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  3. Baschet Says:

    Links are broken…. / looks nice


  4. Baschet Says:

    ahhh Server update

    Come back later / I seen today videos from Digital slaves and Anti VJ (same topics) / looks great.
    Works with vvvv / quite similar to max-jitter and PD-Gem / but maybe you know it



  5. hcgilje Says:

    hi tim,
    unfortunately the server is down this week as BEK, my service provider is migrating their server to a new system.
    I have uploaded the files (except the video tutorials) to mediafire.

  6. Baschet Says:

    Just download it / nice but…
    Warp into mxf? sources are accessible?

    i project to build a small module like this in jitter or maybe vvvv .
    Just look quickly, maybe it could be nice to had an input for wacom tablet (for drawing/cf. JM couturier), a little module maybe for warping the plane (depends on the surface) and after some things for simulate 3D projections (sphere, cube…)

    Anyway, i don’t test it but it looks quite simple and efficiency (i like it) maybe in the future could complete it and exchange some ideas.



  7. hcgilje Says:

    hi Tim,
    At the moment the software is provided as standalone applications, not max/msp pathches.
    btw, the video documentation is now available via mediafire.

  8. Pietro Says:

    I downloaded the videoprojectiontool, but doesn’t work (Both stand alone and under max)

    I have Max/msp 4.5.7 with jitter, does it work just with latest version?



  9. hcgilje Says:

    hi Pietro,
    it works in 4.6 at least. 4.5.7 is a quite old version (released march 2006).
    Anyway, this shouldnt matter for the standalone version, since you don´t need max to run it.
    what kind of errors do you get?

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  11. joachim Says:

    Hi I just downloaded the videoprojectiontools files manual and walkthrough, have followed all the indications on the video tutorial and can’t seem to get the patch to work propperly ( i get no image what so ever!) are there installation steps that i have neglected to undertake, by the way i’m running max 5 on a windows xp pc.

  12. hcgilje Says:

    Hi, it is difficult to help if you can´t be more specific, but I assume you have installed quicktime, have dragged a folder of quicktime movies over to the drop area, and have clicked on the checkbutton to actually activate the patch? If you go to the menu bar you could check if there are any error messages in the max window.
    Also, you might have to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package(x86) (since you are using max 5 this shouldn´t be necessary)

  13. tsiwt Says:

    videoprojection tool for windows xp/vista (v2.1)

    the link is dead where can we download this?


  14. hcgilje Says:

    There are two ways of downloading this as mentioned in the post, here is one of them:

  15. tsiwt Says:

    THank you, best christmass present.! :).

    I want to tell you that I admire your effort in working to make this tool public. Ive searched the internet over and over for tutorials or ways to do video mapping , but it seems it all falls in the privileged groups of the users that have lots of computer knowledge . Out of reach to the visual artist that just want’s to experiment and develop visual ideas instead of technological upgrades. Granted , breakthroughs might come from people that are joining technology and art in newer ways, but it may also come from people with limited resources and knowledge of technology working within their limits. I want to thank you
    for helping broaden our technological limits. More people should follow.

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  17. tsiwt Says:

    mmmm Augmented engineering.

    who has also released some tools?
    I didin’t see any tools in your website.
    point us to the direct url .

    thank you

  18. hcgilje Says:

    have you tried clicking on any of the links above??
    The tools can be downloaded from two different servers.

  19. tsiwt Says:

    yeah I downloaded it thanks to your msg posted december 24

    the program does not work for me because my laptop does not support pixel buffering in opengl. so the last msg I posted was in reply to

    “# Projection Artists « Augmented Engineering Says:
    January 6, 2009 at 2:36

    […] has also released some tools to help with 3d projection mapping, created using Max/Msp and […]”

    I am still in the lookout for different programs , but hcgilje your
    app looked very sweet.

  20. hcgilje Says:

    ok, I misunderstood 🙂
    have you tried vvvv (in case you are running windows?)
    what kind of laptop are you using?

  21. tsiwt Says:

    I have tried vvvv but the learning curve is too steep.
    The computer I am using is hp pavilion dv6000 (dv6265us)

    my friend gave me his fujistu siemens Amilo si1520
    with a broken lcd , I am not sure if it is worth fixing(200$$) , because I would only fix it to be able to do some projection mapping and other visual projects .

    any advice would be appreciated. should save and eventually buy a MAC thank you

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  23. Alex Says:

    Hi, massive thumbs up for this! Adding a tentative +1 to release the source for it :P/

    Cheers, Alex

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  25. Ross Brannigan Says:

    I’m loving your VideoProjectionTool and am about to perform a live Shakespeare/digital media show using it. What is the best resolution and codec for video in it? I’ve tried H.264 at 768×576 (and 576×768) square pixels as a Quicktime. It seems a little jerky
    Thanks, Ross

  26. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Ross,
    great to hear that you find it useful!
    768×576 is primarily for use with the dv codec, which I have actually found to work fine on my system. Since different computers,platforms and graphic cards behave differently it is a bit hard to give a general advice, but I will try:
    I don´t think h.264 is such a good codec when you are processing it live as it involves more heavy decompression than other codecs. Most people prefer using jpeg compression at medium to high quality, and 640×480 could be a good resolution.
    hope this helps!

  27. Slipa Says:


    Thank you so much for this tool! I’m an artist who usually works within the field of sculpture and intervention. However recently I’ve been working with electronics, motorised work etc using parts salvaged from bits of technology… I suppose you could call it ‘hacking’ in the least tech way possible (particularly because I have almost zero knowledge about this sort of stuff). I’ve also been experimenting with light and sound installations, and have been desperately trying to figure a way of creating a programmable light installation using physical light sources such as bulbs etc. but thanks for this tool I’ve been able to simply create a projected animation to simulate the effect i was going for.
    I’d LOVE to see some way of adding more layers, rather than the 3 the tool currently limits me to, but beggars can’t choosers.
    If anyone out there can suggest to me other tools to look out for that will allow me to go beyond the capabilities of VideoProjectionTools while still being accessible to a non-programming savvy person I’d really appreciate it. (for instance, more possible layers, ability to project onto non-flat surfaces, ability to spread the video across more than one of the layers….).
    Projection mapping seems to me to have a huge potential to help me create and realise ideas i previously thought not possible in my art, but my lack of technical knowledge might be a problem (Hence why I’ve found VideoProjectionTools so fantastic). If there are resources where a “dummie” can learn about it from scratch that would be great too…? Otherwise I’ll be tortured by the knowledge of this huge opportunity, having already had a small taste, that I cannot fully take advantage of.


  28. Ross Says:

    Hi, great improvements with the key stone tool! If you want suggestions for improvement – I’d suggest a cuelist that makes it easier to schedule video clips. Or maybe I haven’t figured out how to do it in VideoProjectionTool yet! Any tips most welcome!

    In my live theatre piece I want to project the other characters onto various screens so that I can act with them live. This means for example starting a clip on one screen, then at a precise time adding a second screen while the first continues then later a third, then stopping the first while the other two continue and so on. The sort of thing that is easy in video editing but not in multiscreen.

    For live performing along with the video projection it would be excellent if the operator could hit a pause then a resume button.

    Can VideoProjectionTool do any of these things?

  29. tsiwt Says:

    This is curious but the Cornerpin keystone tool works
    but the projection tool 2.5 does not, Can this still be a compatability issue?

    I can load the videos but when I activate the program or hit
    reset nothing happens to my mofo window. not even a flickr,.

  30. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Ross,
    videotutorial 8 is about cuelists, it is also mentioned in the two last pages of the pdf.
    Hope this helps.

  31. hcgilje Says:

    hi tsiwt,
    it should work.
    maybe you could take a screenshot of what it looks like after you have loaded the videos and hit the reset button?

  32. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Slipa, thanks for your comments!
    It is likely that a version with more layers will be available at some point, I have a 8 layer version which is mostly working, but there are some issues with transitions between presets.
    Since I mainly develop new features in relation to workshops I give I can´t promise when a fully working version will be available.

    It is possible to split a image over several layers, but it might not be obvious:
    For instance if you want to split one source over two layers, you make two masks. If you just want to divide the image in a left-right way, you make one mask for the left, one for the right (remember to use png to get the transparency). Then you just use the same source for both layers and voila, your source is now split between two layers.
    It might not be as “automatic” as you wish, but it is still quite easy.

    As for non-flat surfaces, corner pinning and masks will get you quite far.


  33. slipa Says:

    Thanks! Thats great!

    One small problem im having though…. and I’m sure I’m just being stupid about it, but when i drag the “mofo” window over to my projector and maximise it, I still have the bar at the top saying “mofo” visiable.
    I have the program installed on a mac as well as a pc and im not sure which i will be using, so if you could let me know a solution for this for both that’d be great…. am I just missing something totally obvious? Thanks!

  34. hcgilje Says:

    may I ask how you maximize the window? If you hit the ESC key you enter fullscreen mode, and there should then be no bar visible.


  35. hcgilje Says:

    as some might have noticed I have added a v3 of the tool:
    8 movie sources, 8 layers.

    I have called it beta so far, but it seems to be quite stable, at least on my computer.



  36. Slipa Says:

    thanks, i knew i was missing something obvious!

    Just installed the new beta on a different laptop but i get a “maxmsp has encountered a problem…..”. I get the same with any of the other versions too. (I have the C++ package so its not to do with that). any ideas?

    Anyway, it runs fine on my usual pc which is great. I’m gonna have a great time with all these extra layers!!!

  37. hcgilje Says:

    It´s hard to know what could be the problem, but what is the specific error message?

  38. Hubert006 Says:

    I have the same problem, that “slipa” has. I have laptop with OpenGL 2.1 and new one Quicktime pro. I don’t know where is problem!?!

    PS: Sorry for my english;)

  39. hcgilje Says:

    it is a bit hard to help you without knowing which os you are running, which version of videoprojectiontool you are using (and is it happening with other versions of the program), what is the exact error message, and have you had the videoprojectiontool working before?


  40. Hubert006 Says:

    I tried all versions of videoprojectiontool , I can’t start all of them. Windows shows me: “AppName:videoprojectiontool3.0_beta_win.exe AppVer: ModName:videoprojectiontool3.0_beta_win.exe
    ModVer: Offset: 001d947e”
    I have Quicktime 7.6 Pro, graphic card with OpenGL 2.1 (Geforce Go 6150 – maybe it’s the problem?? ).

  41. hcgilje Says:

    hi Hubert,
    so when you try to open the application, nothing happens, you just get “maxmsp has encountered a problem…..”?
    The extra windows info seems to only be info about the version of max used to create the standalone.

    If Slipa could add some info about operating system,graphics card, etc we could find out if the problems are related.

    It might be a issue with graphic card drivers, but to be honest I am not sure if will be able to help you out as this seems to be a problem not directly related to the videoprojectiontool application.

    Are you able to see video textures on 3 d objects in any other program?

  42. Hubert006 Says:

    Yes, I able to see textures on 3d objects in Adobe After Effects, 3ds max. When I try open the VideoProjectiontoolm, I just see standard error message ( Windows XP sp.2), and nothing happens. Yesterday, I tried everything, I changed graphic card driver, I installed new one Quicktime, I even found some .dll files, which some way are connected with OpenGL.

  43. hcgilje Says:

    I asked on the max/msp forum about your graphics card. This is the answer I got:
    That’s a fairly terrible graphics card. [..] Shaders definitely won’t work on that card, or pretty much any integrated graphics card on XP/Vista.

    So unfortunately you are out of luck with your laptop for the videprojectiontools it seems.

  44. tsiwt Says:

    wow, got it to work, was very happy until I notice my video card its very bad and it was to slow.
    I decided!! HC I am going to buy a laptop a mac
    because I really want to do this kind of video / projection / light / 3d work. Would you recommend a Mac laptop model
    to use for this type of work?? what is the best video card I can get? the nividias look good right?

    your comments will be very helpful.

  45. hcgilje Says:

    hi tsiwt,
    great to hear you got it working.

    I have a few years old macbookpro with a nvidia GeForce 8600M GT and 256mb vram, which works fine.
    I haven´t had the chance to test the integrated graphics card in the newest macbooks or macminis, but it would be interesting to hear feedback from other users. I might pick up a 2009 macmini soon to test the graphics card. I would assume with 2 gb RAM, which means 256mb vram should work.


  46. slipa Says:


    The problems I encountered running the software sound the same as those that Hubert had. Unfortunately I don’t have that computer available to me at the moment, but I suspect the problem was down to the graphics card. When I get a chance I’ll let you know the spec if you’d like.
    Anyway, I’ve managed to very successfully run the software on my imac, my thinkpad, and even on my eee pc 901!
    I will be using videoprojectiontools for an art installation in the next week!
    Thank you very much for kindly making the tools available, and enabling me to explore new ideas in my work.

  47. hcgilje Says:

    interesting to hear it actually runs on the eee pc901.

    It would be great to see documentation of what people make with the videoprojectiontool.

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  50. slipa Says:

    I used the software for a audiovisual installation yesterday, which went quite well! I will be doing it again some time soon to get some documentation.
    One quick question/gripe.
    With the cornerpin keystone tool, with the cornerpins for the top and bottom right I can go to 2 decimal places when in positive figures, eg : 0.15
    but in negative figures I can only go to 1 decimal place and it round up, eg : -0.2
    With the cornerpins for the top and bottom left I can only go to 1 decimal place whether in plus or minus figures….
    Is this normal behaviour? would it be possible to make it so you can be more accurate (eg 3 decimal places?)

