same but different

Three years as a research fellow is over, which means a few changes for me: no more salary every month, which means less time for “non-productive work”. However, a great new studio and no institutional ties almost makes up for that.

This blog was started as part of my research fellowship, but I don´t have any immediate plans to stop posting. As I develop new projects I will write about them and share any interesting information I come over. Upcoming posts will include the circuit for my dimsun dimmers, information on environmental housing for a projector for outdoor use, as well as my impressions from using my makerbot which I will work on while in residency at PointB in New York.

I have written a text which accompanies the artistic production from my research fellowship, which might be of interest to some of you.

A screen version is available for download as well as some related video documentation. (Password for some of the videos: labrat)

In the first half of 2010 I will present three of the works produced as a research fellow at different venues in Europe:

Club Transmediale in Berlin in the end of January, Sonic Acts in Amsterdam in the end of February and Festspillene in Bergen in May.