VPT 8 by HC Gilje, released may 2018.

Video Projection Tool (VPT) is a free multipurpose realtime projection software tool for Mac and Windows. VPT 7 was downloaded over 100000 times, so in spite of a lot of other options available VPT still is popular.

Among other things it can be used for projecting mapping on complex forms, adapt a projection to a particular space/surface, combine recorded and live footage, for multiscreen HD playback, for interactive installations using arduino sensors or camera tracking ++. VPT is very flexible in terms of control, with presets and a built in cue list, as well as control over almost every single parameter using OSC, midi, serial communication, built in LFOs and ArtNet. It also supports syphon (mac) and spout (windows) for sharing video streams between applications.

VPT 8 is recommended for mac OS 10.12 or later and Windows 7 and 10 (although VPT 7 works great on Windows 7).
and yes, it is still FREE! and yes, it is open source (but you need max from cycling74 to work with the files)
VPT 8 is the last release of VPT.

VPT 8 has a lot of under-the-hood changes. VPT8 is built in max 7, it no longer requires Quicktime, and uses the FFmpeg video engine which means it can support virtually any video codec. H264 works really well.
VPT 8 is 64-bit only.

System Requirements
An Intel® Mac with Mac OS X 10.7 (or later).

PC with Windows 7 (or later); Multicore processor; 2 GB RAM; 1024×768 display, an OpenGL-compatible graphics card, and OpenGL 1.4 (or later)

VPT 8 online manual


NB Google Chrome users! Chrome might block the download without telling you. To bypass, right-click on the link and select “save file as..”, or use a different browser.

VPT 8 windows

VPT 8 mac

NB! oct 2021: Updated version of VPT8 for os x Big Sur

NB! may 2023:

A beta version of VPT8 for silicon macs


VPT 8 Videotrigger windows

VPT 8 Videotrigger mac

VPT 8 Soundtrigger windows

VPT 8 Soundtrigger mac

Arduino sketches for VPT 8

VPT 8 source files

Problem solving
Before reporting a problem to the VPT forum have a look in the online manual first, especially read the section on how to launch VPT and open project files.

If the online manual doesn´t resolve your problem follow these steps when posting:
1.Which operating system and which version of VPT are you using?
2.Describe what you expected to happen, what you did to get there and what actually happened (or not).
3.Take screenshots (mac: shift+cmd+3, win: Windows + PrtScn)
4. ALWAYS include the contents of the max/message window. You find it either in the windows menu at the top or shift+cmd+m on mac, shift+ctrl+m on windows.

Older versions:


VPT 7 OS X (vpt7_01)

VPT 7 WIN (vpt7_01)

VPT 7 manual

Videotrigger for VPT 7 mac

Videotrigger for VPT 7 win

Soundtrigger for VPT 7 mac

Soundtrigger for VPT 7

Arduino sketches for VPT 7

Videotrimmer/converter (open from VPT 7) mac

Videotrimmer/converter (open from VPT 7) win

DMX addon for the Enttec DMX pro interface OSX

DMX addon for the Enttec DMX pro interface WIN


VPT 6.0 osx (r13)
VPT 6.0 win_16layers (r13)
VPT 6.0 win_32layers (r13)

VPT 6 documentation(pdf)

Video tutorials (VPT 6)



VPT 5 documentation(pdf)

Video tutorials (VPT 5 )

even older versions:




293 Responses to “VPT 8”

  1. George Says:

    I am just getting started with VPT 4. I think this is great cant wait to see whats in VPT 5. Thanks for what you do.

  2. Tom Says:

    Awesome work HC! Really appreciate your industriousness and efficiency. Helping to take VPT forward. Wonder if dragging the corners ‘on screen’ like in you cornerpin keystone tool is also on the cards for VPT 5… Many thanks! Tom

  3. hcgilje Says:

    The corner pin keystone is there and works much better than before actually. No need to manually set the layersize, just make the layer active then start click-dragging directly on the screen, no keyboard shortcuts necessary.


  4. Tom Says:

    RE: corner pin keystone – nice nice! VPT 5 looking good – getting my head around the new interface and functions. Thanks HC! Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

  5. Gokhan Says:

    Hi there, im just gettin started just like george but i have problems, ar there any tutorial videos or learning decuments for the VPT, couse i didnt do anything but i wanna do somthin, Help me pls …

  6. hcgilje Says:

    there is a lot of built-in help in VPT 5, so first reading the pdf that comes with VPT and then look around at the help menus will give you some kind of idea of how to get started.
    There are no tutorial videos for VPT 5 yet, but it might still be useful to read the manuals and watch the tutorials for the older versions if you are completely stuck.

    Please use the VPT forum for further questions:

  7. Bordos Says:

    Appreciations and thanks for your great work!

  8. anne helen Says:

    hei HC
    Dette ser spennede ut ,ble nyskjerrig når jeg så bildene på flicker ,dette må jo bare sjekkes ut 😉
    anne helen

  9. Oliver Maass Says:


    i´m totally excited about VPT. A big THANK YOU for doing that!

    Is it possible to get more than 16 Layers, maybe 32?



  10. Tom Says:

    After using VPT 5 to run mapped visuals at a NYE event, I think it’s important to stress that it’s still very much in the beta stage. Whilst it has heaps of cool functions that made me choose it over the previous versions of VPT, stability seems to be an issue.
    I found that for some reason the mapping set-up that I’d saved and then opened before didn’t save the same way on the night of the event. Also the midi set-up didn’t function OK despite being all saved OK before.
    Still some teething problems but hopefully these can be ironed out and improved before the final release version. Know you’re a busy man HC but some tutorials or an updated manual someday would be real choice… There’s heaps that VPT 5 can do!

  11. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Tom,
    sorry to hear about that, I have had no other stability reports since the beta release so I would appreciate a more detailed report of what didnt work as expected.
    Please use the VPT forum for this.

  12. GazK Says:

    I love this software, although even after watching the
    tutorials (twice!) it’s taken me two days to get anything going,
    and i’ve not even got a clue about how to actually hook it out to
    my projector. it would be great to see a tutorial from start to
    finish on how to create something like the Tests seen in some
    youtube videos.

  13. hcgilje Says:

    I also wish there were tutorials for vpt 5, but I currently don’t have any time to make them.

