chaos. In 2000 he makes a series of sensorial rooms for individual vistors (Nemo Observatorium, Mirror, Pericope/Horizon Machine). Later he creates larger mobile environments dealing with space and orientation often using the visitor as co-actors (Orbit, Nevel, Compas, Boreas). His projects often involve advanced technolgy to activate the installations but also as a point of departure or inspiration.

Lawrence Malstaf is represented by Galerie Fortlaan 17 (Gent, Belgium, His work is mainly exhibited in Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Germany, Danmark and Norway.
more info about Malstaf

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  1. Gaspare Di Caro Says:

    My name is Gaspare Di Caro.
    I work with artlight, architechtural projection (see my website) with an analogic projector.
    I like the videoprojectiontool2.5 software because I want to work with videoprojection. However, I have an issue: I create file with extension .xml, I save them in the Support folder but I am not able to open them afterwards. How can I solve this?
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you so much.
    Best regards.

  2. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Gasparo,
    you posted this as a comment to the seminar post, not to the videoprojectiontools page.

    I am not sure what you mean with support folder?
    You should save the preset file (which is the .xml file) in the same folder as the videoprojectiontools.

    If you have any further questions please post them on the right page in case other users have similar issues.


  3. John Baker Says:

    I just subscribed to your RSS feed, not sure if I did it properly though? Nice article by the way.

  4. Ron Pangan Says:

    Wonderful work with video projections, do you still conduct workshops or seminars?

  5. hcgilje Says:

    yes I do, but usually I get invited to give them, I don´t organise it myself.

  6. Raj Says:

    Fantastic work with the video projections!

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