    I hope myy question makes sense?

    Thanks again for releasing this great software!

  51. hcgilje Says:

    hi slipa,
    good to hear you had a good experience with it for your installation.
    Thanks for the feedback on the decimal places.

    update march 12th: fixed, 3 decimal resolution on the numberboxes for cornerpin distortion


  52. slipa Says:

    Does anyone have any tips on animation software that i can use to create simple things like moving/drawing lines, moving dots between various point etc…? I’m thinking along the lines of augmented sculpture by pablo valbuena, except not quite that complex as I don’t intend to project onto complex geometry. The animation I used in my recent project was a series of moving parralel lines, which I made in Photoshop as about 200 .png images and made into a stop motion. This way of doing things was easy and quick for the effect i was going for, but now i want to try smoother movements and I havent got a clue where to start? After effects? Blender? Any tips appreciated.
    Also, would i be able to save the animations to quicktime format to use with VideoProjectionTools or will i have to do some converting?

  53. hcgilje Says:

    my suggestions would be processing, flash or after effects.

  54. dker Says:

    Hey Tim !

    Happy to see you here 🙂


  55. alvaro vazquez Says:

    I love it! im having too much fun!..
    question. how can i trigger all the tracks together, i have 4 different qt in sync.
    Thank you very much!

  56. glenn Says:

    Just came across the site this morning and have been messing with it most of the day but I have a problem playing video. I can map surfaces with the boxes or images, but when I click to activate a video (the samples included) the box disappears and nothing plays. in fact the whole layer becomes completely nonfunctional, but the other layers can still be moved around and change colors…its only after video activation….

    Its probably me missing a step to activate the video, but i dont know, any ideas?

    I just updated video drivers and qt. It shouldnt be hardware, running a nice 9800gt with dual core 3ghz. Im thinking codec or something else…

    Tried the 2.5 version and the same thing happened.
    Thanks for helping the newbie

  57. hcgilje Says:

    great to hear you are wasting time using the videoprojectiontools!

    if I understand you right you want to start 4 videos on 4 different layers at the same time?
    It should work if you have saved it as a preset, and video is active (in the preset section).
    If you only want it to play once, use loop 0 for the videosources. You can also tell it to use specific in and outpoints.
    The only problem I can see with this is if you are using changemode set to 1, which means a parameter is only updated if it is changed from the previous preset. So you might need to experiment to make sure that the parameters change


  58. hcgilje Says:

    have you actually dragged the videofolder to the drop areas for each moviesource?
    Eventhough there is a list of videos in the menu when you open the program, you need to make sure that the program has the right file path, which is why you would need to drag and drop the folders.

    Also, check that rate is not set to 0 in the movie source, in case something wasn´t initialized properly.

    Last thing I can think of is if you remembered to activate the movie layer (the checkbox)

    And of course read the documentation and watch the tutorials..


  59. abbraga Says:

    the link for the videoprojectiontools for xp/vista is broken

  60. hcgilje Says:

    I just checked the link for 3.01 for windows, and it works for me. Anyone else having this problem?

  61. glenn Says:

    Yup read through everything that was listed, dragged the folder and definitely activated everything. I know this is mostly for workshops, so im not expecting any tech support, especially since it seems I am the only one having this issue. If anything else comes to mind, let me know. Thanks!

  62. alvaro vazquez Says:

    thank you for your answer!
    now im triying to mask an image inside the object, everything is ok until i check the box to read the mask, the image inside rotates 180º….
    best wishes from argentina!

  63. hcgilje Says:

    I will look into this, it must have sneaked in somewhere in the transition from 2.5 to 3.0.

  64. Charlesee Says:

    Dear sir,
    I am really interested in your program but just can’t downloaded form the link you provided and the mediafire link…..is there anyway that i can download your application?
    Many Thanks

  65. dacha Says:

    this is a really great software,i spent last 10 hours learning it,but its worth it!!! only problem is that i dont get the how to use corner pin app with the main video projection tools app 😦

  66. hcgilje Says:

    I have now added alternative download links for both the osx and xp version, tell me if you have better luck with this.


  67. hcgilje Says:

    You will not be able to combine the cornerpinkeystone app with the projectiontools app. In the projectiontools app which is intended for projection on multiple surfaces/objects you can cornerpin distort the individual layers, not the final output of all 8 layers.


  68. dacha Says:

    thanks for the prevoius answer. 2 more quick questions:

    I attached a MIDI device,how to program it to work with the software,& is it possible to fade in/out betveen 2 clips in one layer?

    thanks & once more really great soft. 😉

  69. hcgilje Says:

    Currently there is no MIDI support.
    I am considering support for OSC though, to be able to trigger presets from a remote computer or another application that supports OSC.

    You can only fade one video in and out per layer, so to get a crossfade you would need to use two layers.

  70. dacha Says:

    ok,tnx.But is there a possibility maybe to program some shortcuts on the keyboard maybe,i want to be abble to quickly change clips if its possible?

  71. hcgilje Says:

    you can make cues/presets and either click on the cue in the sequencer you want to jump to or use the n key to move to the next step.

    Don´t expect any new features in the near future, as I am busy with other projects at the moment, but I will note your suggestion and see if it makes sense to include it at some point.

    If you are looking for a VJ style application, I don´t think the videoprojectiontool is the best choice, it was made for installation, stage performance and general experimentation.

  72. dacha Says:

    understood 😉

    for now I want to try to experiment with combination of vj-ing a stage performing at the same time,we will see how it will work 🙂

  73. Matty Says:

    Hi there!!! Thanks for this really cool and great software 🙂

    Was trying to figure out its function..and got most of it up and running… however I cant seem to get the masking to work 😦 (I tried using the existing pngs in your mask folders and they failed to load up as well)

    The videos and sounds are playing, scales and tint work. The mofo window is displaying (monitor is blank tho)

    Would appreciate any help if posisble..
    Thanks in advance!

  74. blair Says:

    Any chance at releasing some of the source for this? I have been trying to figure out hot to use jit.gl.mesh for something like this but have not yet cracked the code..I was able to do about 4 videos using gl.imageunits but at the expense of my processor heating up too much and my framerates dying. I understand the videoplane parts but I’m not sure how you get the 4 corners set up in an easily manageable way (since videoplane only does x/y scaling)..any tips would be much appreciated..I want to include something like this in my performance patch…great work

  75. hcgilje Says:

    have you dragged a folder with maskfiles to the dropfolder area? Have you tried to read a file directly using read?
    Have you checked the box to turn on the mask?


  76. hcgilje Says:

    the source for the cornerpin, using jit.gl.mesh, is available, just click on the “cycling74 thread about keystoning”-link in this post.

    I am not using videoplanes, just jit.gl.mesh with a videotexture, to be able to do the cornerpinning.


  77. Matty Says:

    Hihi~ thx for reply.
    Yeap. I have dropped the folder into the dropfolder area during when I dropped the QT movie folders. Even tried reading a file… directly and also clicked the check box beside the read each time.. 😦 still i dun see any masking effects on

  78. Matty Says:

    Hi hc~

    Im on a Mac now.. and the masking works.. well at least for the .jpg mask in ur default mask folder. The default pngs and the pngs i created didnt work. Haha ^^”

  79. anxo Says:

    Hello I was trying to use your fantastic tool but I encounter a problem, I was doing masks and storing presets but when I hit the “go” button to play preset 1 to 5 in several seconds for example, it does not play them for any extrange reason, neither the play list functions for me, it does show one preset or two but after this it jumps.
    but if I check preset by preset in the “go to preset” button all of they are fine.
    I am on Mac and on tiger,
    thanks for the tool and for the help

  80. slipa Says:

    Havin a problem here on video projection tools 3.0/3.01 XP

    Everything runs fine until i try and apply any masks, at which point one of two things happen:

    The video on the layer im applying the mask to stops playing


    all the videos in all layers stop playing

    I’ve tried running all the older versions of the software with no such problems. Taking a look at taskmanager doesnt show any significant spikes in Memory/VM usage when i try to apply the masks so i don’t think its just my computer grinding to a halt. Any ideas what the problem could be and how I can over come it?

    Once again, thanks for helpin out and relseasing this great bit of kit

  81. hcgilje Says:

    I think I have fixed the different issues with masks.

    As for the issues with playing back presets and cuelists, I would suspect it is related to your recorded presets. Please check the content of your presets in the storagewindow. I haven´t heard from anybody else having problems with this.

    Also, (a day early) I added basic OSC and MIDI, read more about it above.


  82. slipa Says:

    Hi HC,

    The new version fixes all the prooblem with the masks. It’s FANTASTIC! You really are doing a fantastic job making these kind of easy to use tools available to the masses!
    Also, I only just realised that I can use .png masks with a transparent background rather than a black background, making the possibilities so much more. It might be worth pointing this out…?

    Thanks again HC. You’re doing a great service!


  83. hcgilje Says:

    hi slipa,
    thanks for the feedback!
    the mask transparency is sort of mentioned above (and two of the example masks have transparent background), but maybe not explicit enough, so I have added an extra sentence about it.


  84. hcgilje Says:

    I made a few more parameters available for osc:
    pos_x and pos_y, scale_x and scale_y

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  87. claire Says:

    Hi! your video projection tools are exactly what I need for my video installation. I’m a studio art major at Wesleyan University working on my senior thesis exhibition. I’m fitting videos perfectly onto three screens, one on each wall in a the gallery. There is one small probem:
    I shot the videos in 3:2 (720 x 480) and I like them at this aspect ratio ( I don’t like the cropping that occurs when i export them into 4:3). the only options you have in the dropdown menu are all 4:3. I’m relatively familiar with and i own msp/jitter 5 so if you could send me the code, i could change it to suit my specific needs. thanks so much!

  88. hcgilje Says:

    actually the moviesource adapts to the video file resolution.
    The dropdown menu is to force the moviesource to a specific resolution (which normally isnt necessary).
    Opengl textures are usually 1:1, but I have scaled the layers to be 4:3. So when scale_x is set to 1 it is actually 1.33. All you would need to do is to change the scale parameters.


  89. Max Says:

    Looks great!!

    I’m really a fresh beginner and I’m only starting to understand what people could realize with max/msp. Well a technical question, is it possible to get a j.web source in a patch like videoprojection tools? I plan to realize a school project using this amazing projection capacity.

    Really nice work!

    Greets from Belgium

  90. hcgilje Says:

    I have made a new manual for the Videoprojectiontool, documenting the latest improvements including cornerpin keystoning and OSC support. There is also a slightly modified version of the application, v3.1c, with some bug fixes and increased OSC support.

  91. hcgilje Says:

    I have seen in some forums a confusion about save being grayed out in the filemenu. This does not mean it is a demo, it just means you are not able to modify the program itself. You save data as presets and seqences.
    Please read and watch the documentation to understand the concepts of the Videoprojectiontool.

  92. New manual for Videoprojectiontool available « Conversations with spaces Says:

    […] available here. Posted in max, projection, software, space, system, tools, video. Tags: mapping. No Comments […]

  93. projection mapping clap clap — ZEAL Says:

    […] but not least there’s this dude who’s put up a program he wrote in max that allows for easy projection mapping and it’s […]

  94. Fariz Says:

    I cant seem to see the video being played, can only hear the sound. I got it played once after clicking so many buttons here n there, but then thats it. only once.

    help! many thanks!

  95. hcgilje Says:

    from what you write it doesn´t seem like you have read the documentation. Check out the new manual and watch the video tutorials.


  96. qfwfq Says:

    Hey hc,
    It works like a charm. Thank you for making something as complex as projection mapping accessible to us all.


  97. Eduardo Ulrich Says:

    Hey there,
    this is an ace app you’ve developed here, but do you think you could post your max patch, basicly i think adding some image processing effects, and support for multi cameras would be great,

    so if you wouldn’t mind sharing i’d love to see the patch, and give it a go…

    anyway, ace work…really amazed at how easy you made the interface, a great lesson in functionality…


  98. rossnzwpi Says:

    Brilliant tool, thanks for making it and continuing to develop and advise!
    I’m wondering if any users out there want to share their experiences with screen materials, and transparent / semi-transparent ones in particular.

  99. mammasonica Says:

    Hi there really great work! I always map all my video in a different way and this is just amazing …the only problem is that the application seems not to run on my machine ( the 2.5 crashes and the newest does not show any window!)
    My machine is a Mac book pro running 0sx 10.4.11 with a GeForce 8600M GT.Is anything i’m missing ? software or component ?
    Thanks for your support

  100. idmism Says:

    i cant get anything on output even my camera…Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Mac Book Pro 17..10.5.6
    2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    4GB Ram

  101. hcgilje Says:

    you have the same macbookpro as I use it seems, so it shouldnt be a hardware problem. I run 10.5.6 but I havent had any problems with 10.4.11, so it is hard to know what the problem is, unfortunately. The software requirements are the same as for max 5: Max 5 requires a Mac PPC or Intel machine running OS X 10.4 or later, and 1 GB RAM. Jitter requires QuickTime 7.1 (or later), an OpenGL-compatible graphics card, and OpenGL 1.4 (or later).

    have you read the documentation and watched the video tutorials?

  102. mammasonica Says:

    I’ll right …..was not working ( crashing on start…dunno why!!!?)
    I tried onto windows partition and everything was fine!!!!???
    Then on osx I created a new user and It seems to initialize all right ….something probably goes on conflict and generate kernel error log !.
    Everything seems all right ….it does not shows the live input onto osx but I think I need to go through docs and tutorial to understand (on the xp partion went on immediately)!!
    Thanks for your help ….and keep up with the amazing job!!

  103. on top of the opera « Conversations with spaces Says:

    […] & Wagle. The 30×15m wall consists of panels of the relief patterns and I decided to use my videoprojection tools software to mask rows and columns of these panels. Working outside with a short timeframe means a […]

  104. idmism Says:

    yea..i through with doc and the video tutorial but it seems the output just
    gone black….is it the problem running Max5 together with this app???

  105. mammasonica Says:

    hi again been playing with your great tool and I found it very fascinating : i went through all his feature no probs and I would like to explore the interactive possibilities with sounds and sync.
    I read all the docs about osc and went to OSC website but I’m quite new to osc and I dont think to understand fully the capabilities : could you point some basic examples or any reference material so I can have a try, please?
    I would like to sync some sound to some dope sheets compiled with the VPT sequencer …!
    Thanks for your support and hopefully I will send you some test of the work after development!

  106. mammasonica Says:

    I forgot to say I found your tutorial very clear and usefull !

  107. bikerboy805 Says:

    Hey, quick question

    anyone know if is there anyway to trigger of the videos simultaneously? like putting all 8 of the video rates to 1 at the same time?

    im working on something where i need to sync up to videos, still a new user to this program


  108. bikerboy805 Says:

    nevermind i got it

  109. Cameron15 Says:

    Hey there im actually looking for the same answer as bikerboy805 (above). Im trying to sync all 8 layers to trigger simultaneously but they seem to start at different times. basically each seperate video is designed to one specific audio track. the video is different but the audio track is the same but my videos seem to play out of sync. PLS HELP 🙂 BikerBoy805 how did you do it???

  110. tsiwt Says:

    I got my mac and this is the first program I downloaded :).

    I still have a problem it might be simple to fix. my problem is that whenever I load a a folder into the 101 and then load in 102 and then 103 and then I select different videos in each one it seams to only recognize de 101 video and outputs the same video in all 8 layers, if I dont upload in 101 and upload in all others nothing shows in the screen

  111. mammasonica Says:

    for tsiwt ……look where it says >>>>drop folder mask here<<<
    on top there is a menu that as default says 101 source open it and change values to address to the right video!
    hav fun

  112. mammasonica Says:

    for tsiwt ……look where it says >>>>drop folder mask here<<<
    on top there is a menu that as default says 101 source open it and change values to address to the right video!
    have fun

  113. michael hawk Says:

    i’m at staging a composition of several masked video sources
    on an object; how do i best repeat resizing video/mask to *exact* fullscreen size (using .png materials: how dither/size would you encode/save for best results with VPT for fullscreen detail? )

    great job you’re at, HC.


  114. michael hawk Says:

    …here’s my masking prob again, maybe a little clearer:

    1) using .png masks in your VPT app – as the video itself – first appear in the small (x8) structure size with the movie.
    when resized to fullscreen, the mask borders become highly pixelated. how can you/we optimize that?
    (i noticed the straight vertical mask border of your “leftmask” demo file is sharp.) that’s what i’d need here…

    2) concerning fullsize: if i want to combine several transparent masks, like in this project, i will need them *exact* the same size. is there a standard *fullscreen* parameter value set i can use repeatedly – and can i store it as a preset?


  115. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Michael,
    sorry for the late reply.
    I have been trying to figure out your problem, and properly understanding your questions.
    I would first again refer to the tutorials and manual, on how to create and use masks, but will try to go through the steps briefly here.
    I checked with creating a mask, exporting it,fixing it in gimp, and importing it back into VPT, and this works as expected in 3.1c.
    First, I place and scale the layer to fit more or less the object I want to mask. Then I select and activate the drawing tool as the source for my layer, and make a rough mask.
    It is smart to save the current output as a preset, as it is important that the layer in question keeps the size and scale used when making the mask.
    I export the mask (it is saved as 640×480 png), fix it up in GIMP, and import it into the layer as a mask, select a video or live source as the sourcelayer, and the layer is masked.
    For me this doesn´t produce any resolution issues.

    What is the resolution of the videos you use as source for your project?
    I am just wondering if something happens if you use a very low res video when it is combined with a mask.

    Or are you trying to create a mask for the whole projection output in one layer? This would be a problem, since the mask size is fixed to 640×480.

    Never scale the mask bigger than the original, this will produce artifacts.

    I would guess that you are not scaling and positioning the layers before you create the mask, thus you get a mask made at fullscreen, exported and imported at 640×480 and when scaled up it looks crappy.

    In question 2, are you talking about combining several layers on top of each other?
    as long as the mask is created at the right position and size and imported back into the same layer I don´t see how this will not work as you want.

    Hope this helps!

    There might be some small additions in VPT in the near future making it even easier to create masks, and I will consider adding a extra live input.

  116. mark Says:

    i really like this tool its very nice, and make a lot of fun, but there ist still one prob:

    my cue list only have effect to the layer if “changemode” is turned off, but then the framerate goes down it goes to 20-25fps i can live with that, but if the layer content changes during the cue routine, the layer freeze some seconds on every change…

    is there another way to push the performance??? i´m using pjpeg mov´s 800×600 on xp quadcore and ati x1900xt…

    greetings mark

  117. Patrick Says:

    refer to “relief projection lab at bit teatergarasjen by hc gilje april 2008”, it seem can do more than 8 layer. am i rite?
    & how to do it?

  118. hcgilje Says:

    Hi mark,
    when changemode is on, only values which have changed from the previous preset is passed through the storing system, when it is off, there is quite a lot of values being sent at the same time and this will slow things down.
    What layer contents will not change with changemode on?
    also parameters which affect transitions are the checkboxes for preset interpolation, video active, rate active, rate interp, in out active


  119. hcgilje Says:

    you are right, I had a special setup with 16 layers, with 8 layers running on one computer and then remote controlling the other 8 layers on another computer.
    You can achieve similar things with the current version by using OSC, by synching saved cues.
    In the not so distant future there will be a 16 layer version available. It has already been made, but since it is quite a lot of changes from the current version there is a lot of documentation to do before I release it.


  120. mark Says:

    hey hc,

    i have 3 layers; 20video clips that i put in the video foder. i only want to change the content, means that i creat a cue where 3layers running with different video clips, and i want that the cue only changes the videoclips for me, nothing else only the clips.

    but that doesn´t work
    i can switch manually trough the preset´s without problems, when i using “go to preset” that works fine, every activated preset show me the right clip, but if i told the cue to do the same… it won´t work.

    the cue works for everything i can change color cornerpoints etc. but not for changing the videoclips…

    i try it on 3 different machines 2 xp-systems and one mac, version 3.1, 3.01 pjpeg 800×600 mov´s; video active and changemode are always on; i permute the rest of checkboxes… nothing works

    i really have no idea : (

    greetings mark

  121. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Mark,
    I can reproduce this problem, and will look into it, and hopefully have a solution soon.


  122. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Mark,
    problem fixed. For now I only have a mac version, as my license for windows was broken, hopefully fixed later today or by tomorrow.
    here is the link to the updated mac version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0jjtrvd5mid/VPT_3.1c2_osx.zip


  123. mark Says:

    hey hc,

    nice to hear i will try it, but the link said that only the uploader can download the file… : (


  124. mark Says:

    great !!!

    hc… everything now works like it should, thanks for that, and now the pc version and im very happy !!! ; )

    have you experienced a better codec then photojpeg for bigger resolutions till today?

    greeting mark

  125. Hannah Says:

    Hi there

    I’m having trouble getting the live video stream working with my canon hv30. The hv30 is connected via firewire, and quicktime/fcp recognises it without a problem and is able to show the stream. When i try to select the source within VPT the only selectable option is my MBP’s inbuilt webcam (there are others greyed out, e.g DV PAL, etc.). What am i doing wrong?

    I’m really looking forward to getting this working 🙂


  126. hcgilje Says:

    the updated pc version will be available as soon as my license for windows is working again, it seems to take a bit longer than expected.

    Maybe other people have suggestions for codecs. I am quite happy with photo/jpeg in most cases, as I usually keep my layers quite small and project on surfaces which are rougher than a white screen.


  127. mark Says:

    …i will play a bit around with resolution/quality of photo/jpeg may different drives will weight more then different codecs.
    raptor vs ssd…

    thanks for a good piece of soft


  128. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Hannah,
    not sure what´s going on there. When you say fcp/quicktime, does that mean you have it working in other apps than fcp which uses quicktime? If it works in FCP doesn´t mean it works in any quicktime-based app.
    Without knowing the camera, one guess would be that it needs to be set to stream dv and not hd.

  129. VPT (Video projection tool) v4.0 released! « Conversations with spaces Says:

    […] is a new manual and new video tutorials covering the new features, everything available from the VPT page. Posted in max, projection, realtime, software, space, system, tools, video. Tags: mapping, video […]

  130. Video projection tools v4.0 | VJRUSSIA | Виджей-сцена, видео-мэпинг, медиа искусство, видеоарт и сопутствующее. Says:

    […] версии open-source  программы для визуального мэпинга Video projection tools. Хочется отметить, что VPT написан с использованием […]

  131. mark Says:

    YEAH !!!

  132. agnespies Says:


    i just downloaded both versions and started to learn with manual
    the problem is i cant see anything …
    when i upload videos folders there is nothing apears, when i put restart i can hear sound from video samples, when i make fullscreen there is black dimmension of output window and the rest is white

    my stuff is macbook pro 2,16ghz intel duo core 2gb ram and graphic is ATI radeonx1600 (what i found it works with opengl)

    is there any help for this problem ?
    anyway thanks for answer and making such soft is just what i was looking for

  133. agnespies Says:

    i want to add
    when i open max window there is written :

    jit.gl.shader: unable to find CG framework.
    jit.gl.render: building GL on window “mofo”…
    jit.gl.render: building GL on window “mofo”…
    jit.gl.render: building GL on window “mofo”…
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/mask/circle.png
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/mask/circle.png
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/mask/circle.png
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/mask/circle.png
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/mask/circle.png
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/mask/circle.png
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/mask/circle.png
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/mask/circle.png
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/video/bro4.mov
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/video/bro4.mov
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/video/bro4.mov
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/video/bro4.mov
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/video/bro4.mov
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/video/bro4.mov
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/video/bro4.mov
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/video/bro4.mov
    method getname called on invalid object
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/video/white.mov
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/video/car6.mov
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/video/bro4.mov
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/video/white.mov
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/video/bro4.mov
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/mask/leftmask.png
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/mask/fuzzyqueer.png
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/mask/circle.png
    jit.qt.movie: can’t find file HCHD:/Users/hc/lab/videoplane_tool/mask/rightmask.png

  134. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Agnes,
    the errors you get just indicate that it doesn´t find the mask and video folder on my hard drive. I thought this wouldn´t occur in 4.0 though, as the app checks it´s own location on your computer. You haven´t moved anything out of the VPT folder? Have you tried the button for finding the search path, next to the reset button? You could always drag your own media folders to the sources as in the old version.

    You hear sound when you have selected a clip from your dropmenu, but you don´t see the image on the output. My guess is that you have forgotten to activate the moviesource, by clicking on the name of the moviesource (which should then get a green background). The reason you hear the sound of the videoclip is that it is playing internally in the moviesource, but not being sent to the rest of the program.
    I normally don´t work with clips with audio in VPT, so I hadn´t noticed this slightly unexpected effect. I will file it under things to be fixed for a bugfix update. (there is actually not much of a performance hit with this, but it is annoying to hear the sound of a clip you are not seeing)

    If this didn´t solve your problem, let me know!


  135. agnespies Says:

    ok it’s strange 🙂
    i really don’t now max i just go to this max window and there was >>>jit.gl.render: building GL on window “mofo”…
    there i tried to change something i press one square(there have to be cross in the other way it doesn’t work) between qmetro2 and jt.gl.render mofo(something like that) and it works 🙂
    thanks for help
    and maybe it possible to fix it because everytime i run i have to change it
    and one more question is there any possibility to save “decks” with prepared stages

  136. hcgilje Says:

    Are you running the max patch or the standalone version?
    the path check only works in the standalone, and as I wrote there is a toggle in the main interface for triggering this manually. Read the manual.

    The source patches are there for people to explore, and is intended for people who know max, and I don´t have the capacity to give support on the source.

    The VPT app is working stable for 99% of the people who have given me feedback, problems are usually related to people not reading the manual and watching the video tutorials.


  137. hcgilje Says:

    To clear up a few things.
    OSC is used for sending control data, not image and sound.

    If you want to use other sources than the sources available in VPT, you can do this by creating a custom max/jitter patch and send the source to any of the layers in VPT. You would obviously need a copy of max to do that, or get someone else to make a patch for you.

    It is not possible to import sources from other applications.


  138. Hannah Says:

    Hey has any one had any luck with mapping shapes that are not square or have less than four points? I am trying to map to some 3d triangles where each side has obviously 3 points.

    also anyone found any quick and easy solutions for syncing the layers together for the right timing?

    I know the answer is probably max/MSP/Jiiter patch but I wouldn’t know how to use that very well. Is there any tutorials for this kind of thing?


  139. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Hannah,
    It depends on what the source of your layer is, if it is a solid color for instance, it works fine to use the cornerpin tools.
    I have now put back the rotation parameters for layers (see the 4.01 update info at the top), so this will allow you to align a layer with the triangle surface and then create a mask, if it is important to have the perspective right.

    Regarding syncing, isn´t preset/cuelist doing what you need?