  14. hcgilje Says:

    I like to contradict myself.
    Here are 8 short video tutorials which might be helpful:


  15. Genji Says:

    I’m new to VPT and have am trouble with some basic areas. I
    am getting the LFO and Midi controls changes showing up in the
    “control source monitor” section but, no matter what setting I use
    I cannot get the parameters to move/change as in the tutorial. I’ve
    checked the clips and earlier manuals but cannot see anything. Am I
    missing something simple? Thanks for any help. I’m on a mac Dual
    2GHz ppc G5

  16. hcgilje Says:

    Hi, please use the vpt forum for questions, and let us know which values the control monitor reports

  17. VEMANA Says:

    Very Good Useful Tool

  18. Soft Reboot Says:

    […] (though I do wonder sometimes). Post the graduate exhibition, I got stuck into the new version of VPT, Quartz Composer and the amazing Syphon, to prepare for my first visuals gig. It was a great […]

  19. baysaji Says:

    i have one quastion… how i start to play sourses in same time? and end same time? plz…

  20. hcgilje Says:

    Please use the VPT forum for questions

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    […] i helga. Der lærte me å prosjektere på 3D-formar på ein enkel måte med programmet VPT. Eg trur eg kjem til å bruke dette programmet til utstillinga, og kanskje i prosessen framover. […]

  22. Atelier Nord » HC Gilje VPT Workshop Says:

    […] HC Gilje VPT Workshop lørdag 22.01 og søndag 23.01.11, 10-16 kun påmeldte, kr. 300 i deltageravgift Atelier Nord prosjektrom I denne to dagers workshopen vil HC Gilje presentere den nye versjonen av sin egenutviklede programvare Video Projection Tool (VPT). VPT er en gratis sanntid projeksjonsprogramvare for Mac og PC utviklet for økt fleksibilitet og kontroll av videoprojeksjoner. Verktøyet kan bl.a. brukes til videoprojeksjoner på komplekse former, samt å tilpasse projeksjoner til bestemte flater og områder. Man kan bruke enten ferdiginnspilt materiale eller live kamera. Programvaren gir også mulighet for flerkanals HD projeksjoner. Programmet blir bl.a. brukt til installasjoner, teaterproduksjoner og VJing. Deltagere vil bli gitt praktisk opplæring i programvaren samt muligheten til å utvikle sine egne prosjekter. Erfaring med tidligere versjoner av VPT er en fordel, men ikke et krav. For mer info om VPT og HC Gilje: https://hcgilje.wordpress.com/vpt/ […]

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    […] a sovereign government, developers and hardware companies alike are creating scalable solutions.  HC Gilje has created the free 3D projection-mapping software tool, Video Project Tool 5.0 for MAC and […]

  25. hernan Says:

    Matrox can not be used with the latest version?

  26. hcgilje Says:

    yes,matrox triplehead2go and dualhead2go works fine with VPT 5.1

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    […] Le site de HC Gilje. Le Flickr de HC Gilje. HC Gilje sur Vimeo. VPT (Video Projection Tool). […]

  28. matthieu Says:

    thanks for this great tool.
    I have been using it since version 4.
    Although I am getting a 403 error when trying to download version 5…

  29. matthieu Says:

    Hi again turns out I was connected to internet through a restricted network, sorry about that, works great now, thanks !

  30. vonhellsing Says:

    My question is if ispossible, using black magic with VPT5.1 and if is possible make mask to mapping where, one machine with resolume sends images to VPT in othe machinne, than project in struture with mapping made in VPT


  31. hcgilje Says:

    Please post questions in the vpt forum:
    short answer: if on mac, you can use syphon, but on the same computer. if on windows, no

  32. Seth Says:

    Excellent excellent work guys, truly thank you!

  33. Projection Mapping resources | Live Media Spring 11 Says:

    […] Video Projection Tools (currently 5.1) by HC Gilje is the software we reviewed in class – it’s a multi-layer, real time projection mapping program, fully made with Max, and fully controllable via OSC messages from any program you choose. You can also embed Max patches directly within in via it’s Fx Bus, and broadcast video to it from Jitter and other sources via Syphon. […]

  34. gatochino Says:

    thank you for your continuous work and efforts. and thank you for sharing it with the rest of us, mortals.

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    […] kijken naar het resultaat van de videomapping cursus in IMAL Brussel. De Noor HC Gilje heeft een videotool gemaakt (software) dat zich goed leent voor VJ optredens en videomapping. Helaas was uw […]

  36. IMAL videomapping | 5 uur…!!! Says:

    […] van de VTP software en resultaat achter het […]

  37. R.J. Says:


    I am doing a performance soon and I am planning on using a Midi board as a controller. However, I am unable to figure out how to save controller presets so I can use them at a later date. Mine won’t save for some reason and its getting tedious setting up the controller each time I use it. Any advice? And yes I have read the manual and checked out all the in-software help notes. Thank you so much!

  38. hcgilje Says:

    This is a good question for the VPT forum.

    you save a controller preset by shift-clicking on one of the dots at the top of the router section.

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    […] i would like to start the activities in this blog by announcing i’ll be at the espaço cultural trackers, in são paulo, during the 11th, 12th and 13th of may, working on the workshop arquitetura aumentada (augmented architecture), from 8pm to 10pm. the purpose is to provide an environment of reference sharing and experimentations about projection techniques concerning spatial perception. as a digital tool, we will be using the open source software VPT. […]

  40. Reitek Says:

    For some reason whenever I try to unzip any of the files it says I’m missing some .dll file

    I tried downloading all the different versions and each one of them does this. Could anyone help?

  41. Projector keystoning software @ The Linkielist Says:

    […] VPT 5.1 video projection tool is free and very capable, but I haven’t been able to take a vga / dvi / hdmi output as a live input into it yet so it needs videos in a video directory to throw its layers on allthough this howto is a launching point. […]

  42. Light Space Modulators Says:

    […] developed a free multipurpose realtime projection tool called VPT, which can be used for projecting video on complex forms. “I was moving away from using concrete […]

  43. First confirmed speakers announced « Wellington Lux 2011 Says:

    […] Gilje is a renowned Norwegian digital artist who also developed VPT, a software tool that allows for the dynamic projection of multiple video sources onto physical […]

  44. chris Says:

    would appreciate it, if someone can put up tutorials …..how do i import my vids i made into VPT and then mix a couple of others together on diffrent surfaces ?

  45. hcgilje Says:

    For documentation (including some basic video tutorials):
    For questions/troubleshooting:

  46. sebastianpeschiera Says:

    hcgilje great work!! love that you have taken the time to develop this community and the projection tool.

