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As expected, the international art press didn´t fly to Bergen to cover my exhibition. Neither did the national press or the local press (with one exception).

However, I did get a lot of positive comments from visitors of all ages (see more of the younger generation´s response here), as well as some feedback from Norwegian art blogs like kunstkritikk and ytter (both in Norwegian).

Create Digital Motion generously mentioned my work, as well as the blog Young Starving, which was just too flattering not to mention 🙂

“This is pretty darn beautiful. Projection mappings been done to death but so far most people have just copied each other and done trippy, morphing stuff on castles and libraries. HC Gilje takes a step back and puts two flat surfaces to work. We’re in love.”

For a relatively updated list of coverage, take a look here (in norwegian)


One Response to “blink feedback”

  1. karen kipphoff Says:

    Hey HC
    Your work at HKS really is very beautiful and fine to watch and experience. Wish everybody could see it while it’s still up. If the national and international press don’t come to the work you have to take the work to them… also, i always enjoy reading your blog, lots of interesting references, thoughts and texts. hopefully there’ll be many more occasions for you to present this work, it would have been well worth the trip (for those of you who didn’t make it yet, there’s still a few days)

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