  140. Hannah Says:

    great thanks hc!

    yeah the source of the layer is going to be video files so the perspective will come into play.
    will give it all a shot in the next couple of days and let you know.

  141. mp_diary» Blog Archive » VPT 4 Says:

    […] VPT è un’applicazione gratuita per la proiezione video, programmata in MaxMspJitter da HC Gilje. Comprende 16 livelli, 2 sorgenti live, 8 A-B mixers, protocolli OSC e MIDI per il controllo e anteprima per il secondo monitor. […]

  142. leon trimble Says:

    i’m having trouble running the projector. it seems to run then doesn’t open. i installed max 5 demo (as well as the runtime) just in case i was missing some libraries, but no.

  143. Jon Says:

    I cannot install the program- I receive an error message saying that maxcrt.dll is missing, although I can see it in the list of install files. When I click the error message off, I get another message saying “Max has encountered an error” and the install crashes. I have the CC+ installed- I am putting in on a new pc laptop running vista. Any help can be appreciated.
    Thanks, jon

  144. hcgilje Says:

    Hi leon,
    this was not very informative.
    By projector do you mean the VPT application? Which OS are you using? Do you get any error messages (ctrl+m on windows, cmd+m on mac to get the log window).


  145. jon Says:

    Why do my questions keep getting erased? Just curious.

  146. hcgilje Says:

    Maybe it would help to look for your question where you posted it, which was in the release post for VPT 4.0, where I have answered it. I took the liberty to not include both your questions since they were duplicates. This is not a 24-7 support site, so if you don´t get an answer immediately, be a little patient. When you are a first time commenter on a wordpress site and you don´t have a wordpress account yourself, your comment needs to be manually approved, that´s why it didn´t appear until monday when I had a chance to go through this.

    I have checked a bit more around regarding your vista problems, and there have been some issues with other max-based standalones on vista, but these seem to be all resolved by making sure you have the latest quicktime version.

    Here is a thread on max forum discussing this:


  147. leon trimble Says:

    running windows xp sp3 performance edition. custom built version with a few things ripped out.
    see here –
    i do mean the application, yes. can’t seem open the maxapp in max 5 either. which is the main patch?

  148. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Leon,
    I don´t know enough about the windows os to help you.
    I use xp sp 2 and it works without any problem. Maybe check that you have the latest quicktime installed?
    What exactly happens when you doubleclick the app? Did you try as I wrote above checking for error messages?

    the main patch has the same name as the application.


  149. Tom Says:

    Hello HC!

    Thank you for your great email which I have replied to seperately.

    I have not been able to save my projects/settings. I can’t find anything in your tutorials or either manual which tell you how to actually save a project.

    When I go to ‘File’ in the top menu ‘Save’ & ‘Save as’ are not available/highlighted. I have used the write function and saved XML files but when I try to read them nothing happens. (Incidentally they show up on my desktop as Final Cut Pro files).

    It seems to me that perhaps the ‘write’ function is not for saving projects but for saving cuelists.

    Also on your QuickStart video on YouTube you show opening the original VPT4.xml file that comes in the download. Should we also do that at start-up or can we just open our own saved projects in this way?

    As mentioned before when I have unfortunately experienced VPT crashing during a performance/event if I could at least open a saved project easily that would help a lot.

    Also connected to the crashes I was experiencing:

    i) will VPT work better if the video files & masks are all put in their respective VPT folders rather than dragging in from elsewhere on the hard drive?

    ii) is there a maximum/optimum amount of video files to have in the movie folder?

    b.t.w – all mine are Photo Jpeg / High quality / 640 X 480 / no sound. Usually play well but the last time they were glitchy and juddering a bit on all 6 outputs I was using (in V 3.0). Particularly before VPT crashed…

    Well – that’s all folks… for now at least!

    Many thanks for all your help with this – it’s very much appreciated!


    Computer specs: Unibody MacBook Pro 2.8GHz Intel | 4GB RAM | 320GB HD (5400rpm) | nVidia GeForce 9400M + 9600M GT (512MB dedicated) | OSX 10.5.6 |

  150. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Tom,
    did you check the tips I gave josé a few comments back regarding saving and reading presets? The xml file is the preset file.
    The file menu save/saveas is for the application itself. Since it is a precompiled program it doesn´t make sense to save it as nothing can change.
    Please try what I explained to José, it worked for him, and let me know if this doesn´t help.

    It is important to take care both the video sizes and mask sizes, as this slows everything down when working with many layers. If your layer is for instance only 200×200 it would be every inefficient to use 640×480 resolution for video and mask. Use the pulldown menu for the moviesource or mask to choose a resolution which combines good enough image quality with higher frame rates.

    I wouldn´t think neither the placement of the video/mask folders or the number of items in these folders should make any difference, it is probably more related to too many things going on at the same time.


  151. Tom Says:

    Kia ora HC!

    Thanks for your prompt response – much appreciated.

    Sorry but I couldn’t find any comments to José about saving and reading presets? Only your comment on April 6th 2009 about saving “data as presets and seqences.”

    I’d be interested to read your advice to José please.

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find anything in the documentation or tutorial videos about saving my set up. Basicalloy I want to save my files, masks and particular cornerpin settings across VPT sessions. As I said at the moment I have to re-do it all every time I start up VPT – a pretty labour & time intensive process…

    As for my video and mask sizes I keep it all at 640×480 resolution. Is it best to set resolution in the pulldown menu or can I leave it on the automatic ‘–‘ setting?

    Also there is the application that checks & updates the location of the VPT folder. If all my videos & masks are not kept in the VPT folders but elsewhere on the hard drive does it still work to update them?

    Thanks again HC – fantastic update to an amazing programme! Well done!

  152. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Tom, my mistake
    it was in the comments for the vpt 4 release.
    I think you are misunderstanding the concept. To save what you want you use presets, and then save the preset file. Here is what I wrote to José:
    “check by making some simple presets: select a number for preset number, click store. Doubleclick on storagewindow to see that the new preset is there. Then save the preset file by clicking on write. When you open VPT next time, doubleclick on the storagewindow to see if your presets are there. If not, you might have to load the presetfile, so click on the read button to load the file you previously saved. Then load the preset number you want.”

  153. Tom Says:

    Hi there HC!

    Thanks for posting this up so quick. I really need help with this as I just can’t seem to work it out…? Surely it must be a simple operation to save your specific VPT set-up?

    I ran through these steps you outlined, set-up all my clips, and 8 layers in a particular arrangement with cornerpin distortion & masks (note: no movement of layers in this set-up).

    So I put 1 in ‘go to preset’ and also next to store, then clicked ‘store’ and ‘write’ and saved to an xml. However it never opens up with my set up – I just get the standard presets every time. Not sure what I’m doing wrong…

    It’s pretty frustrating. Like this evening I was setting up a projection onto 8 large weather balloons for an event in a museum tomorrow night. The idea was to spend some time setting up the 8 masks & cornerpins, etc. the night before as the event starts in the light (early evening) so it will be far more difficult to set up the cornerpin distortion in particular.

    However as I was unable to save any of my set up it’s going to be quite a challenge (!)

    Also when I open the Max window one of the messages is highlighted in red and says: “jit.gl.shader: unable to find CG framework”
    btw – Jitter 1.7.0 is installed.

    Hope this helps… many thanks for your advice!


  154. hcgilje Says:

    it is very simple, and I suspect you have skipped reading the manual for v3.1 and the video tutorials 5 and 7 which is about presets and saving, but I will try to explain again:

    If you follow what I wrote to Jose:
    set up your layers as you want them. Save the scene as a preset by entering a number in the number box next to the store button, not the goto preset button.
    CHECK that the preset i saved by doubleclicking on the storagewindow button and look for your preset number.

    Presets store all information about layers and moviesources (you need to manually drag the moviesource folders if they are not inside the same folder as the VPT app).

    When you have stored the presets you need, you need to make sure that the presets are saved when you close the application.
    Click on the write button and give the presetfile a name.

    Next time you open VPT, doubleclick storagewindow to see if your presets are there. If not, you need to load the preset file by clicking the read button and find the xml you just saved.
    Then recheck your storagewindow and voila, your presets are there.

    To retrieve a preset, enter the preset number in the go to preset number box and hit enter.


  155. Luke Brooks Says:

    I’ve just installed snow leopard 10.6.1 recently and am having trouble with video playback through VPT. I can get the colours and grids to show up but video playback and previews just don’t show up at all. Could this be something to do with quicktime X? Though I still have quicktime pro installed. Any suggestions would be helpfull. I’m running a decent mac pro 2 x 2.66ghz and 5gb ram. Thanks, Luke

  156. Luke Brooks Says:

    Update for above post. I Restarted app and checked all my settings again. All is well works great.

    Don’t be a n00b like me and read the documentation pdf for v3.1.

  157. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Luke,
    it is actually very useful to know that it works under snow leopard. I know there has been some issues with OpenGL and fullscreen in max/msp/jitter with with snow leopard, but maybe this has been resolved already.


  158. Video Projection Tool v4.0 « Ramblings Of A Photographic Geek Says:

    […] October 6, 2009 at 8:21 am (Uncategorized) (art, installation, new media, projection, video) If you’re into video art and installation you should check out this cool app. It’s FREE! https://hcgilje.wordpress.com/resources/video-projection-tools/ […]

  159. hannah Says:


    I know there has been a little bit of discussion about video aspect ratios and settings. I am basically trying to work out which is the best way to set up my video for projection through VPT. I shot everything in HDV 16:9 but and I do have a projector capable of playing HD 720p, but I am not sure this is best to use through the program, and as my shapes are not huge that I am projecting onto, so it might not me necessary.

    any suggestions for work flow? you mentioned JPEG codecs works best for you too for output.


  160. georges nouveau Says:

    i need your tool but it don’t works (in max windows “unable to find cg framewoks)

    how to install ?

  161. hcgilje Says:

    have you installed the latest quicktime?

  162. hcgilje Says:

    There seems to be issues with the latest version of jitter (the video framework of maxmsp) and the latest quicktime for xp and vista. The best working version of quicktime on windows when using VPT is then currently QT 7.6.2


  163. chrisv Says:

    i’m a sound designer collaborating with a video artist who’s using this application for the mapping (it’s an installation). she’s running 6 videos, each with they’re own channel of audio.

    i’m hoping to route each of the 6 channels of audio (that are embedded within the videos) to a separate output on the sound card. is this a possibility with the current setup of your app? otherwise is there functionality to send a midi signal to another computer at the video loop points?

  164. gibbosplace Says:

    Replacing the included jitlib.dll with the latest (from the max 5 runtime installer) seemed to fix the “maxmsp has encountered a problem…..” error on start.

    I’m running windows XP 32, on a dell xps m1530 with an 8600m gt.

    Hope this helps someone 🙂

  165. hcgilje Says:

    I am not sure if this works with quicktime on windows, but on a mac you are able to configure a quicktime video to play on certain channels. You need quicktime pro to do this. So if you have 6 channels you can configure video 1 to only output on channel 1, video 2 on channel 2, etc, so if it is possible to prepare the videos like this before using them in VPT, it should work. I have only done this with files playing from quicktime player, but in theory it should work also inside VPT.
    There is nothing happening at video loop points currently.


  166. hcgilje Says:

    That is great news, thanks for sharing!

    I will update the file as soon as I get the chance to work on my windows machine.


  167. chrisv Says:

    thanks for the info mate! i’ll give that a try.

  168. VPT: herramientas de proyección de vídeo Says:

    […] Hay un nuevo manual y tutoriales de vídeo nuevo que cubre las nuevas características, todo disponible en la página de VPT. […]

  169. gibbosplace Says:

    Hi HC,

    I have been testing out running and saving set ups. This is working rather nicely, although the program has been crashing a few times and I have to reload everything. I don’t run any other programs at the same, so I am not sure why this is happening. It seems to be more so now that I have added the sound files with multiple outputs to the quicktimes. (i have quicktime pro)
    I want to have this looping for a while for an installation, so worried that it might crash in the middle. Any pointers would be good. This is for mac version this time to.

    Also is there a master reset, as in back to a preset? that is was playing? because simply putting the preset number in, does not always seem to work, it just keeps playing, on the on/off button just stops the image not the sound.

    Cheers for all the good work!

  170. VPT 4.1 available « Conversations with spaces Says:

    […] Read the list of updates on the VPT page. […]

  171. hcgilje Says:

    As you probably have noticed, there is a new version out now which hopefully solves most of the problems which have been mentioned in the comments since the release of VPT 4. There are still some interface annoyances which I will get back to in a few weeks time. I will be travelling for two weeks now, so there will be no replies from me in this period.


  172. hcgilje Says:

    I have had a 32 channel version of VPT running as an installation for 3 weeks now without any crashes.
    It might be tricky with many quicktime sources running multichannel sound, I have had some issues when testing with crashes related to too many quicktime threads going on at the same time.

    The issue with presets not changing should be fixed now.
    The on/off button works as it should, it only stops the output from being updated, both image and sound keeps running inside the quicktime sources.

  173. tsiwt Says:

    Hello , hcgilje Thank you so much for this multi projection software.

    I was wondering how will I go about if I wanted to connect 4 layers out of 8 to max msp patches ? would I have to open the program in max msp but not in runtime. could you help me out? figuring this workflow

  174. jon Says:

    Does this work for anyone on Vista? I get the same error message the last several versions of VPT- that I do not have the maxt plug-in, even when I can see it right there. Very frustrating.

  175. VPT: Video projection tools « (MEDIA)³ ———– 3IA MEDIA!STUDIO 2009/2010 Says:

    […] page includes downloads of application,documentation and tutorials for the videoprojectiontool (VPT), […]

  176. riddle Says:

    Hey Jon. use the oldest recommended version of quicktime. Works great on my vista machine.

  177. final pcomp proposal < //error// Says:

    […] Currently I am researching the video mapping systems available and asking vjs for their thoughts//critiques//suggestions related to their video mapping experience. So far, I have found:: visual label Antivj’s experiemnts in visual mapping VVVV’s tutorial for 3d projection Teemu Määttänen’s “video theater” research project blog HC Gilje’s video projection tools […]

  178. Michael Says:

    Hi, I am new to this program, and all the demos Ive seen as well as video tutorials seem like this is exactly what Im looking for. However I cant get past the first step of getting the movies to play. Im using regular quick time file and dropping the folders as shown in the tutorial, but not getting anything. Im using a macbook pro. Is there a specific compression codec etc. that I should be using or am I just stupid

  179. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Michael,
    let´s see if I can help you get started, you are probably missing a simple step.
    You have dragged the folders with quicktime movies to the sources, but have you also selected a movie from the dropmenu for the source?
    Have you activated the source (the sourcenumber should get a green background)
    Have you clicked on the box that starts the rendering (the box gets an X inside it)? You should see the framerate displayed if it is on.
    Do you see the output window?
    Is the layer you are using active? Make sure the fader to the layer is at 100% AND that the color of the layer is something else than black (by clicking on the color tab). And make sure you have selected the right moviesource for your layer.
    Are any of the other layers blocking the layers you want to see?
    Too make sure, use the master level fader to take all the layers to 0, then fade up each active layer individually.

    Hope this helps.


  180. bonne Says:

    hey! looking forward to try the patch…
    but every time i try to open the .zip file i got the message: ‘failed to open archive (…vpt_4.1b_osx.zip) unsupported format.’
    tried it with zipeg, stuffit en archive utility. could you help me?
    unnecessary to say, i have a mac (book pro, osx 10.5.8).
    many thnx,

  181. hcgilje Says:

    maybe your file got corrupted? normally you would just need to doubleclick on the file to unzip it. I suggest trying to download it again.


  182. picasso Says:

    when I go to full screen I still , see the “mofo” bar of the program and the menu bar of the Mac-

    I want them to go away, please help me out here I have an installation in 1 week and this is a problem.

  183. hcgilje Says:

    How did you go into fullscreenmode?
    If you see the mofo bar of the output window you are not in fullscreen mode.

    if you are running the app using one monitor read the manual, page 7.


  184. picazo Says:

    thank you for answering my first very silly question-
    The other question is more complex the problem is that once I preview the cropped footage and save the preview as a High resolution, when I import it again as a mask it appears very small(makes my videos look very small) the footage I am using are the ones that come with the vpt , am I doing something wrong? basically it would be cool that once I set up I dont have to calibarate every time I turn the vpt on and instead use the mask, but It seems to be shrinking my footage.

  185. hcgilje Says:

    I think you need to take a serious look at the documentation (manuals for 3.1 and 4.0 plus videotutorials).


  186. AdamV Says:

    Great program…many props. Is there any support for importing java/applets as masks or sources? Im trying to use processing in conjunction with some video. Any help would be much appreciated.

  187. hcgilje Says:

    I don´t think this will be possible if it is not possible to wrap the applet as a quicktime source somehow. In theory it should work to use quartz composer compositions (mac only) as masks which might give you some of the same flexibility as with a processing applet.

  188. AdamV Says:

    Thanks for the info! Ive tried to use a quartz file as a mask and also as a source, but no success. (on a mbp with snow leopard) Of course im a n00b with quartz, so i may be missing some cool export or output options.

  189. JOshes Says:

    Why is it not possible to use vpt with osx 10.6? 😦

  190. hcgilje Says:

    I use vpt in osx 10.6, so it is possible.
    However, jitter (which VPT is based on) is not optimized for snow leopard so this might create some issues on some computers.


  191. matt Says:

    i haven’t been able to use ether vpt 4.01 or 4.1 in my macbook w/mac os 10.5.8. don’t know why, the app starts but crashes right away. maybe because of the intel graphic card? does vpt have any requirement? thanks!

  192. Projection mapping in 3d « design – code – interaction Says:

    […] the side’. There is a Processing library for that, vvvv patch, or even specialized app called VPT (video projection tools) . Non of them allowed me to program my own visuals on arbitrary number of surfaces (and vvvv is […]

  193. asf Says:

    I have been using vpt 3 and 4 on my macbook pro (10.5.6, QT 7.6, OpenGL 1.5, etc) with no problems. I have a student with virtually the same machine as mine, and he cannot get any of the versions to launch. I can’t get far enough into the launch to run an error report – basically the icon bounces and then stops, and we can only force quit. I have Max/MSP/Jitter on my computer, so I downloaded the demo onto his, and still no luck. In fact, when I open Max Runtime and try to load the uncompiled patch into it, Runtime freezes. Any ideas? Wonderful program, by the way.

  194. mammasonica Says:

    when i first installed the program( the first release) I had the same issue: the only way to make it work at that time was to create a new user and run the program from there. It’s not a solution but at least I started using it. When I upgraded the system with a fresh install I had no probs at all.

  195. ADISQUO Says:

    nice tool great job
    amazing fast and lots of possiblitiss
    just great !!!!!!!!!


  196. Andy P Says:

    Hi Just came across your site whilst trying to learn about projection mapping, I have downloaded a copy of VPT v4.01 (win) But i cannot install the program when i click the vpt_4.01_xp.exe file I am told the application has failed to start because MAXCRT.dll was not found re0installing may fix the problem, I have tried this several times but still the same message. The MAXCRT.dll file is showing in the folder i downloaded VPT to, so don’t understand why it cant find. Any help in getting VPT installed on my system will be much appreciated. I am running a PC using Vista

  197. hcgilje Says:

    Why don´t you try 4.1 instead?

  198. Andy P Says:

    I have tried this and get exactly the same response

  199. Bordos Says:

    Great great work!!!

  200. Andt P Says:

    Can anyone help me with getting VPT working please see problem in my last post

  201. VPT (Video projection tool) « Mapping Things to Stuff Says:

    […] Video Projection Tool. Software by Arturo Castro built in Max/Jitter to do what looks like videoplane mapping. I downloaded it and gave it a quick look. To be fair, I understand how hard it can be to make clear interfaces with max/msp jitter. I gave it a few minutes but couldn’t figure out where to start. […]

  202. San Says:

    hi, I can´t install the software, says that the Max/MSP had find a problen end should colse, what can I do? thanks

  203. vjpalm Says:

    hi arturo.
    thx for the tool.

    we are using this to a theater performance with opening at jan-9th. vpt looks a great and stable tool. the only trouble to me, is that we need a max license to export our mods in vpt4.1 to standalone app.

    btw, we are using PureData to control VPT using osc. i hope to translate and complete your tutorials next month.

  204. hcgilje Says:

    I don´t know who arturo is, but glad that you find VPT useful!
    It would be nice to see the results of your theater performance, feel free to send me some images (in fact, it would be great if everybody who uses it, shares some of the visual result).
    What kind of modifications have you done?
    It would be great to get a PD version of VPT!


  205. vjpalm Says:

    sorry hc.. i thought your name was arturo…

    btw, now, we are trying to change the vpt preset number using osc, but i just can change from 0 to 1 the “current” field, and not the “go to preset” field. any tip to do it without modify the VPT (like i said, we do not have ay max license to rebuild the app). ps: we are working under mac, and our final machine is a windoze pc.
    and about the vpt-pd version: pd doesnt work well with HD video. for this reason we are using VPT like output.

    hope to send some pics in the weekend.

    cheers and thx the help


  206. vjpalm Says:


    i didnt find a valid mail address to contact you to send pics. ah, and i change some simple stuffs like turned ON the ortho mode in camera settings, also remove mac top bar, just small things like that. but i would like to see some freeframes plugins working under each layer. ah, of course, a pin system that could give the option to create more o r less than 4 pins to distort.

    im not a great user of max, but if you need some help, contact us. ricardopalmieri@gmail.com



  207. Chris Says:

    Two questions:

    1. I am loving VPT 4.1. It has been crashing on my dual 2.0 powerpc powermac running 10.4.6. I use Final Cut Studio, so Quicktime Pro is installed. Sometimes it crashes without a heavy load or without reason. More often when trying to export a snapshot. I thought it might be when the hard drive sleeps and needs to be woken, but that hasn’t been the issue. I leave no other programs open.

    2. Does anyone have an idea of how to export the full mofo window as a quicktime file? I would like to merge everything into one layer and have the simplicity of editing segments in FCP. The main reason is for pico projectors which have built-in sd card readers. I think there is a broad use for simply being able to mount a led projector and exchange sd cards whenever we want to project new performances. This eliminates the program running in real time, requiring a computer, ridding of wires, and never having to change bulbs in led uses.

    Thanks much. Chris.

  208. David Says:

    Hi hcgilje

    Great looking tool, this might be a stupid question, is it possible to project a flight Sim using Matrox triple head ? I have a curved screen and I have been looking for some software my sim project onto my curves screen.

    Thanks again.



  209. hcgilje Says:

    ortho mode is available in the camera patcher, and there is a checkbox for removing the menubar at the top.
    There might be a possibillity that I will add plugin possibillities, but I sort of left that open for people to modify themselves by releasing the source code.
    The more or less than 4 pins is not likely to come, unless someone shows me how to do it.


  210. hcgilje Says:

    I will try to take a look at changing the preset number using OSC after the weekend.


  211. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Chris,
    There could be many reasons causing the crashes when you are using a powerpc, I have not had the chance to test it on powerpcs at all. I actually thought maxmsp 5, which VPT is based on, supported powerpc.

    I would love to find a simple solution for your second question. I have tried many things to achieve this, but nothing that gives a good enough result. There are for instance ways of rendering frames non-realtime, but for some reason this doesn´t work when using hardware acceleration, so the quality is inferior. Trying to record the output slows everything down.


  212. hcgilje Says:

    Hi David,
    I don´t think there is an easy way to achieve this.


  213. vjpalm Says:

    hi hc..

    i’ve put to work the preset change using OSC, but my trouble is, i can only change from preset 0 to 1. if i try a diferent number, nothing happens.
    do you how can i put it to work well?
    anothe wuestion is about video live input in windows: im trying to use an enltv-fm encore video analog capture card. in puredata or any software the uses video input teh card work. but not in VPT. somebody had troubles like that?

    well, here we are running, cause or opening will be next saturday. if i wont find a solution to video live input in windows xp, i will need to change vpt by resolume (it sux, but is my B plan).

    chees guys, and i wish an amazing 2010!


  214. hcgilje Says:

    I can´t help you with the live input, as I only use what is supported in jitter. You could maybe do a quick search on the cycling74 forum to see if anybody has it working with jitter on windows.
    I have made a quick fix to get the osc preset working properly:

    windows version coming later.

  215. vjpalm Says:

    thx hc, by the new file. i hope you publish soon an windows version.

    btw, i made more tests with capture card and jitter under winXP and i made the video capture to work. the troube is: it works only in the preview mode (in main interface). in monitor, you can see the image with some “frequency” trouble. but in mofo, you cannot see anything.

    other trouble that ive been found is:when i open a xml file in vpt, when i change the preset via OSC, sometime the preset opens with wrong cornerpins in my geometries. if i just change the value (or just click over it field), all the pin corner in the scene back to normal. did you see something like that?

    ah, anothe thing is: do you have some mail to contact you directly?

    thx very much guy.


  216. hcgilje Says:

    I will try to make a windows version later today. When I don´t use VPT for my own projects I usually don´t have much time to work on it, which is one of the reasons it is freeware.
    Glad to hear you got something out of the capture card, it didn´t help to open the settings dialog for video input?
    regarding the cornerpin issues, I have had this problem with a special version of VPT, but not with the standard release version. I will include a workaround for the standard version today. I will also make a build using a newer version of max (5.1), hopefully that doesn´t break anything else.
    My email adress is in the right hand column of this blog, but I will send you an email later today anyway.


  217. San Says:

    hi , I,m working in a theatre performance with dancers and usig VPT but I cant export mov files , I need video files to project , I hope there is a way to do that , the software is wonderfull I just can gt the videos,
    Thanks , San

  218. vjpalm Says:

    hi hc, san and everybody.

    here, we had our premiere at last saturday-night-fever.
    well, the VPT with PD worked great UNTIL the LAST scene.
    i built 11 presets, with diferent numbers of scenes in each one, in a total of 51 videos changes during all the venue. canvas size 1280×768.

    i work in paralell with PD and VPT, calling the scenes manually in the preset number change. i jut typed the new scene, back to pd windows, and play the next video changes.

    well, when i tryed to chenge the preset from scene 9 to 10, vpt didnt let my keyboard call the next scene. PANIC!. CALM DOWN! i just left the scene in blackout, with the performances sayng their texts. and finally i could change the preset to the final scene using mouse (shit, so sensible!), and voila! i got the final scene.

    click in pd and… NOTHING!!! all cornerpins disapeared. i made a new one in the right map (i dont know how!) in seconds, and i played the final scene.

    sunday afternoon i passed ALL the content alone again in theater. everything works great. by the way, i put another macbook with a vga switcher, just for backup. now, lets go to the performance!

    changing to scene 10… crash again! backup, everything gone fine! voila!

    now, im thinking seriou un rcord all the scenes an just play. my options now: snapz (low framerate), vga capture cards (good are expensive), or… hc, do have a small videorecorder4max ready to use in vpt?

    well, fellows, vpt is amazing. we could organize a small group to work in this bugs. and using osc, u can manage lots of stuffs like lights, audio, motors… fck great video mapping HD player!

    thx again for all support HC.