    I am posting here, since I think you are more in tune with this forum, but I am asking about a post you submitted to the Syphon Forum

    “”I did a small test yesterday using syphon recorder as a NRT recorder. Although that is not its primary purpose, this works pretty well, and unlike jitter you actually get full quality output on recorded frames””

    Iam very interested in knowing how you manage to make syphon a Non Real Time Recorder for jitter. like you I would also like to render my work in higher quality than what jitter allows and this seems like the most promising result.

    Your advice would be very helpful since I’ve been going a little crazy trying to record from jitter for the past 6 months …
    if you prefer to send me an email. I can be reached at sebastianpeschiera@gmail.com

  47. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Sebastian,
    The syphon recorder supports still image capturing, so what I did was to make a script that first rendered one frame in jitter, then recorded the frame in syphon recorder. It is relatively easy to assemble a series of still images into a movie.


  48. 66 Says:

    i want to make something like this on theater stage.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL1SvO1JANA
    does VPT 6 able to make it ?

  49. hcgilje Says:

    Please use the VPT forum for questions:

  50. Tohnny Says:

    It works great but the only problem is that the projected image is flipped horizontally(Mirrored). So if doing a presentation people cant read.

  51. hcgilje Says:

    That must be something with your setup, the projected image is not mirrored in VPT.
    Please use the VPT forum for further questions:

  52. MULTI MEDIA Says:

    Great Work

  53. random Says:

    this version is amazing!!!
    I have a question. Is very difficult to make the program load swf files?

  54. hcgilje Says:

    As long as quicktime doesnt support swf properly there will unfortunately not be any swf support (However I think certain swf files can be played from quicktime?)

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    […] VPT (Video Projection Tools) v6 LMP Bluetooth […]

  56. Friza Says:

    Hi!! Great job, soon I’ll give you feedback of some work with VPT 5.1… it is great for scenography. Do you have a data bank of VPT downloads? I’d like to know how many people in my country got acess to it… Thank you. Friza/Brasil.

  57. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Friza,
    I dont have detailed statistics for the downloads, only the number of downloads over a certain period of time. VPT 5.1 has been downloaded 5000 times in tota. I know there is quite a few Brazilian users out there, but no idea how many.

  58. Video Projection « The Vincent Variable Says:

    […] you like the idea of Projection Mapping, try the technique for yourself! A [free software] is available through the HC Gilje: Conversations with Spaces [blog]. They also offer many tutorials […]

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    […] scenery was made by using projection mapping techniques, with a combination of puredata and vpt (programmed by palm). hope to see you in […]

  60. ReiTek Says:

    Hey, Good tools man. I’ve been having some problems with the Mask Editor. For some reason the window to move all the key points is insanely small. Maybe like 4 pixels big. I can’t find any way to stretch it out though. Can anyone help me out?

  61. hcgilje Says:

    this is a good question for the vpt forum (I believe it has been asked before):

  62. demens Says:

    hey man, VPT is awesome, thanks for your work,

    i have 1 IMPORTANT suggestion, i dont know how this works with max, but in 1920 * 1080 resolution the interface looks too Small, it will be nice if we had the chance to change the size of the interface to a bigger one like with the preview window,

    a small suggestion is if maybe you can put a color box like the one in the texture panel, to change the color of the interface???? or the background color, as discussed with VJs is better to have a dark interface, contrasted, white is too much light, just a tough

    and will “video-previews” be available on the preview window like mac???

    will be posible to get at least 12 quiktime videosources??? i think in new powerfull laptops maybe it will do it???

    sorry about all that questions, this software could compete with all the other available and win
    thanks a lot man this is awesome

  63. hcgilje Says:

    thanks for your suggestions.
    It would be great if you posted them on the VPT forum:

  64. pluton Says:

    hi everybody!
    i´ve got a problem that´s driving me crazy…
    when i first met this software i tried it on my old centrino and although it ran VEEEEERY slowly it did run…then i thougth “wait till i buy this i7 core and you will see”.
    now, with my brand new i7, win 7 64 and ati hd vga I AM UNABLE TO RUN ANY VERSION, it simply does not execute…i pay attention to taskmanager and when it is loading into ram here comes “werfault32.exe” and terminates the app, it does not show any pop up nor anything…
    i installed xp64 on another partition and GOT THE SAME issue…

    as i understood, you only have to run the exe and there you go…isnt´it? you don´t have to have any kind of dlls or soft to be able to run this max runtime…isn´t it?

    please help!
    thank you

  65. hcgilje Says:

    Hi, this is not the place to ask VPT questions, please ask them on the VPT forum:

  66. thinking the urbe: avlab córdoba september 2011 | m e d u l . l a / b l o g Says:

    […] the basic idea behind projection mapping (based on previous meetings), using the opensource tool vpt. the workshop happens on september 20th, from 10am to […]

  67. Rozairo Fernando Says:

    thanks man…. this is awesome!!! two thumbs up!!!!!!

  68. Wiliam Moscon Says:

    hello VPT6 this system does not install on 64bit windows 7? because on my pc it hangs at the time of install

  69. Wiliam Moscon Says:

    and I tried to install winxp and did not install the version 6 of VPT

  70. hcgilje Says:

    I assume you tried the 64bit version? Anyway, please use the VPT forum for questions:

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  73. Sebas Says:

    “hcgilje Says:
    June 13, 2011 at 5:44
    Hi Sebastian,
    The syphon recorder supports still image capturing, so what I did was to make a script that first rendered one frame in jitter, then recorded the frame in syphon recorder. It is relatively easy to assemble a series of still images into a movie.”

    hi Hcglije – Is it possible for you to send me this script? I was hoping that the new jitter of maxmsp6 had better nonrealtime renderings, but I don’t think it does. I really don’t know how to script so you sharing your script with me is basically one of my last chances of getting an inexpensive solution for high quality rendering.

    thanks for the help.

  74. Benjamin George Says:

    whats the Hostname/IP address for adding a new layout for VPT?
    I really don’t get this connecting to TouchOSC thing

  75. hcgilje Says:

    please use the forum

  76. Russell Vaz Says:

    Any PC support for avi files with standard codec like indeo? And how to make them playback directly.

  77. Andrew J Martin Says:

    does anybody know if it is better to use a crt projector instead of modern technology projectors?

