spring sightings

nodio five-aside 2008, originally uploaded by hc gilje.

the last few months have been packed with lab work and a few public appearances.
I made a 5-channel nodio installation as part of a group show at Visningsrommet USF in Bergen, trying to develop further the idea of composing a circular audiovisual composition.
A few more images can be found here.

HKmark1 was part of a program curated by Per Platou, shown at the FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DE FILM ET VIDEO DE CREATION in Beirut, Lebanon. The day after the screening the rest of the festival was cancelled due to the violence in Beirut.

The queen is the supreme power of the realm, the piece commissioned by ZKM and Musikfabrik in 2007, was performed at this years Moers festival in Germany, on may 9th. The Moers festival looks like any summer rock festival, with a camping ground, people in a good mood (for various reasons), a wide selection of temporary tatoos, hair extensions, falafels etc. What is different is that it is a jazz/impro festival (for instance John Zorn was playing later the same evening), and the main venue is a huge circus tent. It was also a first for this festival to present a contemporary music ensemble like Musikfabrik.


erranti wanderer

“In the suggestive medieval spaces of the Magazzini del Sale (In Palazzo Publico, Siena),
some of the most interesting international video artists and film
makers measure themselves with the idea of wandering, a very ancient theme shared by
a variety of traditions and literature, the paradigm par excellence of the human

The exhibited works were created during the last decade; they are real “journeys”, or
wanderings of the mind, dealing with the search for an identity, dislocation and
estrangement. These random or planned meanderings set up a relentless “private”
dialogue with the natural landscapes and the architectural or urban spaces.
The artists deal with the subject of wandering according to different inflections; some
relate it to a “loss” and to a dynamic quest (Shirin Neshat, Martijn Veldhoen); some
associate it to the concept of “still dislocation” (Hans Op de Beeck, Kimsooja); some to a
wandering of the mind or memory (Matthias Müller, Jonas Dahlberg) that can also be
accompanied by physical wandering (Seouhgho Cho, Pipilotti Rist, Jonathan
Glazer/UNKLE); some artists thrust the wanderer into the metropolitan contradictory
environment (Jordi Colomer, HC Gilje). The exhibition also hosts the last work of
Michelangelo Antonioni, a concise and intense video showing the artist in a wandering,
poetic and sensuous dialogue with Michelangelo’s Moses.

In the bilingual (Italian/English) exhibition catalogue, published by Silvana Editoriale, the
theme of wandering is further investigated in essays by the curators and artists’
contributions, as well as in an extensive anthology of poems. In a meandering path from
Schiller to Verlaine, from Borges to Luzi, this selection of verses narrates the wanderer’s
poetic modulations from the romantic Wanderer to the 19th century flâneur, until the
contemporary drift.

EXHIBITED WORKS: Michelangelo Antonioni, Lo sguardo di Michelangelo, 2004 – Seoungho Cho, Orange
Factory, 2002 – Jordi Colomer, Anarchitekton: Barcelona – Bucarest – Brasilia – Osaka, 2002-04 – Jonas
Dahlberg, Untitled (Horizontal Sliding), 1999 e Untitled (Vertical Sliding), 2000 – HC Gilje, h.k.mark1,
1998 – Jonathan Glazer / UNKLE, Rabbit in Your Headlights, 1998 – Kimsooja, A Needle Woman – Mexico
City, Cairo, Lagos, London, 2000-01 – Matthias Müller, Album, 2004 – Shirin Neshat, Soliloquy, 1999 –
Hans Op de Beeck, Determination (4), 1998 – Pipilotti Rist, Aujourd’hui, 1999 – Martijn Veldhoen,
Momentum, 2003. “