  219. hcgilje Says:

    Hi palm and san.
    Sorry to hear about your crashes! It is hard to know what would cause this. It could be the app itself, it could be the operating system, it could be overloading the GL graphics memory. I had my blink and shift installations running continously for a month without any crashes.
    I have really tried to figure out a good way to capture the output, but as already mentioned, capturing with a software solution (using external app or inside VPT/jitter) slows down VPT (obviously) so the framerate gets low. maxmsp/jitter offer a non-realtime option for rendering and recording output, but for some reason this doesn´t work with hardware accelleration so the quality of the image isn´t so good. Hopefully this is something that can be worked around in the near future, but nothing has changed the last year, so maybe it is more difficult than it seems.
    So, the short answer, no, there is currently no way of recording a decent quality output from VPT, but I will make sure to include it once it is possible.


  220. Julia Says:

    Hi, hcgilje.
    I need your help!!!
    Today, I have several questions.
    First, when I use masterfader(or layer fader)on the preset section, videos on the mofo screen turn to black.

    Second, when I move the position of 101 source layer, for instance, through XY positioning trackpad, another 101 source layer appears on the mofo screen.
    Even though I want to move the original? 101 source layer, it just stuck on the middle of the mofo screen, and instead, another 101 source layer moves.

    I would like to know how to deal with this because I have to make some portfolio for applying university in Japan, which is the best concern for me at this moment.
    Also, it would be great if I can do installations like you do and others on the youtube (or at least close to what you’ve done :))
    So, if you can give me any suggestions on this matter, please let me know.
    Hope my explanation does make any sense to you..

    p.s. love your work! XD

  221. Jeff Says:

    Hello, let me first start by saying i love VPT!

    my question is this: Is there any way to use midi signal as the loop trigger?

    I’m trying to use midi to trigger specific points in a video clip.

    (i.e. midi reactive video)

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

    – jeff

  222. Paloma Says:

    Hey HC!
    1st! Thanks A LOT for creating VPT! It’s really generoous of you to make it open and free.
    I used in friend’s computer and it works just fine, but when I installed on mine (mac powerBookG4 – MacOS10.4) it doesn’t show me any image (not even the demo ones, it doesn’t allow me to import nor use live – plugged with firewire). Do I need to install any other program/ plug in besides regular VPT package?

    One more question… do you plan to make any Linux version?

    Once more, thank you


  223. Disflux Says:

    Thanks for sharing this, sounds to be a very useful tool for video mapping.

    Just wondering if VPT can work together with resolume? through plug ins, freeframes?

    Anyone knows something about it? thanks

  224. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Jeff,
    sorry for slow answer, I have been busy with other things. I don´t think this is currently possible, but it shouldn´t be too hard to implement it. I will spend some time with VPT next week and see if I can get this working. The problem is that i don´t have access to any midi equipment at the moment.


  225. hcgilje Says:

    The only way VPT can currently work with other apps is using OSC, so only control data. I thought resolume already had a corner-pin distortion feature like VPT, but maybe I am confusing it with another application. I know that VDMX supports it through a QC plugin from MSA


  226. vjpalm Says:

    hey everybody:

    here (sao paulo-brazil), im working hard with vpt, and i had been much success. since our theater premiere (with the big crash), we didnt have ANY other trouble with VPT.
    the 2 only bad things that i still can percept working with VPT are: in windows OS, the OSC controls to fade layers doesnt work properly. the second one, is not a BIG trouble, but, sometimes, when i try to change my preset number, the number change field just “freeze”, and dont let me to change the preset using my keyboard (just mouse, but mouse sucks to put the right number sometimes). but i discovered that, when things like that happen, i just need to click in another software window, and back to VPT windows, changing the preset number. after this procedure, everything back to normal state.

    here, im posting some shots of our presentation.

    dancem the sims

    soon i will post a video with VPT in use.

    im also planning a VPT video-tuto in portuguese/spanish. people that wants to help, plez, write me.

    and HC, lets keep in touch. if you need any help in the development process, fell free to call me. i still havent a max-license in my personal computer, but in the university im a teacher in a lab with 25 max/jitter computers.

    thanks again guys.


    ps: if somebody are interested in send OSC to VPT, i recommend to check my PD2VPT (page still only in PT-BR sorry), that allows to send lots of osc messages using PureData to VPT (including realtime layer animation) and soon – i hope – doing dynamic realtime mapping using infrared technics.


  227. hcgilje Says:

    Glad to see the documentation and your pd controller.
    What is the exact problem with windows and fade layers? The numberbox thing sounds like a typical max interface issue.


  228. Joao / Vj Disflux Says:


    Just trying the VPT now and it crashes when starting, I have Vista. Same happens with cornerpin keystone. Can someone help? Thanks

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: VPT_4.01_xp.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 4aa03f3d
    Fault Module Name: jitlib.dll
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 48e2db91
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 0008e428
    OS Version: 6.0.6000.
    Locale ID: 6153
    Additional Information 1: 8d13
    Additional Information 2: cdca9b1d21d12b77d84f02df48e34311
    Additional Information 3: 8d13
    Additional Information 4: cdca9b1d21d12b77d84f02df48e34311

    Read our privacy statement:

  229. vjpalm Says:

    hi disflux!

    man, did u try to use VPT in winXP or win7?
    i never had this kind of troubles in this system, and, in my personal opinion, windows vista sucks 😉

    btw, are u portuguese? se precisar de ajuda, podes me escrever em ricardopalmieri@gmail.com.

    and, of course, send us your PC setup to check if have any kind of incompatibility.

    good luck!


  230. Joao/ Vj Disflux Says:

    Oi Ricardo 🙂

    Obrigado pela resposta.

    Respondendo as tuas perguntas, apenas tentei utilizar vpt no windows vista (vista home premium), nao tive a possiblidade de o testar noutros sistemas.

    E correcto dizer que nao e possivel correr vpt no windows vista? O unico progresso foi de conseguir correr o programa depois de ter instalado Max runtime 5.1, mas sinceramente nao parece que esteja a funcionar la muito bem…

    Alguma ideia ou sugestoes?

    mais uma vez, obrigado

  231. Tom Says:

    Kia ora HC! Hope you’re good…

    Just wondering if you think that accessing QT files from an external Hard Drive instead of a built-in one on a Mac Book Pro will improve VPT’s performance and stability?

    I’ve had occasional problems with VPT crashing and I wasn’t able to save all the settings very well. Anyway avoiding a crash is best.

    b.t.w – all the QT files I use in VPT are Photo Jpeg @ 80% quality & 640 X 480 resolution. That should help stability right?

    Many thanks!


  232. Layton J Says:


    Fantastic software, well done! I just wish it would work on my laptop so I could use it. I have a brand new ASUS laptop running Vista Premium (I know) and it has an NVIDIA GEFORCE G105M 512Mb card in it.

    The software loads up, but all the video parts on the screen aren’t active and have diagonal lines through them. Is this because I’m missing some special drivers or something? I have the lasest free release of QuickTime installed and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. I can’t seam to figure out what the issue is, I’m assuming my laptops missing some sort of apple video driver thats compatible with windows? Any idea’s?

    Very appreciative of your time or help if you are able to give it!



  233. riddlemd Says:

    Install quicktime. Not the newest version. That will get you on the right track with your vista asus.
    System requirements
    Mac: Mac PPC or Intel machine running OS X 10.4 or later, with QuickTime 7.1 (or later), an OpenGL-compatible graphics card, and OpenGL 1.4 (or later).

    windows: xp or vista with  QuickTime 7.1 (or later), an OpenGL-compatible graphics card, and OpenGL 1.4 (or later).

  234. Seamless – multi channel video workshop « KUNZT Says:

    […] You can find out about-, and download VPT 4.1 HERE […]

  235. cr0s Says:

    many thanks for this beautiful software everything works fine for me.

  236. Caio Toledo Says:

    Hi, I want know what is the pop up menu with the numbers under the store button…(6 1, 3 1, etc…) What this do?? Sorry for my bad english……

  237. hcgilje Says:

    these numbers give you access to some of the opengl blendmodes. 6 7 is the default. 6 1 is very useful, it works like overlay in photoshop, black becomes transparent.
    There is an explanation of the different blend modes about two thirds down in this article:


  238. Xenia Zeff Says:

    [..] A bit unrelated, but I absolutely liked this webpage post [..]

  239. Guy Gotto Says:


    HC, really great software you’ve made here! I’m in my final year at university and this program is helping me for my final year project on Augmented Reality. However the video seems to be really jumpy and is not smooth at all, which is what I want for storytelling through linear and non linear video. Have you any advice?
    Thanks and all the best,

    Laptop PC, Sony VAIO (VGN-FW3403)
    4 Gig RAM, Open GL

  240. hcgilje Says:

    I don´t know what kind of graphics card your laptop has, and also don´t know what resolution/compression you use on your video nor how many layers you are using simultaneously.
    I don´t have any issues with jumpy video. Normally I recommend 640×480 with photo-jpeg compression, but I often combine different resolutions depending on my need.

  241. kodama.pixel » Blog Archive » Digital Studio – Week 02 Says:

    […] Video Projection Tools (VPT) is what I’ve been taking a quick look at to get an idea of which direction I may take for projection mapping. Serendipitously, VPT is created in MaxMSP and now that I have Max for Live, I will be able to use the source patches provided with VPT to create a purpose-built system for my project (should I choose). […]

  242. gianfry Says:

    I was looking for an application that support me to make a projection. I explain you:
    I have 3 video to project in sync with three projector. Your software can help me??

  243. m0675064 Says:

    hi there hc

    first i want to thank you a lot for creating this very nice peace of software.. it runs totally stable, wich is a BIG plus for live software.

    second, i´m having some problems.. (of course)
    here is the story:
    we are doing a big orchestra visualisation show as part of an university project, we are projecting with two Projectors (via dualhead2go) on 5 3x5meter big “Flags” floating over the orchestra, therefore i had to make some changes to some of the subpatchers,

    i had to modify the y-psoition scaling in the “videoplane_module_08_exp” in order to be able to move the videoplanes the whole 2650px our main output window is horizontaly big.

    and second:
    I made some minor changes in the “moviesource_02” object, just adding some resolutions to the player resolution dropdown menu (because the jit.quicktime.movie-object always gets slow when it has to playback files with an resolution, it is initialized for)

    as result of this i am currently running the software in max, (not using the application you built), the problem i am experiencing now, is, that midi dose not seem to work, when i open the “vpt_4.1b.maxpat” in Max directly. i mean, I get midi values, and even the scaling seems to work in the midi-konfig-patcher, but it looks like somehow the osc-thing dos not work.
    i also tried, open an unmodified version of this file in max, this also does not work, wich is strange because in the application you built it works like a charm.

    have you used some special script to build the application? or is there anything else wich comes to your mind?

    i would be very glad to get an answer soon, because the show is getting closer and closer..

    all the best, gregor

    p.s.: pleas excuse my ” special” englisch

  244. m0675064 Says:

    oh i forgot:
    we are working on an macPro 4×2.8ghz wit 10gb of RAM and osx 10.6.2
    Max version 5.1.3


  245. Jeff C Says:

    Hey HC!

    I am Jeff from above with the MIDI trigger control question. I was wondering if you had been able check out anything to do with controlling the video trigger via MIDI? Thanks so much again for all the work you’ve done!

    – jeff c

  246. ennui, go! / Max/MSP Says:

    […] using : Projection Mapping tool : A projection mapping tool developed with Jamie Allen, based on HC Gilje’s video projection tool. I think ours is a bit easier for beginners to use. « Arduino […]

  247. links for 2010-04-09 Says:

    […] VPT: Video projection tools v4.1 (november2009) « Conversations with spaces Interesting tool – Jesse might use this. (tags: projection video tools visualization software installation art) This entry was posted in Links. Bookmark the permalink. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL. « Project Idea: Rasterbator in Processing or Java […]

  248. Tom Says:

    Kia ora HC!

    Thank you very much for your Mar 10 response (below) to my post (Feb 9) – sorry it has taken me a while to realize & read it.

    You wrote: “hi,
I don´t know what kind of graphics card your laptop has, and also don´t know what resolution/compression you use on your video nor how many layers you are using simultaneously.
I don´t have any issues with jumpy video. Normally I recommend 640×480 with photo-jpeg compression, but I often combine different resolutions depending on my need.

    All my videos are: 640 X 480 Photo Jpeg @ High quality with no sound.

    Laptop specs are: Unibody MacBook Pro 2.8GHz Intel | 4GB RAM | 320GB HD (5400rpm) | nVidia GeForce 9400M + 9600M GT (512MB dedicated) | OSX 10.5.8 | QuickTime Ver. 7.6.6 (1632)

    For a recent project I had 8 separate inputs with a simple grid of 16 boxes, but the framerate kept going very low (about 3+/-1) and so the videos were all very juddery. I tried the Overdrive feature but that didn’t seem to help. Is that what it’s meant for?

    Restarting the computer and reloading the project had no effect and since that project hasn’t played well. I rebuilt it and it now works OK.

    So I’d really like to try and work out why? I’m trying to isolate the problem and see if it’s an issue with the laptop and not VPT. The CPU was clocking around 100% for VPT with almost all other processes disabled. Before I was able to run VPT OK with other programmes like QT or Livid’s Union as well and switch between them.

    Many thanks for any input from HC or the VPT community out there. Any help is very much appreciated!

    Any chance of a tutorial on how to set up a midi controller to work with VPT please?



    P.S// Some simple examples of mine with VPT for masking onto a sculpture or weather balloons are here: http://www.vimeo.com/tommeet

  249. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Tom,
    When you write that you were able to run VPT together with other programs before, what has changed since then?
    Your computer should be more than fast enough, so I doubt it is related to your computer.
    I assume you know you can run the graphic card in either high performance or energy efficient mode? It would obviously run much better in the high performance mode.

    Are you running it as standalone, or as a patch in max?

    overdrive is mainly relevant when you are working with sound.

    Do you get any messages in the max window? (apple+M)

    Are you running all 16 layers at 640×480 resolution? I usually downsample the videos depending on the size of the layer it is being displayed in. For instance, if your layer size is 160×120, it is really a waste to run the video at 640×480.

    re:midi, I assume you have read what is written in the manual?
    It is diffucult to make a general midi tutorial since different devices work in different ways.


  250. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Jeff, sorry for this ridiculously late reply!
    I have been very busy with non-VPT related projects lately so haven´t had a chance to work on it. I have not forgotten your request though, I will try to include it in the next small update which will probably be out early May.


  251. Tom Says:

    Kia ora HC!

    Many thanks for your quick response. Much appreciated – I know you must be a busy fella!

    So I’m not sure what happened really? It was real useful to be able to switch from Livid’s Union software to VPT and back again throughout a band’s set as each song required.

    RE: the graphics card, for some reason it had been switched to the energy efficient mode (?) so I had to shut it down and switch to higher performance. But VPT still didn’t improve the fps…

    I’m running it as a standalone. So overdrive isn’t really applicable for me. All 16 layers are 640×480 res. Always the same – masks too. Some were like 10-20 min videos. Perhaps all those QT files were putting too much demand, but as you say the processor & GPU should be up to it…

    The same set-up in VPT was working OK when I re-made it so I’ll test that out so more. Will check for messages in the max window if there are any glitches?

    Y’know – Murphy’s law an’ all that, but VPT always seems to work just fine when I set up a project at home, then when I’m playing out it seems to mess up on me… Shame.

    Much respect HC!


    * Thanks for the info on midi. Will try my best but looking forward to any updates on controlling midi triggers…

  252. Guy Gotto Says:

    Hey HC,
    Thanks a lot for your advice before, it works great on those compression schemes and aspect ratios. I will make sure to link you up with a video of the finished piece.
    I have had another issue though, saving presets and loading them. I have numbered and stored the preset but I don’t know how to load the saved presets.
    All the best,

  253. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Guy,
    if you have stored the presets they should be visible in the storage window. Before you close the program you should save the presets using the write button, and then you need to load the presets using the read button when you start up again. This is all in the manual.

  254. Guy Gotto Says:

    Thankyou so much for all your help. You’re a true gentleman.
    All the best,

  255. karine Says:

    thank you for this software very useful !!!
    but I m having a problem with the corners with the live camcorder… I can not use my keyboard keys to the dimensions of my layer (always 0 / 0) but the coordinates of my mouse work well
    I tried to azerty querty (I m French 😉
    but it dosen t change
    a little help ? (I’m on version 3.1)
    and I can’t save my entire project (choice of videos, layers and final positions)
    thank you

  256. My hare-related project - Thoughts from the Underground Says:

    […] project these videos, I used a free program called Video Projection Tools, v. 4.1. It was made in Max/MSP and it allowed me to rotate the video player window to fit my […]

  257. davide Says:

    hello, thanks for your work.

    I tried your software but not able to enter the video even though I followed the instructions, does not display when the load in the small box and external monitor

    I have seven core duo quiktime 7.6 and opengl



  258. Tom Says:

    Hi HC!

    Just wondering what you would consider the ideal specs to run VPT at full capacity (i.e. 16 layers running 640×480 res QTs & masks)?
    I’m considering a Mac Mini to run VPT for installations. What do you think? Or perhaps you (or someone else) could recommend another model? I’d prefer a Mac. I suppose one with a newer/faster Graphics card would be ideal.

    Many thanks!


  259. hcgilje Says:

    truth is I never run VPT at full capacity, I often use all the layers and all the sources, but they are seldom all on at the same time. I am also careful with not using larger source resolutions than necessary for a layer (downsampling by choosing a different resolution for a particular source).

    I use my faithful macbook pro for live work and making the setups for installations. For installation I usually transfer the files to a 2009 intel macmini (with minimum 2gb ram for max vram). This has worked quite well for me.


  260. nils Says:


    i’m facing a problem : i can’t launch the application with my ppc G4 powerbook ? it always crashes when it’s launching ? i’m so frustrated !! your VPT is what i need, it’s a great application, but i can’t use it!!! could you explain me why all VPT versions aren’t launching? or indicate me a way to explore it to resolve this problem ?

    bravo anyway for your work, thank’s for paying attention to my question.


  261. uncledj Says:

    Plesae someone could help me on cornerpinlayer.

    I use vpt_4,1b in windows 7, I am learning vpt tutorial on cornerpinlayer.mov. I think I missed some steps, but could not figure what? I have livesource from my web cam in my monitor screen , and my mofo have my layer video playing, but when I tried to drap and drop my mofo screen into monitor screen, it doesn’t work as the tutorial shows, it just remain 2 seperate windows instead of blend inside monitor windows, any idea what I did wrong?

    Thanks for millions

  262. manu_di Says:

    Im’ trying to run VPT on windows 7 but i am not being able to do so. I run the aplication and nothing happens. Any suggestions?

  263. Ulfilas Says:

    I’m also struggling under Windows 7 64bit Ultimate. I can get capture_xp to work a treat. But I can’t get anything from VPT

  264. hcgilje Says:

    I don´t have access to Windows 7 myself, so I can´t help you unfortunately.

  265. uncledj Says:

    Ulfilas and manu_di , I have problem in the beginning in win 7 (32), but then I play with my web cam setting, I don’t remember exactly what I did, then it works, (because I have 2 web cams). I think it should work in 64 bits.

    or you can try run 32 bit compatible mode

    also I always as administror mode in vpt

    PS, I also test /run vpt 3.1 8 (layers), it also works too in win 7
    in fact, I download them all, and everyone are working well


    would it possible in the future, livesource setting, have drop down box, to select which web cam, now this 2 live sources are capture same web cam. which is useless in my cases

    Thanks for million

  266. uncledj Says:

    Ulfilas and manu_di , I have problem in the beginning in win 7 (32), but then I play with my web cam setting, I don’t remember exactly what I did, then it works, (because I have 2 web cams). I think it should work in 64 bits.

    or you can try run 32 bit compatible mode

    also I always as administror mode in vpt

    PS, I also test /run vpt 3.1 8 (layers), it also works too in win 7
    in fact, I download them all, and everyone are working well


    would it possible in the future, livesource setting, have drop down box, to select which web cam, now this 2 live sources are capture same web cam. which is useless in my cases

    Thanks for million

  267. Ulfilas Says:

    I got it working. It was basically my stupidity that was the problem! I hadn’t click on some of the check boxes – I just played around – didn’t RTFM!!!!

    Great application -I love it! I’m now trying to work out some innovative ways to use it for youth work!

  268. Ulfilas Says:

    Just wondering whether you might consider switching audio on?

  269. maria Says:


    I came across to Video Projection tools v4.1 and it looks perfect for what I need. Having 9 videos on the same time and use just one projector to create a city environment in a form of video installation. However I have no idea if it is possible to have video input straight from url. The web cams I am planning to use are video streams like that http://www.opentopia.com/showcam.php?camid=3184

    Do you have any idea if this is possible?

    Many thanks,

  270. hcgilje Says:

    This is not available directly through VPT. Depending on the stream type it is not too difficult to add this functionality if you know someone who can program max/msp. You could then easily have a small patch running alongside VPT sending the stream as a source into VPT. This is what I am encouraging people to do, expand the sources available to VPT by making add-on patches.


    ps. I tried to open your stream in quicktime and VLC without luck, so this particular stream might not work.

  271. Marc Loan Says:

    It is possible to save project in VPT: Video projection tools v4.1?
    Can i save the video output to play movie in the projector witout the computer and software?
    Thanks a lot.

  272. Dennis Says:

    Hi! I just wanted to thank you. Your programm is great! I am an absolute amateur but really wanted to try to get into this. With your video tutorials it was even easier to learn. thx

  273. Ankur Says:

    Hey I just downloaded the Windows Xp 4.1 version of the software which comes in a .rar package,after downloading it i dont find any setup file to install.Pls Help me out with this

  274. Video Projection Toos « Ariel Caine:: Course Site Says:

    […] download software page here […]

  275. projection mapping clap clap « ZEAL Says:

    […] but not least there’s this dude who’s put up a program he wrote in max that allows for easy projection mapping and it’s […]

  276. hcgilje Says:

    Finally an update which has been lying around for a long time without being uploaded. Mainly bugfixes and improved midi/osc functionality. Created using the latest build of max, 5.1.4.


  277. orgelnatt « Conversations with spaces Says:

    […] this post for an update of VPT, so first things first: There is a minor update to VPT, available at the usual place. I am also working on setting up a simple forum which hopefully will make it easier for people to […]

  278. brandon Says:

    I can’t run the movies! i’m using macbook 10.5.8

  279. hcgilje Says:

    What do you mean? Try to give a bit more detailed description of what your problem is and what you are trying to achieve.

  280. PhilPendlebury Says:

    Hi hc,

    Id like to say thank you so much for creating and sharing this tool. I have recently found it and am about to use it in a production.

    Now, up until Friday i was working well with the last version, until i downloaded a trojun and had to reformat my laptop, a sony viao. Now i got it all working again today and saw that you have updated the software!

    This is great news, and when i installed i ran into my problem… on the eve of a performance!

    WHen i run VPT now, i dont get a black output/montior set up, but i now get a hashed jit.pwindow instead. these are everywhere i used to get video playback… 😦

    Im quite scared, as i really dont know what this means, and i cant get it working. I have the same graphics driver as before.

    If you could help me as soon as possible, before my deadline tomorrow ! would be appreciated eternally!

    Thanks again


  281. PhilPendlebury Says:

    Ill also add that im using Windows XP

  282. PhilPendlebury Says:

    Its ok! Ive yet to reinstall quicktime!!! YES HAHAH!!! ‘Jumps around the room’.. IT WORKS!

    Ok i’ve calmed down now, panic over. Ill breathe and work on the problem first next time.

    HC you dont need to allow the last comments if you dont want to. Thanks for creating this tool. its very useful and i will send through the video of of the production when ready and give you all the credit i can.

    Thank you for sharing

    Kind Regards


  283. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Phil,
    glad to hear that things worked out! You managed to solve the problem before I read any of your posts 🙂
    I would love to see what you are making.
    I will try to get the VPT forum online today, where I have a section for people to post what they are using VPT for.


  284. Marc Loan Says:

    Hi i work with VPT_4.1b5_osx with macbook every thigs it works but i can’t save the project. Could you help me please?
    Best regards Marc

  285. hcgilje Says:

    I suspect you might not have read the manual. You don´t save the project by going to File-Save. You first make presets, and then store these presets using the “write” button which is under and to the right of the “store” button. It is a good idea to doublecheck that you have actually made any presets by clicking on the “storagewindow” button.


  286. brandon Says:

    Well, i instal the software and everything, but i’m using the videos there, but when a active the loops don’t work, i use some of my video , loading the carpet but i can see the video running in the uot put.

  287. dave Says:

    I ask you kindly explain why when I edit the vertices cornerpin I take corners randomly.
    there ‘a way to block and move only what they want to move? I tried but ‘very difficult and the method you created’ very good but if you can not decide or block only the angle you want and ‘do better from keyboard ….
    can you help?

  288. Andreas Says:

    First of all, thank you so much hcgilje for sharing your wonderful program with the world!

    But I’m having a slight problem triggering layers with midi. I can assign slider, CC’s etc to all the other settings, but triggering won’t work for me, only when I click with the mouse on the trig button. Is there a specific value I must put in the value (+1/-1) window?
    Would be nice to be able to trigger layers in sync with music.

    Oh, and in case anyone else have this problem in windows7 with the videos not playing on the extended desktop (only on the mainscreen), you have to double click on the little
    p-output button and uncheck the fsaa$1 box..


  289. Andreas Says:

    A slight correction to my last post above,

    So, I’ve given up using the trig function, and instead try to trigger the fade max/min.

    Ok, so i can get VPT to recognize note data from my DAW (ableton live) and VPT will happily turn the assigned slider on when a note is triggered. However the slider will not drop back to zero when the note goes off..it just stays on.

    I suspect the problem is not VPT, but my poor midi knowledge! Note off data must be received as well?

    I do not expect any tech support for this program as it’s free, but if anyone in here have any tips/pointers please let me know!

  290. dimitra Says:

    Hi hc and thanks for the software!

    I want to project on a cube 1x1x1 m and it’s surroundings and I’m facing a masking problem. First I do my first mask on the first layer and it seems ok. Then trying to make the second mask, I select and activate the drawing tool as the source(after having scaled my 2nd video on the cube) and activate the drawmodule, at mofo window appears a still image of my projected video of the first layer and I cannot draw the mask.
    can you help me please?