  78. The Light at the End of the Hallway | Revering Perception Says:

    […] challenges of mapping the animation to the wall was somewhat overcome through the use of  VPT (Video Projection Tool), a free software that is used for projection mapping. As the project has […]

  79. Nick Says:

    Any Clue why it won’t install / load after unzipping?
    Im on 32x and using the 32 vpt 6 but after double clicking the application and waiting I get “MaxSPS has stoped working”

  80. Dave Ellena Says:

    WOW!!! This could be what I need. I want to do a (relatively) straightforward 3d projection of images in a musical I have written for our high school kids. Anything thoughts on a starting point. I have a student who is really keen on Computer graphics and movie making. Is this something she would able to take on as a learning project

  81. hcgilje Says:

    I suggest to take a look at the video tutorials, play around with the demo-presets to get an idea of how to use it. Please use the VPT forum for further questions: http://nervousvision.com/vptforum/

  82. ajzboy Says:

    won work @ win7 32bit

  83. hcgilje Says:

    Eventhough it doesnt work for you it certainly works for others. Maybe you can find out why by checking out the vpt forum

  84. Post gig autopsy - Secret Killer of Names Says:

    […] used VPT for the first time! While I had some definite teething problems with the mask and midi presets not […]

  85. thesanspareil Says:

    Download link seems to be dead??

  86. hcgilje Says:

    I don´t think so, they all work from here at least. Please try again.

  87. webgrafix Says:

    VPT 6.0 osx (r09.3) is a dead link

  88. hcgilje Says:

    should be working again now.

  89. Stuart Says:

    V5.1 Win seems to be a dead link.

    Can’t wait to use it properly, if only it (v6 32bit) worked with stability. I’ve tested on three different machines (which all meet the requirements) and it either works but without video, or crashes in various states. I’ve watched the tutorials, and I will check the forum to see if there are any solutions, but unfortunately I think the bulk of the help that’s been given is on the old forum.

    Thanks nonetheless for this tool.

  90. catmac Says:

    such amazing work! I´m still getting started but it´s impresive how is designed compared to others non free plug-ins for resolume or module 8. It´s coherent and robust, i simply love it. I´m playing around with it and I´ll share my impression and thoughs within the forum. This is just to say: Thank You for sharing your talent!

  91. ezeeri Says:

    win7 64bit with r05 in preview does not display video (only border of layer). Strange thing is that with triplehead my old notebook core2 with lowend ati work 3 times faster (20 frames with 3HD sources) than newer notebook with i7 and nvidia 540m (7 frames with the same sources).Without triplehead2go i7 work much faster than core2. I cannot run 32bit vpt version on 64bit system. I checked that other software work fine with triplehead. Soft is great. Love it

  92. hcgilje Says:

    thanks for the feedback.
    the windows version only shows the border in preview.
    For some reason vpt 6 seems to be performing worse on windows than vpt 5.1

  93. hcgilje Says:

    the 5.1 disappeared when I had to clean the whole site for malware links, but I will see if I can find a copy somewhere.

  94. Project Brief | Situated Media Says:

    […] VideoProjectionTool (VPT) – hcgilje.wordpress.com/vpt/ […]

  95. Gokhan Says:

    Vpt 5 link doesnt work and i try Vpt 6. i downloded all versions ( win 32 64 osx) but it didnt work. i have win 7 32 bit op system.. when i click to run vpt nothing happened ?! pls help, i have so much work in i need vpt 6 😦

  96. hcgilje Says:

    VPT 5.1 is back on the server, so try again. For questions please use the forum.

  97. Chuck Lindsey Says:

    I’m trying to send 3 different video signals to 3 different projectors using one VPT computer. Has anyone seen a diagram or breakdown of how to use VPT and multiple outputs (i.e. through a head2go or something)? Is this possible?


  98. hcgilje Says:

    triplehead2go works very well with VPT.
    Please use the forum for further questions.

  99. Felipe Says:

    pleasssssseeeeeeeeeee conect VPT > Resolume via FreeframeGL!!!!

  100. jos Says:

    HI there, i downloaded VPT but it doesnt work .. how do you install it ???


  101. hcgilje Says:

    You read the manual is what you do.

  102. Giorgos Says:

    Hi i am working for a project where i need to map 10 videos (600*1080 resolution each) and i am thinking of using VPT6. The problem is that i use Photo-Jpeg 75% quality mov but still my frame rate is not good. Down to 10fps instead of 30. My MacBookPro is kind of old though Core 2 duo,4GB ram and 512mb grahic card. Also i havent found a way of adding 10 inputs in VPT6 – it allows until 8.
    Is there a solution for frame rate and additional inputs?

    Thanks in advance

  103. hcgilje Says:

    please use the forum for questions:

    You would need a high-end machine to get better framerates with so many high-res sources playing at the same time.

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  105. Gutem Says:

    Why not a Linux binaries?

  106. hcgilje Says:

    simply because VPT is built using max/jitter which only exist for mac and windows.

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    […] have the dual output from your computer, either onboard or using a Matrox unit, then you could use VPT 6.0 which has a free version for either Mac or PC. It can only do edge blending to make a wide screen, […]

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    […] mapping功能整合加入進去,例如Resolume Arena 4、Modul 8或VDMX,而其他幾個如VPT、MadMapper、LPMT、TextMachine […]

  111. Gee, goghoagh | Devin Gee Says:

    […] Once have the media you are going to project, the next step is to get mapping software like VPT (Free to download) or Modul8,  If you are able to figure out all of these steps, the final part is to find and figure […]

  112. Sweet Says:

    HUGE Thank you, for what you did : )

    Greeting from Thailand..

  113. skynoise.net Says:

    […] This means you can re-route Resolume into other video apps, and vice versa. ( hello madmapper, VPT, quartz, jitter, VDMX, Modul8, Unity Game Engine etc ) – Layer Routing – ‘create […]

  114. txo!? Says:

    I just be learning/testing and this soft is awesome, it is full of posibilities. Great job! and thank you!

  115. Gerald Says:

    Fantastic software, and free too! Just starting off, hope to share more once I master it. TQ from Malaysia.

  116. lorne Says:

    hi all , could someone please tell me why i cant install this frigin program < i am pulling what little hair i have out!!!!!!!! HHHEEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!!, thanks!!

  117. hcgilje Says:

    maybe somebody in the vpt forum can help you, if you are bit more specific about your computer, operating system, what doesn´t work etc:

  118. phaseIN Says:

    our installation (3x 9000lm projectors, 2x MBpro, 3x side mapping)
    16 aug 2012 @ Lexus-Saratov, Russia

  119. phaseIN Says:

    some html code bugs) here’s the video:

  120. Working with Hardware: DMX, Part 2 « Cycling 74 Says:

    […] Show control system written in Max, with DMX support for Enttec controllers: H C Gilje […]

  121. Croyden Says:

    Help. VPT6 wont install. I am running windows 7 32bit.

  122. Post gig autopsy « Secret Killer Of Names Says:

    […] used VPT for the first time! While I had some definite teething problems with the mask and midi presets not […]

  123. Popster´s Blog – Advertising | Art | Design | Music | Photography | Social Media » Blog Archive » Projection Mapping – A New Way of Marketing Says:

    […] figuring out how to start you might want to check out the following programs: MadMapper, Modul8 and Video Projection Tool (VPT). You can also follow our Projection Mapping Vimeo Album for more […]

  124. kasi Says:

    Its really great, well.. would love to if all the options were more clear, like get to them easier. plus more options for sound.. also its a bit to heavy.. slow, especialy when im using syphon.

  125. 連連看:Projection Mapping « Sung Heng Log Says:

    […] mapping功能整合加入進去,例如Resolume Arena 4、Modul 8或VDMX,而其他幾個如VPT、MadMapper、LPMT、TextMachine […]

  126. john Says:

    is there a problem with the download files? both the 16 & 32 r13 downloads don’t work – i get a corrupt zip file with only a txt file inside….

  127. Adam Says:

    This is a great piece of software! Thank you so much for this.
    I have a newbie question which I am trying to find an answer to in the forums as well:
    Is there a way to refresh the Sources?
    For example; I am projecting images, and every few minutes would like to take a picture/video, put it in the sources folder and use it…
    Could anyone please direct me?
    Thank you!

  128. lulu Says:

    I am having a problem with the download too !

  129. Digital Studio – Week 02 | kodamapixel Says:

    […] Video Projection Tools (VPT) is what I’ve been taking a quick look at to get an idea of which direction I may take for projection mapping. Serendipitously, VPT is created in MaxMSP and now that I have Max for Live, I will be able to use the source patches provided with VPT to create a purpose-built system for my project (should I choose). […]

  130. Video mapping | Videoavdelningen @ KKH Says:

    […] this software is something we can look at on monday? https://hcgilje.wordpress.com/vpt/, the are several video tutorials on there website you can look […]

  131. Networked Arduino OSC LED Controller Says:

    […] time.  I had some experience working with Open Sound Control (OSC) from toying around with Visual Projection Tool (VPT) on a flight to Maui. No joke, priceless faces of seatmates as they watched scrolling numbers […]

  132. Roy Says:

    Just trying to run and install VPT. Having a few problems. Have installed appropriate version of Quicktime and i am getting an error saying MaxAPI.dll is missing. I am having trouble locating it or solving the problem any ideas?

  133. The Illusive World of Video Projection Mapping: Using Light & Sound To Manifest Imagination in the Physical Realm | JM Pro Creative Says:

    […] Video Projection Tools 6.0 – VPT 6VPT is a free multipurpose realtime projection software tool for Mac and Windows created by HC Gilje.Among other things it can be used for projecting video on complex forms, adapt a projection to a particular space/surface, combine recorded and live footage, for multiscreen HD playback, for interactive installations using arduino sensors or camera tracking. […]

  134. lizziev Says:

    Does VPT 6.0 allow users to pan a video. I’m looking for a PC based program that will allow me to mask a video, and also pan the video up someones body (basically track up someones body). Could I do this with this program? If not do you recommend any programs for PC that might. – thanks

  135. edwin Says:

    Hola VPT es compatible con windows 8 ????? gracias

  136. hcgilje Says:

    I don´t know, why don´t you try?
    VPT7 will be out soon, and is more likely to work better with Windows 8, although it is tested on Windows 7 only.

  137. VPT 6.0 | Conversations with spaces | Video Projection Mapping Says:

    […] VPT 6.0 | Conversations with spaces. […]

  138. Sound installation in the IUPUI Cultural Arts Gallery « Javier Sanchez Says:

    […] of mapped visuals onto the spatial features of the gallery. The software used for the mapping was VPT, and it was also used for organizing the visual content. The sounds were all generated and […]

  139. bedroom projections | emily Says:

    […] recently discovered VPT and whilst I’m still stumbling around the program my brain is continually exploding with […]

  140. Jonathan Juncos Says:

    please i need the version 4.0 why the download links of the others versions disapearr!!!

  141. hcgilje Says:

    I guess because I didn´t realise anybody would still be using this old version. You can find all the available downloads here:

  142. ¿Qué es un “videomapping”? | "Esclavos de la Tecnología" Says:

    […] programa que utilicé se llama VPT, Video Projection Tool. Es un programa […]

  143. gary Says:

    is there someone a same problem as mine: windows 32layer version can not be run.
    my os is win7 pro. thx

  144. hcgilje Says:

    Hi, please post your question in the vpt forum, where you can also check out the preview release of VPT 7.

  145. OFFICIAL TASL Meeting August 24, 2013 9am till 5pm - Page 4 Says:

    […] favorite part of the day was Sam's demo of VPT (VPT 6.0 | Conversations with spaces) and it's projection mapping power. Very cool software! Any it runs on MAC or PC! Now to just find […]

  146. HANDER ABARCA Says:


  147. phaseIN Says:

    another mapped interior object) thank You for VPT!

    “Guitar mapping” from phasein on Vimeo.

  148. joel hdz Says:

    ni en win7 ni en win8 funciona ya lo probe en las dos tanto el de 16 como el de 32 nada se queda sin hacer nada…

  149. peripecio Says:

    Thank you hc!!!! This is a great software!

