REFRAMING REALITY: Glimpses into the Lowave video archive

On November 20th an exhibition opens at Museet for Samtidskunst in Roskilde, Denmark, showing works from the french DVD label Lowave´s archive.

I released my Cityscapes on their label in 2005, which will be part of the exhibition.

From the Museum´s website:

“This exhibition gathers for the first time in Denmark a number of videos from the Lowave’s growing archive and provides an insight into the vibrant world of contemporary artistic creations. From the groundbreaking RESISTANCE (S)-anthologies, which put into perspective thematic video art from the Middle East and North Africa to the urban landscapes where man almost dissolves like in HC Gilje’s CITYSCAPES or videos in the CITY2CITY collection, the exhibition highlights unknown affinities and underlying trends in the way video artists from around the world are still experimenting with the medium.”

The exhibition runs until 27.02.2011.

However, since I currently have a solo exhibition at Galleri 21 (more about that later when I am finished with the documentation. If you are really impatient, you can see a slideshow from one of the installations) in Malmö which runs until December 5th, this is a perfect opportunity to catch both exhibitions, as they are only a short trainride from each other.

Mark and Silke at Lowave have provided many opportunities for screenings of my work at various festivals and venues, for instance at Cinemateque Française and Centre Pompidou in Paris. Currently one of my videos is part of Verticapolis, La Festival Image de Ville in Aix-en-Provence:

“CITY2CITY – VERTICAL EXPERIENCES presents 8 international artists all working on urban subjects and in particular the verticality of architecture in our global cities. These films offer a new way of appreciating the urban aesthetics as they are perceived by today’s cutting edge video artists and experimental filmmakers. Featuring: HC Gilje, Augustin Gimel, Nicolas Provost, Nose Chan, Kentaro Taki, Toby Cornish, Kotaro Tanaka, Franck Dudouet & Aldolph Kaplan.”

From Spark to Pixel

Ulf Langheinrich: Hemisphere, 2006–2007. © Ulf Langheinrich; Foto: Jirka Jansch
originally uploaded by we-make-money-not-art.

I made a quick trip to Berlin last week to catch the exhibition at Martin Gropius Bau before it closed, it´s too bad they couldn´t keep it open until Transmediale opens end of january. The exhibition is curated by Richard Castelli and includes several large scale installations by Ulf Langheinrich (former Granular Synthesis) and Jeffrey Shaw (Place and EVE) as well as some very beautiful small-scale work by dumbtype founder Shiro Takatani, to mention just a few of the works.
I found it interesting, especially after having just read Mark Hansen´s “New Philosophy for New Media” which uses Shaw´s work extensively to support his theory.
Regine at We make money not art has written two posts from the exhibition which I recommend: