blink blink

My exhibition at HKS contained two new installations, both named blink. The first blink has already been mentioned.

In the cellar of the gallery I set up an artificial sundial, 24 leds placed in a circle, moving the shadows of the people standing within the circle.

I used the dimsun lighting system which I made this summer, based on power LEDs and arduino controlled LED drivers (TLC5940).


4 Responses to “blink blink”

  1. RZPRK Says:

    i reckon that this installation creates quite an immersive experience, being down in that basement. is there any interaction included at any point?

  2. hcgilje Says:

    people interact with their own shadows, but the control of the lights are not affected by people´s behavior.


  3. snitt « Conversations with spaces Says:

    […] so I will just briefly mention “Kaos på dej”, which is basically a variation of the blink (light/shadow) installation but with some […]

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