  150. MultiScreener – free video playback sync software | Slade Knowledge Base Says:

    […] VPT (Video Projection Tool) is a free app by HC Gilje that handles all kinds of complicated video projection tasks (cueing, mixing, effects, keystoning, etc…). It doesn’t explicitly handle syncing of multiple videos on different machines, but it can play multiple videos on one machine, and it supports a rich set of OSC messages for remote control. […]

  151. Multi-Point Keystone Video Player | Slade Knowledge Base Says:

    […] tools support multiple sources and complex geometry, but they can be hard to use. (see: mapamok, VPT, madmapper, Millumin, LPMT, etc) Multi-Point Keystone Video Player is designed for gallery […]

  152. Free Motion Detector App for Media Artists | Slade Knowledge Base Says:

    […] VPT (Video Projection Tool) is a free app by HC Gilje that handles all kinds of complicated video projection tasks (cueing, mixing, effects, keystoning, etc…). He made a VPT extension based on Video Trigger so you can use a camera to trigger any VPT function. […]

  153. SdH-Records Says:

    Thanks a lot for this awesome software 🙂

  154. Trace de HC Gilje- Light Art Installation Says:

    […] inició el  proyecto  “Conversations with spaces” en el que explora cómo la tecnología audiovisual se puede usar para transformar, crear, […]

  155. VIST305_Fall2013_Weekly Schedule : Embodied Immersion: Art/Design/Research Says:

    […]        VPT (Windows and Mac) – https://hcgilje.wordpress.com/vpt/ […]

  156. gloWArp Says:

    Dear All! Why in Mesh Editor the program change the with resolution??? 😦

  157. VPT7 | Road to Somewhere Says:

    […] VPT7 is a free software used to create video projection mapping projects. It converges 2D and 3D imaging into one, that can be projected onto virtually any surface. Its kind of cool, you can download it here. […]

  158. What is 4D Video Mapping? - VAN - Video Ad News Says:

    […] Mad Mapper Multi-Projector Mapping (Open Source) VPT 7 […]

  159. Fernando Says:

    hi im using vvto 7 but really i dont now how to configurate with my matrox, i have 3 projectors to the same machine and in the preview and output i only see black and i dont now whats is goin on please help me !!!!

  160. hcgilje Says:

    Please use the VPT forum like everybody else should:

  161. Madane Soja Says:

    Very good soft indeed.
    my output Preview monitor videos are red and blue mixed color not true color.
    Thanks in advance

  162. Grant Baxter Says:

    Fantastic software, major props to you, thank you so much.

  163. Rosa Says:

    I downloaded the software but I can’t open it. It says that it is from an unknown developer. I have a mac with OS X 10.9.2. Can somebody tell me what to do? Help?

  164. hcgilje Says:

    From the manual:
    On newer mac os you might get problems opening VPT since Apple doesn ́t trust independent unregistered developers (like me). Simply ctrl-click on VPT and then choose open to bypass this annoyance (you only need to do it the first time).

    …and please use the VPT forum for other questions

  165. Video Projection Tool | David Hutton Says:

    […] Video Projection Tool (https://hcgilje.wordpress.com/vpt/) is a video projection software tool which allows you to customise your video onto an object in […]

  166. Check Out these 8 projection mapping apps. Mac & PC Free & Paid | Projectile Objects Says:

    […] After answering a few questions about the subject I thought I would share a few Projection Mapping Apps (programs) to keep try:1st:  VPT (Free)  Mac / PChttps://hcgilje.wordpress.com/vpt/ […]

  167. 連連看:Projection Mapping | 叁式 Ultracombos Says:

    […] mapping功能整合加入進去,例如Resolume Arena 4、Modul 8或VDMX,而其他幾個如VPT、MadMapper、LPMT、TextMachine […]

  168. tinef2013 Says:

    VPT7 is not downloadable for Windows? It doesn’t work: when downloading/ opening the WIN file it actually opens the MAC file. Could anyone please solve this probem? …not everyone has a Mac!

  169. hcgilje Says:

    The windows version of VPT7 has so far been downloaded 5000 times, so yes its downloadable for windows.

  170. tinef2013 Says:

    So, how comes i see a MAC file, instead of a WIN file after downloading? After downloading (which in first instance works), i only see a whole lot of files, but not the actual program itself. Do you have a clue what could be the problem?

  171. Aimen Says:

    I am not able to add source to a layer?? plz guide where is the problm ??

  172. hcgilje Says:

    start by reading the manual, then watch the tutorial, then use the VPT forum for further questions.

  173. Aimen Says:

    i hv read the manual n even watched the tutorial aswell, n following the same bt the output n preview window remains blck after choosing the layer n than adding the source of VPT 😦 😦

  174. goldsounds2013 Says:

    tinef – the exe in the vpt7_win folder, you’ll see the mac one too, just ignore it. Aimen – add your video, then under the layer box above the color selector is where you choose the video. just use the dropdown box that says “none” and change it to “1 video” ect… its pretty easy, just read the manual.

  175. 3D Mapping Projection Technology: | Davis Wince, Ltd. Says:

    […] a sovereign government, developers and hardware companies alike are creating scalable solutions.  HC Gilje has created the free 3D projection-mapping software tool, Video Project Tool 5.0 for MAC and […]

  176. gabr Says:

    If the output, preview and monitor remain black, install Quicktime. That fixed it for me.

  177. Music Videos: Stats | Zoe Opal East Says:

    […] suite but have so far had no luck after 2 attempts, I have found some free software online called VPT7 which I could download and learn myself if needs […]

  178. Phil_K Says:

    Thank-you man. Brilliant piece of software

  179. Nathaniel Gates Says:

    Has anyone had any luck using a video capture device with this software?

  180. Renato Says:

    Hello! I just downloaded VPT7 for Mac. Is there any way to make the font of the interface larger? Thank you

  181. What is projection mapping? | Zoe Opal East Says:

    […] surprise) failed to get an induction in; although I have found a free software online called VPT7. I have been asking question in my mind, such as can you use normal projectors, so finally I have […]

  182. [PM] VPTを使ってみる | ファンファンファン クリエイターズ Says:

    […] VPTという無料のツールがあるので、使ってみることにした。 […]

  183. Nathaniel Gates Says:

    has any tried a wireless webcam with this software? is there any gotcha’s when picking one out that I should be aware of? Thanks in advance

  184. errico ridolfi Says:

    Hi, I’m Errico Ridolfi, I’m new user of vpt7, i don’t understand why save command doesn’t work. Which is the way to save a project and share it between two computer?

  185. Newlin Parker Says:

    Does this software support multiple outputs?

