Extending VPT

Here you can find code snippets and templates to help you customize VPT.


make your own FX CHAIN

make your own SOURCE

process sound from VPT

Arduino and VPT

Camera as trigger

Sound as trigger


21 Responses to “Extending VPT”

  1. john Says:

    is the camera trigger patch only for a mac?
    i couldn’t get it to work on my pc with webcam connected.

  2. hcgilje Says:

    I will look into it and will post a windows version soon.

  3. hcgilje Says:

    updated version now works with windows

  4. john Says:

    it works!

  5. eprad Says:

    hi hc.
    the Sound Trigger does not work when I open it from the VPT 6.
    it’s only works if I open it directly from MAX (audio meter reacts to sound through).
    can be seen that the sound trigger opened from VPT not have a microphone and audio meters icon, but they display as “(ezadc ~)” and “(meter ~)”..
    i use windows 7 64bit.

    btw, I’ve just started using VPT, and I greatly admire your work.
    thx hc.

  6. hcgilje Says:

    this is strange as the soundtrigger.mxf file contains the objects needed for it to work in max runtime / VPT. Maybe you could report this in the VPT forum in case others are having the same problem (it works for me)

  7. Friza Says:

    Hi!! Where can I get a version of video trigger (video) for VPT 5.1? I downloaded at the link, but dont know how to make it work (and it comes with the VideoTrigger_vpt04_mac.mxf name, wich indicates thats not my version).


  8. Friza Says:

    Hi again!! got the fix for my problem with video trigger!! sorry, for busing, and thanks!!! Ah! is there any manual, tutorial for using vpt with kinect mapping (would like to map people)? THX!!!

  9. hcgilje Says:

    vpt forum is the place to ask questions:

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  14. Carlos Eduardo Lopez Says:

    the truth is I am new to vpt and arduino, and I want to use the extension in vpt video video trigger to move 1 servo motor is connected to an Arduino, I could not make me work if I can and want to help my email is clopez204 @ gmail.com, thank you very much.

  15. hcgilje Says:

    Hi Carlos, please use the VPT forum, then we can help you there:

  16. Brian Says:

    I am having issues loading the program on my PC with windows 7. Window is saying that the MaxMSP has stopped working.
    any ideas?

  17. hcgilje Says:

    vpt forum is the place to ask questions:

  18. Steven Says:

    Hello! Thank you for a great software! I am extremely new to video projection, but I have as great ideas. I downloaded vpt 7, and really couldn’t get clear understanding of how to just turn my MacBook camera on, and use it to trace my objects to be used for projection. Can anyone help me?

    Thanks in advance.

  19. hcgilje Says:

    Please read the manual and use the vpt forum for questions

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    […] makers HC Gilje have provided code snippets and templates to extend the software. This includes patches for jitter/maxmsp (see Contact above), Arduino and […]

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