upcoming screenings

shiva 03, originally uploaded by hc gilje.

just a short note on upcoming screenings (and one recent).
shiva will be screened as part of the colorfield remixed program in Washington DC on may 30th.
more images from shiva.

Stacking of different natures will be screened at Kino Arsenal, Berlin, as part of “HARDfilms: pixels und zelluloid”, june 1st and 3rd
more images from stacking of different natures.

Crossings will also be screened at Kino Arsenal in the same series, on june 27th and 30th.
more images from Crossings.

HARDfilms is a series of 7 screening programs with a impressive range of names like Fischinger, Kubelka, Vasulka, Kurt Kren, Sharitz, Len Lye, Nam June Paik, Brakhage, Richter mixed with works from recent years.

Finally, Sunblind was recently screened earlier this month as part of NORWYDEO III Art Video Screening – Vaxhuset i Västerås, Sweden.
more images from Sunblind.