  186. hcgilje Says:

    only through matrox triple/dualhead2go

  187. hcgilje Says:

    Please read the manual and use the vpt forum for questions

  188. 目指せ蟻 Says:

    can’t use command Z by mac 10.9 vpt7
    please fix it

  189. hcgilje Says:

    ctrl-z, not command-z.
    Please read the manual and use the vpt forum for questions

  190. rogalag Says:

    I just want thank you for this wonderfull tool!
    Take care

  191. Struggled about the Process | eVa's | travel and photography Says:

    […] of the classmates suggested that I can do video mapping and he gave me a link to VPT7, which is a pretty cool tool to use, go check it out if you are interested as well. I had a look […]

  192. Martins Says:

    Hello, we are going to bild digital e-book showcase/stand on Adobe Air touch bases. As image from pc will be projected on phisical book object (stand) i have question – does VPT7 can show geometrically corrected desktop?

  193. gloWArp (@gloWArp) Says:

    You want to learn how to video mapping? gloWArp.com is pleased to announce the release of the first volume devoted to the NTA (New Technologies applied to Art) titled “Augmented Reality in public spaces. Techniques based video mapping.” Editions Le Penseur. For now only in italian version. We organizer in Italy GLOWFestival (www.glowfestival.it) dedicated to augmented reality in public spaces!


  194. jvr Says:

    Hi There.
    1. I have VPT7 on my PC it work great but it stuck while working.
    2. When I use the same VPT7 on my other computer I don’t get any response on the monitors after adding layers ect.
    What should I do?

  195. Spooky Interactive Projections! - Reader Says:

    […] VPT7 – This is video projection mapping software that I used in my “Beginners Guide To Projection Mapping” video. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac […]

  196. hcgilje Says:

    you should, like everybody else, use the VPT forum:


  197. Softwares para crear un mapping 3D Says:

    […] De vuelta ya de las navidades, retomamos ya nuestra actividad bloguera con una exquisita trilogía a través de la cual os introduciremos en el uso de los softwares más avanzados en lo que a mapping 3D se refiere. En esta primera parte os hablaremos de uno de los softwares que no deben faltar en tu laptop, el Video Projection Tool (VPT) Toma nota de ellos y ponte manos a la obra de inmediato. No hace falta que gastes lo poco que te quede de las fiestas, un poco de imaginación y unas superficies hechas con cartón bastarán para que empieces construir tus primeras obras. VPT es un software libre para creación y manipulación de video con multi-herramientas para proyecciones en tiempo real para Mac y Windows. Fue desarrollado por HC Gilje en base de max y jitter. Entre sus características, destaca su capacidad de adaptarse a formas complejas de proyección, combinando secuencias grabadas y en tiempo real usadas para vjing, que pueden ser usadas para la creación de instalaciones interactivas, ya que puede comunicarse con varias interfaces como Arduino y con sensores, y tracking de cámara. Más info y descargas en el siguiente enlace: https://hcgilje.wordpress.com/vpt/ […]

  198. 3 Trends To Stay In 2015 ← Indie Hustle Says:

    […] projection mapping has made some incredible jumps in past years. Developers for programs such as VPT have quickly adapted freeware programs that are both accessible and simple. With a projector, and a […]

  199. Roger Redden Says:

    Insimplybcannot get this to install on my PC. I have tried installing as has my it guy and it simply does not work or crashes instantly.? What am I doing wrong? I’ve used the old version with great success and want to do an upcoming project with the new version. Please help, maybe some detailed instructions? It’s possible im an idiot.

  200. hcgilje Says:

    As I tell everybody, use the VPT forum if you expect answers.

  201. rodrigo jimenez Says:

    hi! hcgilje, i can not save my works.. what happend?

  202. hcgilje Says:

    you didn´t read the manual.
    As I tell everybody, use the VPT forum if you expect answers.

  203. Interactive Storytelling: Exploring Next Level AR Through Art | Renegade Futurism Says:

    […] experimenting with eMotion software and a Leap Motion Controller, I went back to VPT (Video Projection Tool) and figured out how to trigger images through an open source motion detector app. VPT is used for […]

  204. Arjav Parikh Says:


    I was using VPT . I used it for 6-7 days. After that I got an error about QTCF.dll missing. I am un able to solve it. Please help.

  205. Fabrication & Conductivity: Video Projection Maps and Touch Boards | Renegade Futurism Says:

    […] told Matt about VPT (Video Projection Tool), a free multipurpose realtime projection software tool for Mac and Windows created by HC Gilje. […]

  206. valeria Says:

    Hi, I have some problem with the audio. I can’t’ synchronize, coordinate video and audio. I have 8 video, they have to start all together, all audio and video must be synchronized. All video starts together but audio is delayed. What’s the best audio format to use?

  207. the past few days. | 2015 in london Says:

    […] and windows. was gifted 64GB. tested production pipelines for my project. explored arena, vpt7, spout, touchdesigner (unsuccessfully), etc, to go with the computer we’re assembling. […]

  208. Video Projection Collage: Using VPT With a Touch Board | Renegade Futurism Says:

    […] Arts Academy. I created an “interface” to enable video projection mapping with VPT or Video Projection Tool and Bare Conductive‘s Touch Board and Electric Paint, or […]

  209. Marcelo Says:

    Gostaria de aprender mais sobre o vpt mas não está rodando em meu computador, poderiam me ajudar?

  210. briere Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I’m christophe a light designer and i wan’t to know ow many output video maximum VPT7 can have

  211. Luciano Freitas Says:

    just beginning with this great artist’s tool! very thankx for you generosity! this is a simulation on a 3D surface, made on Blender.org – https://www.facebook.com/luciano.freitas.399/videos/vb.100000744343422/1016296698405132/?type=2&theater

  212. Nassif Joseph Says:

    I am new and I m planning to use your program to a 3 Months installation ( we are going to bid for the project…). First questions that came into my mind first:

    – Can i save the Program that I make in a Microcontroler or something similar so i can avoid using a laptop to be on spot for a long time?

    – and if it is possible without a laptop, is it doable for the interactive installation too?

    thx in advance!


  213. hcgilje Says:

    Please use the VPT forum for questions.
    the short answer is no.

  214. Projection mapping tutorials – VPT | Lucy Bamwo Says:

    […] It’s very clear and concise and gives an overall view on how it can be done using one of the main (and free) projection mapping software, VPT. […]

  215. Comparison of Softwares | Ice Baibolova Says:

    […] VPT7 is a multipurpose realtime projection software tool for both Mac and PC. The best part is that it is absolutely free. Quality and ability wise it is a bit behind other softwares (but free things are rarely of super quality anyway). […]

  216. keith Says:

    I don’t have the close program X button on the top right of the VPT 7 program the only wahy I can close it is ALT+Control+Delete is this the way it suppose to be?