    [windows vista, vpt_4.1b]

  291. Xeracy Says:

    I LOVE YOU! Thank you for the OSC/Midi fixes! I can really get an effects generator going now! Got a donate link?

  292. RANDOM Says:

    hi hcgilje,

    thanks alot for your software & thanks a lot for giving it free.
    my name is ram and i am pretty much interested in this video mapping (just started newbie). i gone through with the software so were i couldn’t able to understand how to work on it i ve a i3, 4gb ram with 9600 gt graphic card os win7 and i have a DLP Acer projector too, when i tried to project it through my projector i couldn’t able to, do i need any other equipment or software to project it could you pls help me though this

  293. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Andreas,
    midi triggering works for me:
    I just select moviesource01 in the first column, then trig in the second, and leave the default range 0 to 1.

    regarding the slider not going back to 0, VPT just translates whatever value that comes in on the particular channel to a range of your choosing. Just make sure that if for instance you send a 127 value to channel 1, you need to send a 0 to the same channel for it to go down again.


  294. hcgilje Says:

    the cornerpin function depends on you first having defined the position of the layer you want to work with (using Q and S as described in the manual).
    Then clicking in the area around the different corners should affect the corner you want to change. The way that this works is that if you want to change the top left corner you click somewhere in the top left region of the layer. If you click in any other region you will affect another corner instead. If you really need to make corner pin adjustements outside this region you would need to use the corresponding number boxes for that cornern (found in the corner tab).


  295. hcgilje Says:

    not sure if I understand the problem correctly.
    Your first layer appear as still image when you are trying to draw into another layer? Have you tried turning the drawing layer on and off (also the checkbox?)
    In general if masking cubes it would be easier to just use the cornerpinning, but maybe you have a special situation.

  296. hcgilje Says:

    your love will do for now 🙂
    Please share your results, that´s the best donation.


  297. hcgilje Says:

    I know people get it working with windows 7, and I would think your computer should be good enough. Have you installed quicktime? What exactly is your problem? The more specific you are, the easier it will be to help you.
    There are a few previous comments relating to windows 7, maybe have a look at them?


  298. Andreas Says:

    Thanks HC!

    Got the triggering now (still not by playing notes/keys, but with CC’s, it’s all good)

    I’ve started looking for public outdoor places with power outlets, so I can do guerrilla projection maps with VPT, I’ll be sure to share some vids if I come up with something fancy, hehe.

    I have no idea how difficult/time consuming it would be to implement, but there is this commercial mapping software called Text machine 3d. It has a very nice way of setting the scale,angles and cornerstone by allowing you to manipulate a 3d grid on the projector output. Adding this feature to VPT would make it killer (with it’s multiple outputs which Tm3d doesn’t have)

  299. Tom Says:

    I’m planning on switching to Snow Leopard OS. Just wondering if VPT works OK on it…? Do any of you have experience running VPT on Snow Leopard?



    * A few examples of projects using VPT:

  300. hcgilje Says:

    First, thanks for sharing some of your projects! I will add them to the upcoming VPT forum.

    I have used VPT with snow leopard for a while now without any problems.


  301. VJ PALM Says:

    hi guys.
    first of all, thx for everybody posting your experiences here.
    in early 2010, we start here in brazil an theater experience using VPT. i’d post some bad and good experiences, but now, after 6 months we have a good preview and fine-finishements in the work, and of course, a video-clip with the main VM scenes.

    i hope you like the experience.
    i posted also my patches and xml files, but the server is now in maintance. i promisse to post this link here soon.

    thx again, special to hcgilje.


  302. hcgilje Says:

    Very nice!

    I hope you can also add this to the forum when it gets up (or I will add a reference to it).

    There are a lot of things that can be improved under the hood in VPT, and the next months look promising for gettting time to work on development as well as getting help from others.

    It is important that people share their good and bad experiences, suggestions for improvements, and ideally also help with developing improvements.

  303. WeiWu Says:

    Hello … I’m from Taiwan …. thank you for providing such a good program!!! Video mapping projection is rare in Taiwan, I was planning to use this technology in the theater, I hope I can succeed!!
    I have a few technical problems
    1.What is the button function next to “Snapshot”? (“67 “…” 61 “…” 31 “…” 41″ in this option)
    2. When checking the “blend on / off” all of the mask will be invalid. Is this right?
    3. The transparency of individual layers can be adjusted?

  304. hcgilje Says:

    I am sure you will succeed, take a look at VJ Palm´s link in the previous comment.
    To answer your questions:
    1. these are open gl blendmodes for the layers. Using 6 7, which is the default means that the layers are not blended. 6 1 makes black transparent, and other pixel values are added together. Just try with two layers on top of each other to see the different blend modes in action.
    except that I just noticed that the global blend modes dosen´t work in the b5 release, after I added this for the individual layers. I will fix this for the next update.
    2. No, they should still work
    3.Each layer can be faded in and out using the fader in each layer section (underneath the number).


  305. Elijah Says:

    I am trying to sync up several quicktime videos on different layers so that the visuals all play to one audio track. I can successfully trigger all the layers at the same time with a preset/cuelist. However I can’t get the videos to start from the same point in time, they simply continue from wherever they were playing upon import. My question is how to trigger these layers at the same time and make them start from the beginning, not continue where they are. Currently i am using the preset to “Activate” the Source101 and Source102 layers, making them turn green at the same time. Any help is much appreciated. Amazing program, thanks for the hard work!

  306. hcgilje Says:

    You should use the trig function which makes the movie start at the beginning of the file. You might also consider to turn loop off.

  307. Roger Says:

    Thanks for a fantastic program. It would be nice if we could give cue’s a name instead of the number. I ran a show the other night and I had to write a cuelist so that I knew what “cue 10” was…

  308. hcgilje Says:

    Thanks for the feedback! Naming of presets and cues is definetly on the list of todos.

  309. Elijah Says:

    Hey HC sorry, but I don’t understand how to set it up so that the trig function is triggered simultaneously. I can only click them one at a time, which therefore makes them a little bit off. I have been experimenting for a few days and can’t seem to make the trig function used in the preset/cuelist. Once I figure this out, the program will be PERFECT =)

  310. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Elijah,
    you´re right. There is currently not a way to do a simultaneous triggering.
    Something that might work is either to make a preset where the movies for each source is different than the movies you actually want to play in the next preset. This forces VPT to load the movies and play them from start when you go from one preset to another. This is related to the changemode settings: Only things that changed from one preset to another are activated, so if the movie source hasn´t changed from the previous preset, the movie will not be loaded again when you activate the source. Does this make sense?

  311. vj palm Says:

    hi guys.

    hey elijah, in my theater presentation, iǘe used lots of diferent scenes cutting some content and others running in continuous or loop mode. the trick in my case was to separe diferent shapes (i used a insane dynamic changes of positions the mapped objects) in diferent presents, and using same shapes changin contents using OSC. my pd patch can be modified to do this, if you want to try. take it at http://estudiolivre.org/tiki-index.php?page=videomappingVPT and use and abuse!

  312. karla’s: Schnickschnack Says:

    […] VPT: Video projection tools v4.1b5 july 2010 « Conversations with spaces Video projection tools about Videprojectiontools: The initial version of Videoprojectiontool was developed during a […]

  313. Andreas Says:

    Can anyone recommend a (preferably free) low impact midi sequencer for mac osx that I can use to send midi cc’s to automate VPT? I’m currently using ableton, but It eats resources that I would rather spend on VPT.


  314. hcgilje Says:

    The VPT forum is finally live, so I encourage you to start using it. Eventually I will close this comment thread for new comments.

    Register and contribute at http://nervousvision.com/vptforum


  315. Amazing Projection Mapping Videos & Software for Beginners Says:

    […] more information on software used for projection mapping then you can check out this link No Responses to “Amazing Projection Mapping Videos & Software for […]

  316. Projection Mapping + Stop-motion Test « Permian – solo animator artist filmmaker Says:

    […] to do something similiar on a Windows setup, there are several programs for you. The free program Video Projection Tools works on both Windows and […]

  317. Marcin Ignac » Archive » Projection mapping in 3d Says:

    […] the side’. There is a Processing library for that, vvvv patch, or even specialized app called VPT (video projection tools) . Non of them allowed me to program my own visuals on arbitrary number of surfaces (and vvvv is […]

  318. First confirmed speakers announced « Oslo Lux 2011 Says:

    […] Gilje is a renowned Norwegian digital artist who also developed VPT, a software tool that allows for the dynamic projection of multiple video sources onto physical […]

  319. Tom Says:

    Hello HC!

    Hope you’re well. Thank you very much for VPT v4.1b5 (July 2010) At long last I have set about mapping some of the parameters to my midi controller – Livid’s Ohm classic. At present I only wish to map the speed/rate of the 8 movie sources and the mixer modules to fade between sources.

    Unfortunately I cannot map all the knobs & faders as I would like. Firstly the first knob on the Ohm is registered as ‘0’ cc but I can only map the no.1 knob to mixer_module1 (or 2 or 3 etc.) Also only this one moves the chosen parameters, but cc no.’s 2,3,4 etc. don’t work. I tried to map my ‘0’cc to mixer_module1 but I couldn’t.

    When I try to manually set a midichannel it reverts to cc when I trigger a knob or slider on my Ohm. Also trying to manually change the value doesn’t seem to work either.

    I’ve read through the midi section in the manual but seem to be doing something wrong…? Could you or someone on the forum possibly point me in the right direction please?

    Many thanks!


  320. xeracy Says:


    I’ve encountered this same issue. I posted on the forums, but there has been no response. I imagine you’d have to wait for the next release…


  321. Felipe Says:

    i can’t open VPT on win 7

    any idea why?


  322. mapping // software « eeici Says:

    […] web: https://hcgilje.wordpress.com/resources/video-projection-tools/ […]

  323. proffriedland Says:


    I am trying to use video projection tool with DVC Pro HD 720 24p codec and 4 separate projectors. Is this possible?

    Thank you!


  324. Fuglane-behind the scene « Conversations with spaces Says:

    […] macminis with matrox dualhead- to-go splitters and a customised version of my projection software VPT (not unlike the upcoming release). Everything was controlled from the lighting console of the […]

  325. Fuglane-behind the scenes « Conversations with spaces Says:

    […] macminis with matrox dualhead- to-go splitters and a customised version of my projection software VPT (not unlike the upcoming release). Everything was controlled from the lighting console of the […]

  326. Video Mapping » Laboratório de Criação Digital - Says:

    […] tarde testamos outro método. Usamos o VPT (Vídeo Projection Tools) para mapear os sólidos. A aplicação permite que cada superfície […]

  327. felipe abril Says:

    este software vpt ,viene en español?
    como ,quien da capacitacion del software?

  328. hcgilje Says:

    solo en ingles.
    check out VPT 5.1 : https://hcgilje.wordpress.com/vpt/

  329. Le blog de multimedialab.be » Archive du blog » openLAB Masterclass chez iMAL Says:

    […] l’aide de VPT (Video Projection Tool), un logiciel gratuit pour la projection en temps réel, les participants auront la possibilité de […]

  330. ezz Says:

    People i have a final project due next week and i need to do something similar to the 3 d projection and i please need to tutorials to do the 3d projection

  331. voltando a desenvolver | memeLab Says:

    […] mas escolhi uma ferramenta acessível a todos para quem não tivesse software nenhum instalado, o VPT. apesar de estar licenciado em GPL, depende de uma licença do Max para ser recompilado e não roda […]

  332. TalkAbout Tech 015: An Accomplished Moodler – TalkAbout Tech Says:

    […] VPT (Video Projection Tools) v6 LMP Bluetooth […]

  333. Oficina de Vídeo Mapping ou Cinemúsica da Luz? | Seda Sanca 2011 Says:

    […] o laboratório, será proposto uma prática coletiva de video mapping ultilizando o software livre VPT. As práticas desenvolvidas na oficina poderão ser aplicadas no Pacotinho de SEDA, evento que […]

  334. Lime Arabia Says:

    Hi , We are looking for 3D Mapping designer, please if you can help me to find good designer to work with us per project.

    Thank You & All The Best,

    Lime Arabia

  335. Projection Mapping Software « stuartmsmith Says:

    […] There is various different programs that allow users to produce the visuals they wish to achieve. http://www.resolume.com/ https://hcgilje.wordpress.com/resources/video-projection-tools/ […]

  336. fearlessusa Says:

    I want to project images on a car hood using a laser projector. The projector would be inside the car above the rearview mirror, pointed at the hood. Obviously, there would be a severe keystoning effect. I want to modify the video, sort of reverse keystone it, to compensate for the extreme projection angle, so imagery appears normal on the hood. Any suggestions?

  337. hcgilje Says:

    you could check out one of the vpt 6 youtube tutorials or read the online manual.

  338. Taller de VideoMapping: Narrando Estructuras | masterdia 2.0 Says:

    […] VTP https://hcgilje.wordpress.com/resources/video-projection-tools/ […]

  339. jepavamo Says:

    no encuentro de donde se puede descargar

  340. hcgilje Says:

    did you try clicking on the links?

  341. Blurred Borders | NATALIA VALERDI Says:

    […] which assisted in the development of the visuals for BODYPARTS, and to thank HC Gilje for making the Video Projection Tool available. It has allowed me to work with the BODYPARTS images with detail and precision while […]

  342. dobemrodrigo Says:

    guys, problem with Max32bit…when i try to open VPT 7 (Windows 7), it doesn´t work well and shows a error related to Max32, shutting down the software.
    What can i do to solve?
    My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15R, Windows 7 64bit.

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