  217. Jerry Andrews Says:

    Missing MAXCRT.dll when running program for first time ,windows 10

  218. pablo Says:

    I just downloaded the vpt7 and I can not save the session. How can i fix this?

  219. hcgilje Says:

    by reading the documentation. If that doesn´t help please use the vpt forum:

  220. carla Says:

    Dear Sir.

    thank you for the nice software I also have the documentation and I following the steps once at a time but the preview and the output remains all black even after choosing the source.

    Please advise.


  221. hcgilje Says:

    most likely you haven´t installed quicktime. Plesase use the vpt forum for questions:


  222. Mark Tober Says:


    I just started working with vpt, cool program, keep up the good work! I made a module (with a little inspiration from the dmx-module) for Art-Net to OSC, so you can control Vpt from a lightingconsole via ethernet. If you’re interested, let me know!



  223. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Mark, that sounds great! I know there people who are interested in art-net to VPT. Do you have a link where it can be downloaded or should I put it on the VPT server?

  224. Mark Tober Says:

    Hi, if you could put it on the vpt-server, that would be easier. Send me your mail-adres, then I can send you the max-patch and the version for windows. 😉 Do you have max for apple, so you can compile it for OS X?

  225. mcdub Says:

    Hey! Thanks a lot for this software! With more people like you, we would already ride the universe with spaceships.
    Big up!

  226. Mick Says:

    Hello wordpress.com

    I downloaded VPT 7 about a week ago I’ve followed the Instructions but nothing shows on
    preview or out on the laptop screen. My new laptop uses windows pro 10 I don’t know If this
    makes any difference.I have downloaded Quicktime player 7.7.6 but VPT 7 still won’t show any
    films on the screen.

    If you could help me It would be great,thank you for your time

    Regards Michael Jones

  227. hcgilje Says:

    if you go to the VPT forum you will get help:

    please read this first:

  228. Processing: A programming language for visual artists – Lucius Cyrus Says:

    […] So I’ve been into the idea of writing some controls for a projection mapping software that accepts MIDI input. The projection mapping software is called VPT 7, and it’s free software available here. […]

  229. Sue Says:

    Hi I downloaded VTP and tried to use it, it wasn’t running fine, so then I noticed that it only runs in older versions of windows than the one Ive got, which is windows 8 is there any chance to run the program in this version or in linux instead?

  230. Hugo Araneda Says:

    Gracias! Pregunta: puedo mapear videos en vivo??

  231. Tsvetan Nastev Says:

    Thank you soooo much!

  232. Esteban Camacho Steffensen Says:

    Hello, I am wondering if I can use VP7 to project a game I made in Unity. I am using a kinectv2 and windows, so can I use VP7 directly with my unity file or do I need to go through shiphon/spout?
    Thank you

  233. Efrain Figueroa Says:

    I would like to know when you will update vpt-7 to be more functionable with Windows 10?

  234. Efrain Figueroa Says:

    Please help me use video mapping on Window 10.

  235. majerTim (@tim_majer) Says:

    Thank you very much for the article! However, as I would be interested how to create such a video in real time as a video loop Grandvj compatible?

  236. majerTim (@tim_majer) Says:

    Thank you very much for the article! However, as I would be interested how to create such a video in real time as a video loop Grandvj compatible?

  237. hcgilje Says:

    I don´t know the format of grandvj and it is not likely to be part of VPT

  238. hcgilje Says:

    when I have time, which is hard to know when will happen.

  239. hcgilje Says:

    you would need to use syphon/spout

  240. hcgilje Says:

    VPT should work with windows 8 as far as I know. It works for some versions of windows 10 as well, but I don´t recommend it.

  241. Alberto Ledesma Says:

    Any update coming up?

  242. hcgilje Says:

    There is a 2017 update to VPT in the VPT forums:

  243. Professional Video Projection Mapping: How It's Done | ImageAV | Image A/V Says:

    […] VPT 7 (Free): VPT 7 is the best free projection mapping software available. It’s perfect for beginners who want something for personal use and small-scale projects. Here’s a tutorial on how to use VPT 7. […]

  244. Aaron Says:

    I just downloaded the latest update. And I can’t believe I hadn’t come across it before. What a gem! So as a first time user, thank you for putting this out there. Look forward to checking out your book.

  245. Ronnie Says:

    Thank you very much for VPT, once getting the hang of it, I have learned that it is a very powerful and useful tool. You thought of everything it seems. I have a somewhat related question. Any idea of where I can find either free or for purchase custom animations to project? Like scrolling text, random lights, etc.?

    Thank you in advance

  246. itzkuli Says:

    Hello, looking for someone in Israel that know how to work with VPT7 well, and wants to join to a unique project.
    please contact iluz_izk@smile.net.il

  247. hudafuda Says:

    I want to ask about how to install additional softwares (video trimmer and sound trigger)?

    Thank you

  248. Living Walls – Elliot Shaw Says:

    […] VPT and related tools – https://hcgilje.wordpress.com/vpt/ […]

  249. hcgilje Says:

    The VPT forum is the place to ask VPT related questions.

  250. hcgilje Says:

    The VPT forum is the place to ask VPT related questions.

  251. tune Says:

    just decided to get in to video mapping. i was watching your video following along with my other MacBook pro. I was able to do everything you was doing until you got to (adding video content). Going to empty project then video folder. I am not able to load my video’s. I even tried using deferent format video’s. using command +V and copy and paste. Would you happen to know what i’m doing wrong?

  252. hcgilje Says:

    please use the VPT forum for questions.

    If you go to the online manual and find the section called “Adding your own sources” you should figure it out.

  253. Video Projection Tool v.8 – Start creating audio visuals now Says:

    […] MacOS/Windows 📥 Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Developer: HC Gilje Cost: Free & Open […]

  254. khabir roslan Says:

    why I cant download vpt8?

  255. hcgilje Says:

    you are not able to download it from https://hcgilje.wordpress.com/vpt/ ?

  256. E_Lab Says:

    I would like to try the software but it seems like it isn’t possible to download any of the windows versions
    The latest release for mac works instead

  257. hcgilje Says:

    Hi, that must be an issue on your side. I just tried the link for the windows version and it works.
    Are you sure you are using this link?: http://nervousvision.com/vpt/vpt8-win.zip

  258. E_Lab Says:

    Hi, I was able to download with your link, but from Opera, not from Chrome

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